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24,000 Fowls, 250 Peacocks, and other birds killed due to Avian Flu in Adamawa, Nigeria

Bird Flu

The Adamawa State government has destroyed over 24,000 various species of birds infected with avian influenza, commonly known as bird flu.
The farm manager of Adda-Rogo, where the bird flu outbreak occurred, Muhammed Hassan, said over 24,000 fowls, 250 peacocks, 456 guinea fowls and 54 Turkeys affected had been destroyed.
Speaking shortly after the disposal of the birds at Adda-Rogo Poultry Farm in Toungo Local Government Area, the commissioner for Livestock Production, Isa Salihu, said the federal and state governments had taken precautionary measures to curtail spread of the disease.
Mr. Salihu said all affected poultry farms and poultry workers in the area had been quarantined.
“We thank God for quick intervention to contain the disease from spreading to other poultry farms in the area.
“Already the state government has massively embarked on sensitization campaign for people to avoid having contact with dead birds or eating infected birds,” Mr. Salihu said.
He added that the state government had restricted movements of birds, eggs and other related animals, being part of measures to contain the disease.
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Thousands more birds killed due to avian flu in France

Bird Flu

Three more outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza have been reported in France, bringing the total number of outbreaks to thirteen.
In Landes, an outbreak of the H5N9 strain in Horsarieux was detected in a breeding flock of over three and a half million chickens, ducks and guinea fowl.
Another H5N9 outbreak was found further south, in Arroses in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region. It affected 1500 breeding ducks.
Finally, a H5N2 outbreak in Manciet in the Gers region (see map below) was detected in a flock of 8300 breeding ducks. 250 of the birds died and the rest were destroyed.
Thousands of birds have already died and been destroyed in these outbreaks.
A third outbreak of low pathogenic avian influenza has also been reported. The H5N2 outbreak occurred in Castelnau de Mandailles in Aveyron region, and affected a flock of 6120 ducks, which were all destroyed.
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