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Hurricane Watch Issued For Hawaii As Lane Nears (Aug. 21, 2018)

Thousands urged to evacuate ‘immediately’ amid risk of severe flooding in parts of the UK

A Water Response Unit prepares for high tide in Jaywick, Essex
First responders prepare for high tide in Jaywick, Essex
Thousands of people living along the east coast of England have been told to evacuate their homes ahead of expected severe flooding.
The Environment Agency has warned of “dangerous waves carrying rocks and a coastal surge” and said the Army is on standby to assist.
More than 4,500 residents in Jaywick, Essex, were told to leave their homes this morning following a warning there was a “high risk” properties “could be flooded by sea water up to a depth of three metres”.
Residents in Jaywick were told their homes could be flooded up to a depth of three metres
Many in Jaywick said they would not leave their homes
It comes as 100 soldiers have been deployed to Skegness, Lincolnshire, where more than 3,000 residents have been urged to leave their homes or stay above ground level.
In Norfolk, police said around 5,000 homes in Great Yarmouth and the surrounding areas would be evacuated due to “extreme weather”, while a further 1,100 properties in Suffolk face a similar warning.
And late on Friday afternoon, police said that approximately 80 residents of Walcott were also being told to leave their homes.
In Jaywick, many villagers have said they will not leave, prompting Essex Police to plead with residents to “comply with police instruction and evacuate immediately”.
Police officers in Jaywick
Thousands of residents in Jaywick have been warned of flood risk
Reporting from Jaywick, Sky News Correspondent Enda Brady said residents had been left “nonplussed” by the flood warning.
“They say they have heard it all before, that there was this evacuation warning given four years ago and absolutely nothing came to pass back then,” he said.
“They’ve said they are quite prepared to stay put.”
Rebecca Kenny, 31, said she would stay in Jaywick “unless things get drastically worse” because she had “a big fear of crime”.
Fire tenders and crew from across Essex wait just outside Jaywick
Fire engines and crew from across Essex wait just outside Jaywick
Meanwhile, Iris Smith, 62, said she was “not worried at all” by the flood warning.
Essex Police has also called on residents in Mistley and West Mersea to leave their homes.
Chief Inspector Russ Cole said: “Latest forecasting tells us that risk has moved to the next high tide expected just after midnight.
“That threat has led to a severe flood warning being put in place for tonight’s high tide.”
Across east England, the Environment Agency has put in place 17 severe flood warnings which warn of a danger to life.
The Environment Agency’s severe flood warnings cover:
:: Aldeburgh and Thorpeness
:: Blythburgh and marshes upstream of A12
:: East bank of the River Yare at Great Yarmouth from South Denes to South Quay
:: East banks of the Rivers Yare and Bure at Great Yarmouth including North Quay, Newtown and Bure Park
:: Lowestoft Seafront and Docks
:: North Bank of Lake Lothing
:: Oulton Broad near Mutford Lock
:: Riverside Business Park and Kirkley
:: Rivers Yare and Bure from Runham Vauxhall to Scare Gap including Vauxhall Holiday Park.
:: Snape, Iken and surrounding marshland
:: South Bank of Lake Lothing, Bourne Business Park to Mutford Lock
:: Southwold and surrounding marshes
:: The coast from Clacton to Lee Wick
:: Tidal River Stour at Mistley, including the Quay and The Walls
:: West bank of the River Yare at Great Yarmouth from Gorleston to Ferry Hill
:: West Bank of the River Yare at Great Yarmouth including Southtown and Cobholm
:: West Mersea, The Strood and adjacent marshland
Some 5,200 metres of temporary barriers and 25 pumps have been moved to depots and towns, including Newcastle upon Tyne, Blyth, Great Yarmouth, Chelmsford, Rye and Trusthorpe and South Ferriby in Lincolnshire.
Heavy snow falls in Filey, North Yorkshire
Heavy snow falls in Filey, North Yorkshire
Elsewhere, the Met Office has issued severe weather warnings across the UK for combinations of high winds, snow and ice.
In northeast England, snow and strong wind caused hazardous driving conditions on Friday morning.
Durham Police said “poor visibility due to snow” had caused a serious accident between 16 vehicles on the A19 northbound near Peterlee.
An upturned car on the A170 in Yorkshire. Pic: @NYorksRPG
An upturned car on the A170 in Yorkshire. Pic: @NYorksRPG
Meanwhile, there were reports of up to 50 cars stuck on a slip road off the A1 at Etal Lane, Newcastle.
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Massive mudslide kills a mother and her 5 children in Mexico

File photo shows the aftermath of a mudslide in Mexico.

A mudslide caused by severe weather in Mexico has killed a mother and her five children, authorities say.
The incident happened on Thursday during heavy rains in the eastern state of Veracruz.
The 28-year-old mother and her children aged 12, 11, seven, three and 18 months, were killed in their sleep shortly after their home was hit by a landslide, said Ricardo Maza, the emergency response chief at the Veracruz civil protection agency.
The father, who was injured in the incident, helped in the desperate search for his family members, Maza added.
Heavy rains in Veracruz have caused damage to homes and businesses, and authorities are still trying to fully assess the damage done.
In recent years, Mexico has been hit hard by devastating weather that has triggered landslides.
Earlier this year, several people were killed by landslides in the central and eastern parts of the country.
In 2013, 101 people were killed and dozens more went missing after a landslide engulfed a whole village in the southern state of Guerrero.
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Three killed in violent storms in France

THREE people have been killed in the violent storms that battered a trail across France and have today seen 11 departments on orange alert. 
Flood risks from heavy rains have seen Ain (01), Ardèche (07), Côte-d’Or (21), Doubs (25), Isère (38), Jura (39), Loire (42), Rhône (69), Haute-Saône (70) and Saône-et-Loire (71) put on orange alert by Météo France while Drôme (26) faces violent thunderstorms and intense rains. 
Today the storms are heading from Rhône-Alpes into Bourgogne and Franche-Comté this morning and remaining for several hours with rains of up to 11cm and up to 4cm falling in an hour, before calmer weather returns in the afternoon as rains head west. Intense rains will continue in Ardèche and Drôme where dozens of lightning strikes are being reported. 
The storms left a trail of destruction from the west coast to the middle of the country yesterday with trees blown down, roofs blown off, power lines disrupted, vineyards and farm crops wiped out and a tornado blasting through five communes in Charente-Maritime. 
The heaviest toll came in the east where a 66-year-old man was killed in Laiz, near Mâcon in Ain, when he was hit when a roof was blown off. Seven people were hurt and three hospitalised after being hit by falling trees. 
Elsewhere in Rhône-Alpes, a 25-year-old man was killed when his car was hit by a falling tree in Limonest, near Lyon. The city itself saw parts of a building and many trees blown down, disrupting the tram service. 
Further north, in Aube, a 92-year-old man was found dead under the wreckage of his collapsed barn at Thieffrain in winds that reached 130kph and damaged more than 250 roofs as well as bringing down trees that injured three people. 
In Charente-Maritime the second tornado in a week – the first was on Sunday – wreaked 45 minutes of havoc in five communes near Saintes and damaged 60 buildings. 
The tornado started near Chaniers then swept towards La Chapelle-des-Pots, Migron and narrowly avoided Matha before devastating Thors et Sonnac. It blew itself out at Beauvais-sur-Matha on the border with Charente and, amazingly, no one was hurt. 
Newspaper Sud-Ouest had aerial photographs of the damage (here in the commune of Sonnac) from the Protection Civile’s Dragon 17 helicopter.
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Storm system off Mexico’s Pacific coast slams beaches with high surf causing flooding and closures in Southern California, USA

Severe Weather Alert

Southern California’s shores were slammed by high surf again Wednesday, the result of a storm system churning off Mexico’s Pacific coast. Several beaches were closed off to the public in Malibu and Rancho Palos Verdes after waves dislodged portions of a pier in Malibu and riptides snarled swimmers along the coast. Seal Beach, which sustained most of the damage Tuesday after several homes were flooded, avoided more water during Wednesday’s high tide, but officials say they expect the high surf to continue.