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Thousands of animals dead due to flooding in Honduras

Livestock Alert

Thousands of animals dead due to flooding in Honduras

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Dead dogs litter ground and 1,700 still missing as flood strikes animal shelter in Malaysia

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A heartbreaking video filmed by an animal shelter worker shows dozens of dead dogs lying on the ground after 1,770 went missing during a flash flood.

In the clip, which shows lifeless dogs and puppies strewn on the floor, the sobbing Malaysian animal lover says only 30 dogs were found alive.

The few surviving dogs bark in the background and one sniffs the body of a deceased canine pal.

FurryKids Safehaven, located in the town of Mambau, 40 miles south of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, was flooded by severe storms on November 3.

The shelter posted images of the animal corpses on Facebook and appealed to the public to send donations to help them cope with the flood damage and dead animals.

FurryKids Safehaven posted a video of the dead dogs with the message in English: “Our furbabies didn’t make today…”

The shelter added in another message: “Furrykids Safehaven was badly affected by the heavy rains and flood last night.

“There are over 1,800 dogs in the premises. A rough number of 30 have been accounted for.

“The rest may or may not have survived.

“Our workers home and wellbeing are also affected by this.”

The rest of the dogs went missing when areas of Seremban were battered by heavy rain and flooding.

FurryKidssaid that “times are really tough” and begged for financial support from animal lovers and philanthropists on social media.

One distressed woman commented: “Such an unfortunate thing to happen. May the brave fur babies rest in peace.

“Just can’t bear to view the video.”

Another person wrote: “Donation done. May their sweet souls rest in peace. Very tragic.”

Tragically, 450 homes were flooded and a man is reported missing and feared to have been swept away by the strong currents.

Mohamad Idris, officer-in-charge of the Seremban Fire and Rescue station, told local news that the man vanished near a river in Jalan Rasah, Taman Happy, at 1.30am.

He said: “20 flood victims from the area were evacuated, but the man was washed away by strong currents.

“The search for the man is still ongoing.”

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Deadly #ParvoVirus Prompts Free #Vaccinations In #Severn, #Maryland, #USA

Parovirus Alert

Three dogs in the Severn area have died of parvovirus in recent months, so Anne Arundel County health officials will offer free dog vaccinations on Tuesday, Oct. 15. Owners can bring their pets to the parking lot at the corner of Arwell Court and Pioneer Drive from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Authorities say parvo is a highly contagious disease that makes dogs extremely sick and is usually fatal. Even though it is not dangerous to humans, it is extremely contagious among dogs.

To help protect the dogs of Still Meadows and The Orchards communities, Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control and the health department are offering free shots for parvovirus and/or rabies. Dogs should be on leash and under control. Owner identification is required for vaccination certificates.

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Mass #deaths of #birds and #animals found in a field off the #Azov coast, #Ukraine

Yamkin Extremities_3

The message about the found dead birds began to arrive to the hunters on March 7. Dozens of corpses crows, starlings, pheasants and partridges found in the landings.

Local residents also reported that they find dead animals – foxes and dogs. As established by the members of the Azov Primary Hunting Group, the corpses of animals are located near fields planted with rapeseed.

It is suspected that the green grain of wheat used for rodent control has become a poison for animals.

“We traveled only one landing and found dead foxes, crows, partridges, buzzards and starlings. By the way, buzzards and starlings are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. We also found many plague birds, that is, those who died and could no longer fly,” said the head of the team Roman Serdyayev.

Militiamen recorded the fact of poisoning of birds and animals, found a grain of green color, which was removed from the scene, and also received a statement from the hunters.

Dead animals and birds were found in the fields leased by Primorsky LLC and not only in Kirillovka, but also in other territories of the Akimov district. Veterinary experts are already conducting their own investigation.

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Vet Warning As Deadly Dog Virus Hits East Lancs, UK

Dog owners have been warned to act against a deadly animal virus after a puppy died in Padiham

The eight-week old Bulldog caught the highly-contagious canine parvovirus following an outbreak in the Rochdale area.

The tiny pup was too young to be vaccinated against the killer disease and sadly had to be put to sleep at the Myerscough Veterinary Group in the town.

Fears are the virus may have spread to Padiham and Burnley after several cases of the fatal condition were alerted in East Lancashire in the run-up to Christmas.

Now vets are pleading with dog owners to get their pets vaccinated against the disease which can cause death in around 90% of untreated dogs.

Vicki Jenkinson, of Myerscough Veterinary Surgery in Padiham, said: “It is a very nasty and contagious disease.

“It is very fast acting and the dogs can go downhill very quickly. The symptoms can be explosive diarrhoea with blood in it which has a very distinctive smell. The dogs can be lethargic, vomiting and not eat or drink.

“The only way to stop it is to get your dog vaccinated.”

The virus is highly contagious and can spread from dog to dog or can be contracted from areas and public spaces where infected dogs have been.

It can cost anywhere between £1,000 and £1,500 to get it treated but many dogs can die regardless.

But the initial vaccination costs as little as £50 and annual boosters to protect from the virus cost around £35.

Ms Jenkinson stressed the importance of immunising unvaccinated dogs, especially at Christmas – a time when many families buy new puppies.

She said: “If you have bonded with a new puppy then the week after it got parvovirus it would be heart-breaking – especially if you have children.

“That is why it is so important to get the dog vaccinated and make sure the jabs are up-to-date.”

She added: “The disease can spread very easily so keep an eye on your dog and look out for the symptoms.”

A dedicated parvovirus Facebook and Twitter page has been set up to alert dog owners to outbreaks of parvovirus in the UK.

Deadly New Virus Killing Dogs Across The America
Alert Now
A deadly new disease called circovirus is circulating the country, and dogs could die from it in a matter of days.

New Virus Has Deadly Potential For Dogs, California, USA
(Credit: Veejay Villafranca/Getty Images for WSPA)
Dog owners beware. A new virus with deadly potential is attacking man’s best friend in California, and there is no vaccine.

So far, cases of the illness — known as circovirus — have been limited to only California, Michigan and Ohio, reports Atlanta CBS affiliate WWBT. If it goes untreated, the virus has the potential of killing an infected animal within days. High rates of infection have been observed in other animals, and scientists are still not entirely certain how it’s transmitted.

“They’re suspecting the dogs can bleed into their cavities, their chest into their abdomen, and those are some of the more serious ones that would bleed to their deaths,” VCA Total Care Animal Hospital Medical Director Dr. Olivia Pan told WWBT.

In years past, circovirus has predominantly infected pigs, and only recently made the jump to dogs. WWBT reports the virus can destroy a hog farm within a week. Some pet birds are also susceptible to infection, especially parrots, parakeets and cockatoos.

Circovirus may be present as a primary or co-infection with other intestinal pathogens, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Along with the virus’ rapid death rate, this makes diagnosis difficult.

“There’s no way of us knowing it’s the circovirus or not until you do all of these tests, and by then – you don’t get the results back for weeks,” said Dr. Pan.

The cause of infection is still unknown, but — like any virus — direct contact is believed to present a higher risk of infection, according to the AVMA. The association warns that any area with large amounts of dogs creates a higher risk of infection. This is especially concerning to boarding daycare facilities and kennels.

Deadly Ohio Dog Virus Now Killing Dogs In Michigan, America
The alarming, deadly virus which was first reported in California earlier this year and then mysteriously appeared in Ohio is now killing dogs in Michigan. Cases of the virus similar to circovirus (typically associated with pigs) have been reported all across Ohio, and now six Michigan dogs have died from it. There is no name yet for the mysterious illness, but necropsy results from affected dogs in Ohio show the presence of the circovirus that affected the California dogs, reports A Detroit veterinary clinic reports that it has never seen such a rapidly fatal virus, which kills “usually within about 12 to 24 hours of it starting,” said Dr. Lindsay Ruland of the Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Ann Arbor. She speculates that it may possibly be transmitted from humans to dogs, although no humans or other animals have died from the virus. “Traditionally we don’t pass viruses to our pets. This year, I think that there is potential that we are passing it to our pets,” Dr. Ruland said. Dr. Melanie Butera, a veterinarian at Elm Ridge Animal Hospital in Canal Fulton, who treated four dogs that died in the Akron, Ohio, area last month said they all exhibited similar symptoms. The two worst cases came in collapsed and weak, she said, with high heart rates and fluid around their lungs. One of the dogs died. All were around 3 or 4 years old, and none of the owners knew each other or spent time together.“The dogs were so profoundly sick, over such a short period of time,” she said. One of the dogs, who survived the illness, was leaking fluid from his gums.”Symptoms can include lethargy, abdominal pain, lack of appetite, and most notably, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Dogs displaying these symptoms should be rushed to a vet, especially if someone they’ve been in close contact with is also under the weather. Dogs can be saved, but only if they are treated immediately.“The laboratory confirmation is important because the virus is newly isolated, however we are not prepared at this time to confirm that canine circovirus is the cause of the dog illnesses,” said State Veterinarian Dr. Tony Forshey.“Because the symptoms being exhibited can also be linked to other known illnesses, additional analysis and information is needed to determine if this virus alone or in co-infection contributes to illness and death in dogs.”Circovirus is a novel virus from “a family of viruses that has not been known to cause disease in dogs prior to this year,” said Dr. Butera. It is unknown how the virus is transmitted, but it may be spreading through saliva and feces. Doctors are now recommending that people wash their hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and hot water before and after touching their pets and their pets’ food, bedding, toys, etc. For the time, none of these items should be shared between animals, especially if people around them have had flu-like symptoms, and contact between dogs should be limited, or avoided altogether if it is known that a dog—or a human who has interacted physically with the dog—has been sick recently.
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