Environmental catastrophe in Chile due to the death of almost 5,600 tons of salmon

Fish Kill Alert

Chilean authorities reported on Monday the withdrawal of 5,595 tons of salmon killed due to the growth of a tide of harmful algae, a phenomenon that experts describe as an “environmental catastrophe” and blame both climate change and “irresponsible salmon farming.”

The flowering of microalgae, which leave the fish without oxygen, has affected the southern regions of Aysén and Los Lagos for weeks, two areas that lead the national production of salmon and combine 88% of the country’s total harvest.

In less than a week, 3,076 tons of salmon were lost in Los Lagos, equivalent to 11.8% of the active biomass, and 2,519 tons in Aysén, the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) reported in a statement.

Of the 5,595 tons of dead fish, about 95% was removed, which was taken with boats and trucks to reduction plants to avoid environmental damage, they added from Sernapesca.

This phenomenon led almost twenty farming centers to implement action plans in the face of mass mortalities and affected the production of several of the large salmon farms operating in the country.

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One response to “Environmental catastrophe in Chile due to the death of almost 5,600 tons of salmon”

  1. Sustain | sustain-blog.com says :

    May I say that environmental pollution is an issue the world over, not only in Chile. Thank you!

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