Tens of thousands of dead fish washing up in New Jersey, USA

Fish Kill Alert

Just over a month ago, a fish was spotted by New Jersey-based nonprofit group Clean Ocean Action as it was in a death throe, spinning in circles in the Navisink River.

Now far more dying menhaden, also called bunker fish, are spinning in circles, this time in the Shrewsbury River. Those fish clinging to life are are surrounded by tens of thousands of other dead fish spotted up and down both rivers that empty into Sandy Hook Bay. The dead menhaden float in the rivers, sink to the bottom, line the shore, litter boat landings and rot next to bulkheads — providing a pungent and overwhelming odor.

Every town on both rivers has been dealing with the smell for weeks now, as the massive die-off in menhaden continues. The stench not only makes makes life unpleasant for residents, but can hurt business. One of the owners at the Bacon Beach Grill in Long Beach said it all depends on which way the wind blows, and if it’s going the wrong direction, it’s bad news for outdoor diners.

“It’s been very difficult with the pandemic and now the fish smell. You don’t know when (the smell) is going to come this way” said Fran Schults.

Courtesy of nbcnewyork.com



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