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American Airlines flight makes diverted landing after windshield shattered by hail


Severe Weather Alert

With more weather alerts issued for Gauteng this week, Ekurhuleni Mayor Mondli Gungubele says relief aid is en route to Etwatwa and surrounding townships where at least 3,000 homes have been damaged.
Yesterday’s hail storm also wreaked havoc on a cluster of airport hangers in Springs where up to 15 small aircraft were damaged when the rooves of the zinc structures partially collapsed.
The hail storm has affected thousands of people in Ekurhuleni and the mayor says they are now trying to provide assistance as soon as possible.
“No less than 3,000 houses in Ekurhuleni have been damaged but we are lucky as we have not been informed of any fatalities – except for a few injuries. We are trying to mobilise what we call salvage; sheets which are going to cover the damaged roofs while people are trying to re-organise themselves.”
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Severe hailstorm and lightning forces plane to make an emergency landing in Denver, USA

A Delta flight from Boston to Salt Lake City arrived safely in Utah early Saturday morning after a storm forced the plane to be diverted to Denver Friday night.
“I fly constantly and this was the scariest 10 minutes of my life,” said passenger Robin Jones after arriving at the Salt Lake International Airport early Saturday morning. “I thought, ‘OK. Have I told everybody that I love that I love them?’ And as soon as I realized I had done that, I was like, ‘I’m alright. Everything’s going to be OK.’”
Delta flight 1889 made an emergency landing after getting caught in lightning, rain and hail. Photos sent in by viewers showed the aircraft’s windshield was shattered and the nose of the plane was heavily damaged.
One passenger described the damage of the plane.
“We went around the corner from the window, we could see the shattered windshield,” said passenger Rob Wessman. “We could see kind of a hole over the engine where lightning had struck. We could see the nose of the plane was missing. It was really intense.”
The plane landed safely in Denver just before 9 p.m. and arrived in Salt Lake City at about 12:45 a.m.
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