Thousands of dead fish wash up on coast of Auckland, New Zealand

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of fish have been found dead along Auckland’s Beachlands coastline, worrying locals as a strong stench lingers.

Mandy Reeves was going for a walk on Monday when she noticed a smell near the Pine Harbour marina.

But it wasn’t until around 1pm on Tuesday when she discovered a sea of dead fish.

Reeves told the Herald there were thousands of the same type of fish dead in the water and on the rocks.

“There are thousands of them. On Monday there was a smell but no sign of fish. Tuesday I was down near the marina and I thought oh gosh what is that stuff?

“And the coastline was covered in white. There were thousands of them.

“They were white-silvery long fish. It’s very smelly, it really stinks down there. But the water looks relatively clear.”

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