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AVIATION COLOUR CODE: ORANGE – Explosive Activity – Volcanic Ash At Langila Volcano, Papua New Guinea

Orange Alert

Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Darwin warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 6000 ft (1800 m) altitude or flight level 060

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Volcanic Alert Level Raised To Yellow – Elevated Fumarolic Activity At Vulcano Volcano, Eolian Islands, Italy

Elevated fumarolic activity from Vulcano observed by INGV's surveillance cameras (image: INGV)

Elevated fumarolic activity from Vulcano observed by INGV’s surveillance cameras (Image: INGV)

The observatory Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) reported that elevated fumarolic activity in the Fossa summit crater has been detected today.

The activity is associated with increased level SO2 and CO2 emissions and temperature.

The seismic station recorded a small internal tremor related to near-continuous degassing over the past few weeks.

Based on the changes in the activity, the INGV raised the alert level for the volcano to “yellow”.

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Subject to change
Depth: 599 km

Distances: 379 km W of Rio Branco, Brazil / pop: 257,000 / local time: 07:52:34.9 2021-10-02

173 km S of Tarauacá, Brazil / pop: 16,500 / local time: 07:52:34.9 2021-10-02


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Depth: 5 km

Distances: 24 km SSW of Reykjavík, Iceland / pop: 118,000 / local time: 15:31:58.0 2021-10-02

21 km SSW of Kópavogur, Iceland / pop: 31,700 / local time: 15:31:58.0 2021-10-02


Subject to change
Depth: 531 km

Distances: 491 km SW of Suva, Fiji / pop: 77,300 / local time: 18:29:18.1 2021-10-02

446 km SSW of Nadi, Fiji / pop: 42,200 / local time: 18:29:18.1 2021-10-02
Global view