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100 TONS of fish suddenly die in a fish farm in South Sumatra, Indonesia

Thousands of fish floating in a pool belonging to villagers Tegal Rejo Musirawas Regency of South Sumatra, Tuesday, April 4, 2017.
From the recognition of carers ponds, the number of dead fish reaches 100 tonnes. Should the fish that will be harvested, but damn it all already dead. Estimated losses reached Rp2,1 billion. “It’s the contents of fish tilapia, oreochromis mossambicus and pomfret. Today is of course the harvest, “said Daryono.
According to him, at 02.00 a.m., embankment which became a supplier of water in the pool that he kept him he knew had broken.
He also tried to cover up. But in vain, the levee already had broken the case too wide. As a result water supplies dwindling fast into the pool, fish and experience a lack of oxygen.
“We were closing the levee broke that use wood, so the water remains in the pool. But it can’t, because it’s big jebolnya. About 7 meters, “said Daryono.
Meanwhile, the head of the Fisheries Agency of Musi Rawas Bambang Hariyadi explains in the embankment area there are 28 units of the pool belonged to residents who already contains fish.
“For fish ponds that have operated since 2005. The alleged jebolnya embankment, because no strong again accommodate water discharge in the pond, “said Bambang.
With these events, the Department will coordinate with the Department of public works to repair the levee that broke it. “Later be modified pattern with tarps, pond systems in order to be able to operate again,” he said.
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Thousands of fish and shrimp dead in the waters of Dewantara, Indonesia

The Department of Environment and Hygiene (LHK) North Aceh, Thursday (03/30/2017) evening has come down to the village of Bangka Jaya, District Dewantara, to follow up reports of death related to fish and shrimp in the groove and ponds.
He said he was already taking water samples and the night was also immediately taken to Banda Aceh to be examined in one of the laboratories.
“The fastest two weeks had no results, what poison is contained in the water that causes the death of fish and shrimp,” said Secretary of the Department of Environment North Aceh, Nur Aina, to Serambinews.
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Tons of dead fish washing up everyday along a river in Preah Vihear, Cambodia

Preah Vihear provincial authorities collected fish and water samples for examination on Monday after nearly a week of mass fish deaths in the Stung Sen river.
Ea Sokha, the director of the Preah Vihear environment department, said the fish began dying on March 24. Local authorities appealed to people living along the river to refrain from consuming or selling fish from the river.
Sokha said that the fish and water samples have been sent to a Phnom Penh laboratory for examination. “There are 3 to 4 tonnes of dead fish per day,” said Sokha, adding that the deaths continue to occur.
Lut Sang, a member of local NGO Ponlok Khmer, said that his organisation visited the river last Friday after hearing complaints from villagers.
Sang said that he and many villagers believe that runoff from a factory owned by the Rui Feng sugar company – located 10 kilometres from the river, in Chey Sen district – is behind the fish deaths.
“We suspect that the company released pollution into the river,” he said.
Sokha, however, said “the villagers blame the company, but those are their suspicions”. Experts “have not officially confirmed the reason”, he said.
Tach Vuthy, a resident of Prame commune, said that some villagers still collected the dead fish to make prahok.
“They know that it will affect their health but they do not care. They care about having something to eat,” Vuthy said.
Kuy Yoeun, administration manager of the Rui Feng company, could not be reached for comment.
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Thousands of dead fish found in a reservoir in Chiclayo, Peru

Thousands of fish were found dead the Cartagena reservoir, which is administered by the Commission of Regantes of Capote in Chiclayo (Lambayeque region). A group of farmers in the area, it was those very surprised, alerted about the regrettable fact RPP news reporters.
In the place there was the loss of freshwater species, including catfish, tilapia, orfe, life, tripon and Crappie, which are stranded on the banks, in a State of decomposition, and other floating.
In addition to this sad scenario that waters look dark and also various aquatic plants are drying, concerned even more settlers and men of the field in the area, since the reservoir is considered to be one of its most important natural heritages.
They suggest that to find the dark waters, death would be due to the bravery of industrial waste or in any case could be the impact of the heavy rain precipitation; by what demanded local authorities and Regional productive development management investigation into the case.
Meanwhile, they have chosen to open the floodgates so that they run the waters and thus avoid that species that were preserved for many years, continue to be lost.
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Massive die off of fish in fish farm in Hengxian, China

Heng Liu Jing Zhen Yu Jiang Mo River fish in cages in the North, starting from March 24 suspicious deaths. The statistics, covering 15 households of farmers, 456 fish box. Hengxian County, the County Government in response to the report, immediately set up a working group to carry out disposal process. At present, the departments concerned have to field sampling, is awaiting test results.
March 26 at noon, ink-reporter Liu Jing town in yujiang River, North River, the river has a lot of cages, with numerous dead fish floating in the cage, sending waves of stench, a distance of more than 10 meters can smell.
Farmers close told reporters that he raised a total of 27 boxes of fish. For 3 years he spent several tens of thousands of FRY, catfish fish, grass carp? caries  light yellow color yan Xin, Yi eel bag dumpling  4  lutetium Chu? 24th starting early in the morning, a large number of fish appear abnormal, hit in the cage to hit, soon to turn white. “I basically 27 boxes of fish died, preliminary estimates that there are 50,000 kg. “Mr close said, which reaches hundreds of cages of fish deaths occurred, according to cage, basically all the fish died in the upper reaches, downstream fish part of survival.
After reporters inquired about that, Liu Jing town, government workers and police arrived at the scene after hearing their 24 hour stand at the site.
“Because no identified cause of fish death, farmers are not willing to salvage dead fish. “Liu Jing town, a staff member told reporters that the dead fish smell hard upon the river pollution, government departments have been dug in excavator hole, planning to harmless treatment of dead fish, but farmers do not agree with, is currently in full communication.
Farmers, Huang said, they fish in the river has more than 10 years, there has never been a dead fish. This sudden large areas of dead fish, if not found “murderer” fish salvaged were buried, who’s going to bear their losses? She owes more than 200,000 Yuan only feed, the loss is not a small number of farmers.
Liu Jing town government official told reporters, in response to the report, the County, the County Government immediately organized environmental protection, agriculture, price, Liu Jing and Liu Jing town the town government working group composed of relevant units, to a relevant disposal site, and do a 24-hour duty and ideological work.
According to preliminary statistics, the dead fish farmers involved in the event 15, 456 fish box. At present, the County Environmental Protection Bureau, the Department of agriculture and other related departments have carried out investigation and evidence gathering and sampling, are waiting for test results. Nanning agriculture 25th, the municipal environmental protection Bureau and other relevant departments to guide the work of investigation and evidence collection.
Relevant departments will continue to do the ideological work of the farmers, and harmless treatment of speeding up progress to avoid secondary disasters. The same time, strengthen the monitoring of river water quality, to keep farmers informed in a timely manner.
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Thousands of dead fish wash up in a lagoon in San Luis, Argentina

(Photo The Diary of the Republic)
Thousands of dead fish appeared floating in a lagoon located south of Villa Mercedes, San Luis. According to the semi-arid site , the owner of the field where the water mirror is located said that this is not the first time it has happened.
In that sense, El Diario de la República recalled that something similar happened five years ago, under similar climatic conditions, very hot, although with the level of the lagoon lower than now due to lack of rain.
The causes so far are unknown but could be an overpopulation of fish combined with an alga that removes oxygen, others attribute it to the lightning fall over the lagoon.
The owner of the place also said that there are more ponds in the countryside, but this is the only one that has fish, does not allow fishing, but sometimes they get smuggled.
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Thousands of dead fish washing up on beaches in Victoria and NSW, Australia

Thousands of dead fish have been washing ashore on Mallacoota beaches and parts of the NSW and Victoria east coast since the weekend.
Leatherjackets measuring up to 10cm were sprawled across Quarry Beach, while small numbers of whiting have also been reported.
Environment Protection Authority Victoria said the fish kill was likely caused by recent changes in current patterns and drops in water temperatures measuring 6 to 7 degrees over the past week.
EPA Gippsland manager Stephen Lansdell said Fisheries Victoria and Parks Victoria were in Mallacoota on Wednesday to confirm fish kill estimates.
“It’s definitely not a trawler dump due to the spread, location and the way they’re appearing on the beach,” Mr Lansdell said.
“From an EPA perspective the fact it’s not regarding pollution lowers our main concern, but any fish kill event is still concerning.”
Mr Lansdell said he was first notified of the event about 5pm on Tuesday from a local authority.
“It ​would have helped us to understand what was going on if we found out earlier,” he said.
“We rely on eyes and ears from the community.”
A similar fish kill event happened on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast last month when thousands of beached leatherjackets were found between Coolum and Cooloola.
Mr Lansdell said it was likely the big drops in water temperature have been tracking south along the Australian east coast.
Mallacoota residents reported some fish were still alive and carrying eggs, while a turtle was also found.
Beached leatherjacket sightings have also been spotted as far north as Tura Beach.
Mallacoota and District Angling Club president Col Gilchrist said it was the largest local report of fish kill he had heard of.
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30,000 dead fish found in a lake in Idaho, USA

Thousands of fish have been found dead from the lack of oxygen at a lake near Hazelton.
According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, wildlife officers responded to calls from the public about numerous dead fish at Wilson Lake Reservoir. Idaho Fish and Game Regional Fishery Manager Doug Megargle said in a news release that nearly 30,000 fish are believe to have been killed by what is called a winterkill. Among the type of fish were bullhead, common carp, largescale suckers, yellow perch and Utah chub.
“Conditions must have been pretty poor since bullhead were among the dead fish at Wilson Lake,” said Doug Megargle – Regional Fishery Manager in the Magic Valley Region. “The unusually heavy snowpack this winter likely blocked all light penetration.”
“It’s also possible hazardous materials washed in during the large spring runoff several weeks back; however, it’s very difficult to determine what that toxic material was when there were no reports of a spill or accident, and it’s been too long between when the fish died and when they were observed,” Megargle said.
Officials say the winterkill is a result of heavy ice and snow pack blocking sun from reaching underwater vegetation that provide oxygen for the fish. Most winter kills go unnoticed because usually only a small number of fish are killed. According to Fish and Game, it is possible not many fish survived at Wilson Lake. The agency did not manage the lake and most of the fish came from flows out of the Snake River.
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Thousands of dead fish found washed up along a river in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Thousands of fish in the streams of the rod River Jorong Alin Tanang SungaiAur Subdistrict of West Pasaman, West Sumatra (West Sumatra), die.
“True, residents found thousands of dead fish that the cause is currently unknown because we are still waiting for laboratory results,” said the head of the environmental Department West Pasaman Barat, Edi Busti, in Simpang Empat, Sunday, March 19, 2017, reported by Between.
He insists his side have not been able to ascertain the cause of death of thousands of fish. Is it because palm oil mill waste streams or other causes.
“The results of our observations together with members of the dead fish in the lower reaches and is currently still waiting for laboratory results due to water and fish samples had already been taken,” he said.
The discovery of thousands of dead fish floated since Saturday, March 18, 2017, to Sunday, March 19, 2017. The horrendous events of local citizens. Citizens are upset because similar events have already happened before.
For sure, the environmental Department West Pasaman Barat is still waiting for the test results to the Health UNIT Laboratory Halls in the province of West Sumatra against the river water samples and fish to die.
“Later will be known the cause of the dead fish from laboratory test results. What is correct because the palm oil mill liquid waste or because there are other causes, “he said.
As is known, existing Palm oil mill near the river that is currently still in the supervision of the District West Pasaman Barat because of alleged waste a second factory was not worth exceeding quality raw.
“We have yet to ascertain whether the cause of the dead fish were the result of waste or not. We wait result of labor, “said he.
Meanwhile, the head of Unit Iptu Reskrim Polres West Pasaman Barat Farel justifies the existence of thousands of dead fish in the river Rods Alin.
“What the exact cause is not yet we know. We are still waiting for the results of the labor Department of the environment West Pasaman Barat, “says Farel.
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7 TONS of fish die in fish farms in Bao Thang, Vietnam

According to initial statistics, output of dead fish almost 7 tons of 10 households in Tan Loi Hamlet, Spring Township (Bảo Thắng-Lao Cai) makes people nervous. The phenomenon of fish farming unusual death is questionable is caused by contaminated water supplies.
Mr. Nguyen-Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, chairwoman of the spring Township Affairs said: get reflected unusual dead fish status, the Government has appointed Township officers down to the scene to check, set the minutes and do good advocacy work to the people concerned, the stabilized production; at the same time the report Said district leader Wins.
In particular, households he Yuwen took nearly 4 tons of commercial fish died. He said the family Baby I suffered the greatest damage in the households affected, this fish if not killed, then his family will gather about 150 million.
This is the second time the fish in Spring Township, Delivered an extraordinary death. Last month, the people of 11/2016 village 5 has also been affected due to the waste of the chemical plant in Germany. The fish in the pond of 3 households were killed are factory tested and conducted 45 million compensation and support 1 air filter water for pond fish.
Before the fish die-off status in Spring Township, interdisciplinary examination Division of the Increases Governed include science, technology and environment, Department of agriculture and rural development, the same agency officials in the District of Bảo Thắng, Lao Cai DAP fertilizer production … has been conducting fish sampling test , water, Earth. Dead fish causes abnormalities in question due to the pollution of water resources.
The Agency took samples for analysis, published when there are results.
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