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Lightning hits two flights in New Zealand air space

A Jetstar flight from Auckland to Wellington was hit soon after taking off, while a Qantas flight from Sydney to Wellington was struck near the capital.
QF164’s return flight to Sydney has been cancelled.
The damage to the Jetstar flight was discovered when it landed. Its return flight has also been cancelled, and engineers are assessing its condition.
New Zealand has been hit by rain, snow and huge wind gusts since yesterday afternoon.
Hundreds of people were without electricity after the wintry blast knocked out power lines and closed roads around the country.
The wild weather should clear in the south but the North Island could still be hit by hail and snow.
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Severe Turbulence Strikes Plane Injuring Many

Turbulence Alert

Up to 34 passengers and six crew members on a Malaysia Airlines flight from London have been hurt after a plane was hit by turbulence, according to reports.
The aircraft had 378 passengers on board at the time but managed to land safely at Kuala Lumpur.
The airline released a statement saying “some passengers suffered minor injuries”.
But a number of passengers affected said on social media they had gone to hospital as a result of what happened.
Images showed debris littering the aisle of the cabin, food trolleys upturned and seat fittings broken in the wake of the incident.
The Malaysia Airlines statement said: “Malaysia Airlines flight MH1 from London-Heathrow landed on time in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday 5 June.
“During the flight over the Bay of Bengal the passenger seatbelt light was switched on due to air turbulence. Due to a brief moment of severe turbulence some passengers suffered minor injuries.
“Medical crew and Malaysia Airlines senior management met the aircraft on arrival in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). A small number of affected passengers and crew have been treated by medical officers.
“Malaysia Airlines has assisted the 378 passengers and crew onboard MH1 and sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused by this weather event which was entirely beyond our control.”
Harith Azman posted on Facebook: “I was one of the passenger in the plane and I think the pilot did the best they could to take us all home safely.
“My parents were in the toilet at that time and my father hit his head on the ceiling of the plane.
“The plane went into a very bad weather and cause the plane to free fall. The food weren’t served because the trolley was damaged.”
One of those who tweeted about what happened, Shafiq Shahril, said he was in hospital in Ampang, near Kuala Lumpur airport, more than four hours after the plane touched down.
Other tweeters and news sites, including Metro TV, said that the flight had requested medical assistance on arrival as 34 passengers and six crew had been injured.
New Straits Times reported that some people were claiming that four passengers and six crew were hurt.
BH Online carried a picture of what appeared to be a passenger on a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance.
The plane is believed to have been an Airbus A380, the biggest commercial airliner in use.
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Severe Storm Katie Batters Parts Of The UK

Storm Alert

A kayaker is feared dead, scores of flights have been cancelled and 100,000 homes were hit by power cuts as Storm Katie battered Britain.
The kayaker’s vessel capsized in strong currents on the River Wey, which the Environment Agency warned was at risk of flooding.
A search for the man is ongoing in the Guildford area, police said.
Meanwhile air passengers have told of “scary” aborted landings that left people in tears.
Planes attempted to make the runways at Gatwick and Heathrow before being diverted to other airports, amid winds of up to 106mph.
A series of weather warnings were issued for London and the South East.
Nine hundred  engineers have been working to restore power to 100,000 homes across the south of England.
At Heathrow Airport 61 flights were cancelled and 20 were diverted, while at Gatwick Airport, 26 flights were cancelled and 23 diverted.
One passenger, Dan Prance, said his flight home from Budapest had been the “worst flight of my life”.
Passengers burst into tears when they finally touched down.
He said: “When we approached into Gatwick from Budapest the plane was dropping suddenly and swinging left to right.
“You could see from the windows there was a massive storm happening outside, the wind and rain was smashing against the glass.
“We got closer to the ground at Gatwick until the captain suddenly aborted the landing and we went shooting back up into the sky to attempt again.”
Another passenger, Arnon Woolfson, who was flying into Gatwick from Tel Aviv with his wife and two children told how his plane was pulled up at the last minute.
He said: “The plane was descending and at the very last minute as we came down it pulled up. It was clearly not going to plan.
“The plane was not just going up and down, it was going sideways. There were a lot of crosswinds – it was a mess.
“There was zero visibility and really, really heavy wind and rain.”
Rail services also suffered significant disruption because of fallen trees.
Highways England said the Dartford River Crossing and M48 Severn Bridge were closed on Sunday night.
The M6 was closed between junctions 14 and 13 because of standing water but was cleared by early morning.
London Fire Service dealt with 110 incidents overnight including collapsed chimneys and scaffolding.
Sussex Police received 600 calls about weather incidents between midnight and 9.30am Monday.
The Port of Dover suspended shipping movements because of the severe weather conditions.
A number of sporting events were cancelled due to high winds and driving rain.
On Sunday, the Cambridge women’s Boat Race crew struggled to stay afloat as the incoming winds whipped up the water on the Thames.
Yellow and amber weather warnings across parts of Wales, the south and east of the country were all lifted by early evening on Monday. 
There were 20 flood warnings and 118 flood alerts across the country – mainly in the South. In Staffordshire, Storm Katie brought snow.
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