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Thousands of dead #fish, #catfish, #crabs found in a canal in #NewOrleans, #USA

Fish Kill Alert

State wildlife experts are investigating a large fish kill at Myrtle Grove. Thousands of dead pogies, catfish and crab surfaced at the canal, and the boat launch all day, just days after Hurricane Barry’s storm surge moved out.

First it was Barry and the floods that followed. Now fishermen in this prime area are having to deal with a smelly large fish kill at a popular boat launch.

Pearl Young, who has fished the Myrtle Grove marina for years, said she didn’t like what she saw today, or smelled.

She fished right off the dock and had little luck, while others went farther out to find clean water.

The fish kill comes just days after Hurricane Barry pushed storm surge into this area. Huge sandbags used to shore up the levee are visible from the launch and many say it’s not unusual to see dead fish like this after tropical weather.

Thousands of pungent-smelling dead fish were visible hundreds of yards from the launch, but fishermen went out anyway to try their luck and checked their spots.

The fish kill created a feeding frenzy for seagulls.

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Hundreds of dead catfish, eels and seahorses found on a beach in Kailua, Hawaii, USA

Some Kailua residents thought they could took a break from the rain and stroll the beach.
Instead, they found hundreds of dead fish littering the shoreline.
The fish were found Sunday along Kailua Beach near Castles. Some of the marine creatures found rotting on the beach were seahorse, eels, and hundreds of freshwater catfish.
“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Kailua resident Zabia Geisreiter. “I brought my dog down here today and we only spent about five minutes. You don’t want to walk in this.”
We learned the City and County of Honolulu is responsible for removing beach debris if it becomes a nuisance or unsanitary. The city tells us it’s looking into the situation and will have an update Wednesday.
At this point, the city says it’s unknown where the fish came from. It’s possible the stream runoff from the storm caused the fish to die.
“One major possibility is that all the rain and runoff created nutrients, a plankton bloom, used up all the oxygen in the marsh, and the low oxygen levels led to a major fish kill,” said Alan Friedlander, director of Fisheries Ecology Research Lab at the University of Hawaii.
“We don’t usually see this many dead fish,” said Michael Loftin of 808 Cleanups.
808 Cleanups says it’s willing to lend a helping hand, but is waiting to hear back from the city first. In the meantime, Loftin warns beachgoers to be careful.
“I wouldn’t want dogs or any other animals eating this fish, so I would advise people to keep a close eye on pets while they are out here until this gets cleaned up,” he said.
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Massive die off of catfish in the Yangtze River in China

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The incidence of catfish catfish from March 18 from the sporadic death, to the late April incidence increased, the rapid growth of death, there have been 300 acres of ponds died every day 100,000 kilograms of cases, the peak of Dafeng, Sheyang, etc. The amount of dead fish per day more than 120 million pounds. 
Since mid-March in Jiangsu coastal catfish catfish disease since the efforts in many efforts, has come up with the prevention and treatment programs, and achieved good results, but on May 17 received the phone on the farmers, told the breeding of the channel catfish died The amount of the last few days from 100 per day to three thousand tail, I think it is necessary for the recent catfish channel for the prevention and treatment of the case to sum up, to the farmers a little reference. 
Channel catfish domestic consumer market is becoming more mature, the price tends to be stable, and there is considerable profit margins, in this context, Jiangsu coastal farming area gradually expanded in Yancheng formed about 40,000 acres of aquaculture concentrated area, mainly in the Dafeng’s deer fishery, Shanghai farm, Jianfeng farm, Sheyang’s Linhai farm, Sheyang salt field, Nanjing military area non-staple food base and so on. Recently the area of ​​the catfish has occurred in an acute, serious loss of disease, a large amount of death, so many farmers lose confidence.
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15,000 Catfish Dead Due To Disease In Bangka-Belitung, Indonesia

Catfish Sangkuriang

Thousands of farmed catfish farmers in Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung Province, died of fungal disease during the dry season towards this transition.

“During the dry season, approximately 15 thousand catfish harvest is almost dead so we lose because the cost of feed and seed purchase is quite high,” said Romel, power Pembudi catfish in Pangkalpinang Thursday.

He said not only catfish that almost harvest disease, but also about 20 thousand seedlings catfish aged two to three weeks also died.

“We’ve been trying to prevent the spread of the fungal disease, but the effort was in vain because every day there are hundreds of dead catfish,” he said.

According to him, every year leading up to and during the transition into the catfish breeding season dead due to changes in water temperature.

“At present, we can not do anything and can not do anything else because the efforts to prevent the disease in vain,” he said.