Thousands of dead fish wash up in a lagoon in Junín, Argentina

Fish Kill Alert

As a result of a strong wind from the south that blew throughout the night of Saturday in the Buenos Aires town of Junín, thousands of fish that lived in the Laguna de Gómez were dragged to the shore, where they ended up dying.

The inhabitants of this city located in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires were surprised when, waking up on Sunday morning, they found the image of silversides, tents and catfish piled on the ground, meters from the water.

According to the local newspaper Democracia, this phenomenon originated because the great gusts removed the bottom of the lagoon where there is a large concentration of debris, product of the drought that affected the area in recent days.

These debris are particles that arose as a result of the decomposition of a solid mass, and caused the lack of oxygen in the water that led to the death of the fish that, already lifeless, were dragged by the mainland current.

During the day, employees of the municipality toured the coast collecting the remains of these specimens to take them to another place and prevent them from causing major problems in the population. Work would continue throughout Monday.

It is not the first time that something like this has happened in Junín, and even in the Laguna de Gómez, where in 2012 thousands of fish also died due to the decrease in their water volume after an intense drought.

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