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Thousands of dead fish found in the Ganges River in Kanpur, India

Fish Kill Alert
After Kannauj, thousands of dead fish were found floating in Ganga at Bilhaur’s Nanamau ghat, Chaubeypur’s Andimata and Pathakpur ghats in Kanpur on Tuesday.
District and Pollution Control Board officials rushed to the site and collected water samples for examination. A large number of fish had died in Kannauj’s Mehndi ghat on Monday.
Panic gripped residents of Bilhaur, Chaubeypur, Bithoor, Bhairav ghat, Shuklaganj, Gola ghat and Jajmau areas after thousands of dead fish were found floating in Ganga on Tuesday. Though the exact cause of their death is yet to be ascertained, officials of Regional Pollution Control Board said that they died due to heavy pollution which has reduced oxygen level in water to 2.8 mg.
A team of Wild Life Institute of India (Dehradun) and pollution control department visited Kannauj and collected water samples and dead fish for tests.
A team member said that it was primarily found that lack of oxygen level in water had caused death of the fish.
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Hundreds of dead fish appearing in lakes all around Minnesota, USA

Fish Kill Alert
It’s fish kill season in Minnesota (and yes, that is different than fishing).
All around the state, hundreds of dead fish are washing up to the shorelines of small lakes, including about 10 lakes in the east metro. But officials aren’t concerned.
Winter kill is standard, especially in longer winters like this year’s.
“It’s a natural process,” said Jim Levitt, a fishery specialist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “It can actually benefit the lake in that the fish that are left have less competition. There’s more food for them, they might have a growth spurt, and there will be bigger fish for the next year or two.”
Lakes have a certain amount of oxygen in them when they freeze in the fall or early winter. The fish use that oxygen all winter and into the spring. In bigger lakes, there’s enough oxygen for most of the fish to survive, but in some of the smaller lakes, the fish slowly start to die as the oxygen depletes.
Quick lake warm-ups can also cause bacterial infections, which kill the fish as well.
“Spring can be stressful on fish,” Levitt said. “They’ve gone all winter maybe not feeding as much, it’s been cold, and now the water all of the sudden warms up and it’s spawning season so they’re spending a lot of energy on that.”
As a result, most of the fish kill calls come within a month of ice-out.
Sometimes, thousands of fish will die from winter kill, but even those high numbers are not cause for alarm, Levitt said. Although the DNR doesn’t have exact numbers of fish in each lake, several thousand fish might still be less than 10 percent, he said.
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200 TONS of fish die due to drought in Tabasco, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert
The high temperatures that in recent days have reached thermal sensations of up to 40 degrees, coupled with the decrease in the levels of the lagoons El Jahuacte, Trujillo, Barra Ciega and El Jitalito, in the area of ​​Los Aztlanes, caused the mortality of more than 200 tons of fish during the weekend; producers urge the activation of an emerging fund for 1,500 fishermen.
Sergio Arias Isidro, president of the Board of Administration of the Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives, Aquaculture and Permits of Tabasco, said that on Saturday, May 12, the lagoons were covered by the stain of dead fish.
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Hundreds of carp die in a lake in Cork city, Ireland

Fish Kill Alert
Concerns are growing for the future of the country’s best known carp fishing lake after most of its stock was wiped out by an unknown infection over the past couple of days.
Over 400 dead carp – many up to 20 years old – have been removed by Inland Fisheries Ireland from The Lough, an urban lake in Cork city, since Saturday.
Samples have been sent to the Marine Institute in Galway for testing.
A bacterial or fungal infection is suspected, but after tests on sample fish the highly-contagious Koi Herpes  Virus (KHV) has been ruled out.
Further testing is continuing, but the cause of the deaths will not be known until later this week.
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Thousands of dead fish wash up on a lake in Missouri, USA

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of dead fish wash up on a lake in Missouri, USA

Thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Fish Kill Alert
Residents of Al Rams area in Ras Al Khaimah woke up on Monday morning to an astonishing sight: a large stretch of the beach was littered with thousands of dead fish.
The small Sardines lined a large part of the 1.6km shoreline.
The cause of the mass death was unknown, and the Ras Al Khaimah Environment agency said they are investigating possible causes.
Dr Saif Al Ghais, executive director of the Ras Al Khaimah Environmental Protection and Development Authority EPDA-RAK , said the department met in the evening at around 6pm to discuss the incident and identify its cause.
The department formed a team of investigators and reviewed the results of water sample analysis by the Environmental Protection and Development in addition to dead sardine sample analysis.
Dr Al Ghais pointed out that the department had received complaints from the residents of the area on Monday morning as the stench of the dead fish was keeping people away.
Dr. Al Ghais said the preliminary results of the investigation suggested that  fishermen may have overloaded their vehicles, causing some of their catch to fall.
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Thousands of dead fish wash up on a lake in Alberta, Canada

Fish Kill Alert
Thousands of dead fish have turned up dead at a lake northwest of Rocky Mountain House.
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Massive fish kill in fish farms in Bulacan, Philippines

Fish Kill Alert
A fish kill has affected about 100 hectares of fishponds in Obando, Bulacan.
Wilfredo Cruz, regional director of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) for Central Luzon, said the fish die-off started manifesting last Saturday right after an earthquake was felt in the area.
Cruz surmised the earthquake could have released ammonia gas from the ground into the fishponds and suffocated the fish with depletion of oxygen.
A BFAR team has been sent to the area to assess the situation and come up with assistance to affected fishpond operators, Cruz added.
He said they recommend that the dead fishes be buried at least 1-meter deep in the ground to prevent them from spreading diseases caused by decaying body parts.
On the other hand, Raul Agustin of the provincial disaster risk reduction management office of Bulacan, said fish kill is a natural occurrence whenever earthquakes occur because the water quality of the fishponds are being altered by the earth’s movement.
Fishpond operators also noted that fish kill occurs whenever there is a sudden, heavy downpour during the summer months and jeopardizing the water quality of the fishpond.
The fish kill has already caused foul odor affecting several barangays of Obando, some residents said.
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Mass die off of fish in Lake Toba, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert
Residents of Sirungkungon Village, Tobasa regency has been overwhelmed with the fish carcasses that lately floated on the edge of Lake Toba , Thursday (4/5/2018).
The carcasses are allegedly derived from PT Aqua Farm Nuasantara in Sirukkungon Village, Ajibata Subdistrict, Tobasa.
According to locals Arimo Manurung, the pile is making residents restless. In addition to polluting the lake, the stench also sting and disrupt residents.
Several piles of fish carcasses are laid in sacks scattered on the Lake. The fish float and stink.
The lake water turned to oily, and looked murky. Sacks of dead fish placed on the edge of the lake.
While in different places, near the residents’ houses, the ex-carcasses of the fish issued the same odor. Maggots also thrive in the place. Greenflies descend on their shoulders and lay eggs everywhere.
Mentioned, this place is a warehouse fish waste fish processing PT Aqua Farm Nusantara which will be processed into salted fish . Dead fish and stress are given to a number of communities to be processed under the management of PT Aqua Farm.
Meanwhile, which can not be processed dumped on the shore of Lake Toba . By management, the rotten part of the waste was instead thrown into Lake Toba .
“The stress and death is given to the number of citizens and processed into salted fish ,” he said.
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Tons of fish suddenly die in fish farms on the Thai Binh River in Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert
Many households in the southern Township (South books, Hai Duong) reflect,29-30/4 gày n, the water of the rivers of the Pacific, Jingmen and Master down low. Tons of fish farming cage prepare to harvest surface and die. ngoi This number is mostly copied hundreds of fish, crunchy black, weighing 2-6 kg, the price is high.
Check the quality of the water in the day dead fish in using your test in place, people said gas results of oxygen dissolved in water is 0, the compound NH3, NH4, NO3 exceeded the threshold of safety. The pumps were at full capacity in order to generate oxygen gas to save the number of the fish alive.
On the 1/5 and 2/5, dead fish status no longer appear.
Mr. Hoang Van Toan, Chairman South Township, Front both have township near 60 cage fish farming households on the Pacific. Through testing, some households was heavily damaged due to the dead fish, also mostly not affected
He Attempted to see waves of dead fish are like 4 years ago. When that tide, the water level of the river is low, the line cards save almost freeze, poison gas from layers of mud under the river rises, plus the waste water from factories, factories, residential areas, leading to mass death of fish.
The Director of the Department of natural resources and the environment province of Hai Duong, Mr. vu Ngoc Long said on 2/5, the specialized agencies of the Department has sent water sampling tests, but no results.
According to Long, dead fish scattered along the Thai Binh River South through the district, Thanh Ha, the four States in which the focus is the Male List. It has a lot of households raising under piloting model of the Agriculture Department.
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