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NASA confirms the lowest solar activity in 200 years starts in 2020 with a global temperature drop

Tropical Storm Henri Threatens To Lash UK

National Hurricane Center map of Henri
Henri is moving across the Atlantic. Pic: National Hurricane Center
Tropical Storm Henri could batter Britain next week, bringing strong winds and a deluge of rain.
Henri is currently off the coast of North America but will move northeastwards over the weekend – potentially bringing the UK some wild weather.
It all comes down to how it interacts with the jet stream, said Sky News weather producer Joanna Robinson.
“The remnants of Tropical Storm Henri will move towards Europe next week, potentially reaching the UK by the middle of the week.
“This area of low pressure will contain tropical air and could produce a lot of rain, but it’s exact state and movement is still very uncertain.
“It all depends on its interaction with the jet stream along the way.
“If the jet stream is south enough, it could invigorate the low pressure system, bringing stormy conditions. However, if the jet stream has a more northerly track then it’ll have little interaction and won’t amount to much more than a wet and blustery autumn day.
“It’s not unusual to see the remnants of tropical storms over the UK at this time of the year.”
Henri is the eighth storm of the Atlantic hurricane season – a tropical storm is one level below hurricane classification, with winds of up to 73mph.
Courtesy of Sky News

Hurricane-force winds of 113mph batters Scotland, UK

Severe Weather Alert

Up to 85,000 homes in Scotland are left without power as heavy winds from an Atlantic jet stream batter parts of Britain.
Hurricane-force winds have brought gusts of around 110mph to Scotland as extreme weather from across the Atlantic reached Britain.
A gust of 113mph was recorded at Stornoway, the strongest there since records began in 1970.
A train hit by a tree near Cupar in Scotland. The tree was cleared later
The ferocious gales have been stirred up by an extra-powerful jet stream triggered by plunging temperatures in the US hitting warmer air in the south.
The winds brought down power lines and caused travel disruption.
Sky News’ North of England Correspondent Becky Johnson reported: “A group of salmon farmers in Oban Bay abandoned plans to go out fishing, saying safety had to come before business.
“Many ferries on routes out of Oban were cancelled, with local skipper Brendan McGuckin telling Sky News: ‘Not many passengers would want to travel anyway when the water’s like this.'”
She added: “Businesses round the bay had sandbags lining their doors as waves lapped over the harbour wall at high tide.”
Hundreds of engineers throughout Scotland battled the strong winds to repair power lines as up to 85,000 properties were left without power.
ScotRail suspended some of its rail services “for safety reasons” as Network Rail staff went out to inspect the tracks.
The Forth Road Bridge was closed for some hours when a van blew over and Aberdeen Police said a number of trees had been blown down on Aberdeenshire and Moray roads.
Police in Inverness said several roads and bridges, including the Skye Bridge and Dornoch Bridge, had been closed in northern Scotland and travel conditions in the Highlands and Islands were “hazardous”.
The winds followed Met Office amber warnings for northern and central Scotland, where flood warns were also in place.
England, Wales and Northern Ireland were included in Met Office yellow “be prepared” warnings.
The bad weather led to delays to CrossCountry trains running between Berwick-upon-Tweed and Newcastle, while in Kent a  broken-down train at Westgate-On-Sea caused hold-ups to services between Margate and Chatham.
Lashing rain is expected to continue along the west coast and over the weekend as a second storm is predicted to bring more gale-force winds on Saturday.
Forecasters say conditions could rival the weather that battered parts of southern England at the end of 2013.
The current storm brought travel disruption to the Irish Republic with Dublin airport suspending arrivals and departures on Thursday night, and one flight being forced to abort its landing.
Courtesy of Sky News

Pattern Change For UK, Ireland and Europe

Weather Alert

The Stratosphere is warming very nicely. I am expecting a pattern change from the 7th Jan with firm blocking to allow very cold air flow across the UK/Ireland/Europe. Let’s just get the pattern change first. This is very exciting as I can also see the Jet Stream nudging further South too which will aid the approach of the very cold air towards the UK/Ireland/Europe.
***BE READY***