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THOUSANDS of TONS of dead fish wash up in the Euphrates River in Iraq

Fish Kill Alert

Along the Iraqi banks of the Euphrates river, one question dominates the conversation. What killed the fish?

Thousands of tonnes of freshwater carp have washed up dead this month, leaving Iraqi fish farmers reeling from the significant loss of earnings. Carp is the country’s national dish, commonly barbecued outdoors across restaurants in Baghdad.

Agriculture officials have ruled out deliberate poisoning after rumours swirled of unspecified foul play, but the immediate causes are still unclear.

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Large number of fish have died off in the Cache la Poudre River, Colorado, USA

Fish Kill Alert

A large number of fish have died off in the Cache la Poudre River and now Colorado Parks and Wildlife is trying to solve the mystery behind the deaths.

“It is a major die off; we are talking in the thousands. It is not just a couple of fish,” said Jason Clay, spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Clay said the die off affected several species in the Poudre River west of Fort Collins, which raised concerns for investigators.

“There was no one specific fish that was effected. There’s been carp; there’s been trout that has died,” Clay said.

The department tweeted that workers are sampling water. They are focused on a stretch of river from Linden Street to Timberline Road.

Clay said there were several possibilities as to what caused the die off, including natural and human involvement.

Thermal shock was one natural possibility, which Clay said would involve the recent fluctuation in temperature in Colorado. That, combined with low flow, could have caused oxygen levels to drop to fatal levels.

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Hundreds of carp die in a lake in Cork city, Ireland

Fish Kill Alert
Concerns are growing for the future of the country’s best known carp fishing lake after most of its stock was wiped out by an unknown infection over the past couple of days.
Over 400 dead carp – many up to 20 years old – have been removed by Inland Fisheries Ireland from The Lough, an urban lake in Cork city, since Saturday.
Samples have been sent to the Marine Institute in Galway for testing.
A bacterial or fungal infection is suspected, but after tests on sample fish the highly-contagious Koi Herpes  Virus (KHV) has been ruled out.
Further testing is continuing, but the cause of the deaths will not be known until later this week.
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Masses of Asian Carp are dying off, ‘unknown reason’, in Kentucky Lake, USA

Fishermen, recreational boaters, campers and all lake dwellers have been concerned this week as to an ongoing die-off of Asian carp along Kentucky Lake. Big numbers have been seen floating and washing up on shorelines.
While most have voiced concern as to the encroachment of this non-native species and view the die-off as somewhat of a mixed blessing, there is also concern as to just what’s causing it.
So far, no game fish or other species have experienced problems. Fishery biologists with Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and Kentucky Fish and Wildlife are aware of the scenario and have been taking tissue samples this week to better address the situation.
Samples have been sent to regional laboratories to help determine the specific cause of the die-off. Right now, state fishery biologists do not have specific answers, but once evaluations of tissues samples are completed, it will better address what’s going on.
The advancement of Asian carp has been a concern for several years both here and elsewhere throughout the Mississippi River drainage.
Asian carp feed on zooplankton within the water column, and biologists across the country have been sounding the alarm of concern for many years. They compete with other fish species, especially paddlefish and other young of the year species, for microscopic morsels and often invade an area and displace other game fish. They have two real enemies.
The Asian carp — there are two main species comprised of big head (black) and silver — are already abundant within the Barkley and Kentucky Lake area. The silver is the one that jumps and spooks quite easily.
Bass and crappie fishermen do not like the advancement of Asian carp within reservoirs. Small tributaries and oxbow lakes that have witnessed the Asian carp invasion have seen sport fishing diminish dramatically.
Not too many tears are being shed by the sport fishing community, but it is somewhat of a mystery why this one species is experiencing a massive die-off and other species have not.
Stay tuned as there’s a lot more information forthcoming addressing the Asian carp saga.
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Tens of thousands of carp have died in a reservoir in Soria, Spain

Fish Kill Alert

Tens of thousands of carp have died in a reservoir in Soria, Spain

600 Kilos of carp have died, ‘an unusual event’, in a river in Torreilles, France

This is a witness who gave the alert at 9 a.m. yesterday morning, worried to see a large number of carp float, the belly in the air, in the Bourdigou, in the centre of the village. Firefighters have therefore sent a team in recognition, which confirmed the abnormal mortality of carp in the river.
A boat of firefighters, with four personnel on board as well as a pumper mobilized so, initially, to oxygenate the water course. But it was eventually necessary removal of 600 kg of dead fish, an operation which continued up to 16 hours.
The municipality then had to take charge of destruction of fish thus recovered. Immediately conducted analyses revealed the presence of pollution of organic origin, without that the cause was unable yet to be determined.
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