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Tornado leaves path of destruction rips roofs off of houses in northern Germany

Tornado carves two-mile path in Wilton, New York, USA #Tornado #Wilton #NewYork #USA

Tornado Alert

It took just two minutes for a tornado to carve a nearly two-mile long path across the town north of Ballard Road during Friday night’s storm, the National Weather Service at Albany said Saturday.

“It sounded like a freight train,” Teri Lis said Saturday, describing the roar of wind that crossed through her Woodward Road neighborhood at about 6 p.m. Friday.

Lis lives within sight of the intersection of Nichols and Woodward roads where the weather service reported the tornado started its run east toward Blanchard Road about a mile north of the Target warehouse complex. Lis also said hail fell “fast and furious” as the wind picked up.

The twister packed wind speeds between 85 and 90 mph and was on the ground for about two miles before lifting off near the intersection of Wilton-Gansevoort and Blanchard roads.

The tornado snapped a number of trees, dropped some uprooted trees on homes, knocked out electricity, tore apart power lines and poles and ripped down street signs when it carved its way through the town. It ripped sheeting off of a local warehouse and threw a trailer onto a nearby van.

No injuries were reported.

This was the second time within a year that Saratoga County experienced tornado activity. The previous one touched down in Eddy’s Corners in Saratoga Springs with wind speeds of 105 mph and moved about a half mile east to Gilbert Road, the weather service said at the time.

National Grid crews worked along Ballard Road and Corinth Mountain Road repairing downed lines. A cluster of repair crews worked at the intersection of Parkhurst and Corinth Mountain roads. Power was off along Ballard Road between Route 9 and the Northway. The Stewart’s store on Ballard Road was running on a generator as customers poured in and out.

Parts of the region were still recovering from the storm Saturday morning. The weather service is investigating whether wind damage Friday in the Argyle-Salem area in Washington County was caused by another tornado, said meteorologist Joe Villani.

About 6,000 National Grid customers were still without power early Saturday evening. The storms took out power for more than 30,000 National Grid customers in the Saratoga Springs area at one point, according to the company.

The American Red Cross said it provided financial assistance for food, shelter and clothes to two people at a trailer park at Route 9N in Greenfield Center and two more at a Peters Road residence in Gansevoort. The Northeastern New York Chapter said it also aided five adults in a Gloversville residence.

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STORM CIARA UPDATE: Major damage to a house where the wall has blown off and washed away in Hawick, Scotland #StormCiara #SevereAlert #Hawick #Scotland #UK

Part of a wall belonging to Sonia's Bistro, on the banks of the River Teviot in the town of Hawick in the Scottish Borders, has been blown off and washed away by Storm Ciara. Pic: Michal Butlewski
Photo: Michal Butlewski

Major damage to a house where the wall

has blown off and washed away in

Hawick, Scotland


#RedAlert Issued as Severe #Storms, #Flooding and #Blizzards Hits Parts of #Spain

At least a foot of snow covers a driveway, gate and trees in Biar, Alicante. It is several kilometres inland from the coast

At least a foot of snow covers a driveway, gate and trees in Biar, Alicante. It is several kilometres inland from the coast

Spain’s Costa Blanca and Valencian coastline have been pummelled by a vicious storm this morning, shutting Alicante airport, flooding homes and blanketing areas with at least a foot of snow.

Flights to London, Newcastle, Bristol, Edinburgh and other major cities were cancelled as the airport shut for the day, forcing holidaymakers to either travel to a different airport or sit tight until the dangerous weather moved on.

Towering waves have been pictured slamming into the coastline while, in Denia, seawater was filmed gushing through the streets of the city.

Snow drifts have also built up inland as a seven-hour shower in Villena, Valencia, left the city’s 35,000 inhabitants cut off after up to three inch piles of the white stuff blocked roads.

A red alert was issued for Storm Gloria yesterday, before it smashed into the region, warning it would bring heavy rain, snow, up to 75mph winds and waves that could reach eight feet in height.

It is expected to move towards the north-west of Spain tomorrow, with the bad weather unlikely to subside before Wednesday, the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) said.

A 54-year-old Romanian woman died from hypothermia in Gandia, Valencia, following the vicious weather, local media reports. A 44-year-old man also died yesterday when he was run over by a van that lost control in snow-covered Santander, Asturias.

Terrifying footage shows waves sweeping into Denia, Alicante and appearing to surround people trapped in their cars.

The beach in Javea, further down the coast, has been pictured strewn with rubble and bits of wood washed up as the storm battered the headland.

Storefronts were also pictured smashed on the city’s contents, with glass panels and furniture strewn across the pavement outside.

Waves have been filmed rearing up to several feet high before slamming against the coastline in Calpe, Alicante, by the Alicante Meteorological Project.

The river Algar, in the mountains, has also been filmed bursting its banks and gushing over a tourist viewing platform at the Algar waterfall in a torrent of rapidly moving water.

As the storm hammered its way over the Spanish mainland the rain froze, causing a deluge of snow to fall over inland areas in the interior of Valencia and Alicante.

The 35,000 residents of Villen, Valencia, were isolated this morning after a seven-hour snowfall left snow drifts between two and three inches high blocking roads into and out of the town.

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#Tornado Causes Mayhem in #BartonOnSea, Hampshire, UK

Tornado Alert

A “tornado” left a trail of destruction when it struck coastal villages in Hampshire.

People in Barton-on-Sea and Ashley were woken by howling winds and lashing rain in the early hours of Friday.

Homes were damaged, fencing was flattened and a 6ft-high (1.8m) wall was brought down.

Dave Thorne, from Barton, described the noise as “really, scarily loud”. BBC Weather presenter Simon King said radar images supported the tornado claims.

Mr Thorne said he heard an “almighty crash” and his window frames broke inward at about 04:00 GMT.

“The wind noise increased dramatically and there was rain and debris lashing,” he said.

“It’s like the tornado has gone up the road – there is a clear line of destruction from the direction of the sea heading inland.”

He said fence panels in Seaward Avenue were brought down, with one appearing to have been blown 40ft (12m) before crashing through a window.

“I’ve never seen or heard anything like it,” said Mr Thorne. “It felt cataclysmic.”

Another resident, David Sullivan, said there was damage to the roof of his flat, with many tiles torn off.

“We’re used to bad weather here, but we’ve never had the like of this before,” he said.

Martin Young, who also lives in the cliff-top village, said he could feel his house shaking and it was “frightening” for up to 30 seconds.

“It’s taken out walls that have been stood for 50 years,” he said.

“It’s lifted complete sections of heavy fencing and thrown them probably 30-40 metres into a block of flats.”

A resident of nearby Ashley said: “It made a sound like a train passing followed by a bang on the roof.

“Three of my neighbour’s fence panels have blown out. One has travelled about 20ft (6m) into my garden.”

BBC Weather presenter Simon King said radar images showing conditions at about 04:00 would support residents’ claims of a tornado.

A Met Office spokeswoman concurred that the overnight weather conditions in the area were conducive to tornadoes forming, but could not confirm if it was without video evidence.

There are thought to be about 30 tornadoes in the UK each year, according to the Met Office.

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