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Bird Flu kills 100 crows, peacocks other birds in Nagaur, India

Bird Flu

A medical team is trying to cure around 50 peacocks while a post mortem was being conducted on 2 peacocks till the time of filing this report.

Kalwa sarpanch Dilip Singh confirmed that many peacocks were found dead under a banyan tree and the matter was reported to the authorities.

Didwana Ranger Arjun Ram said that one crow, five pigeons and a few more birds have been found dead. Also a few birds were found injured who are being trated.

Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal demanded that the state forest minister look into the issue and order a probe into the matter.

“Received the heart wrenching report on peacocks and birds being found dead in Makrana area of Nagaur district. Forest minister should look into the issue,” he said in a tweet.

Mohanlal Meena, Chief Wildlife Warden told IANS, “I am unaware of the issue. Will collect information in this matter.”

Bird flu was confirmed on Wednesday in a Jhalawad area where around 100 crows were found dead. The district administration has declared a zero mobility zone within one kilometre of the area to ensure the infection does not spread to other birds.

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24,000 Fowls, 250 Peacocks, and other birds killed due to Avian Flu in Adamawa, Nigeria

Bird Flu

The Adamawa State government has destroyed over 24,000 various species of birds infected with avian influenza, commonly known as bird flu.
The farm manager of Adda-Rogo, where the bird flu outbreak occurred, Muhammed Hassan, said over 24,000 fowls, 250 peacocks, 456 guinea fowls and 54 Turkeys affected had been destroyed.
Speaking shortly after the disposal of the birds at Adda-Rogo Poultry Farm in Toungo Local Government Area, the commissioner for Livestock Production, Isa Salihu, said the federal and state governments had taken precautionary measures to curtail spread of the disease.
Mr. Salihu said all affected poultry farms and poultry workers in the area had been quarantined.
“We thank God for quick intervention to contain the disease from spreading to other poultry farms in the area.
“Already the state government has massively embarked on sensitization campaign for people to avoid having contact with dead birds or eating infected birds,” Mr. Salihu said.
He added that the state government had restricted movements of birds, eggs and other related animals, being part of measures to contain the disease.
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Dozens of peacocks found dead in a forest, raising concern in Khordha district, India

Concerns over dead birds found in Khurda Forest,
On Tuesday morning, as many as 25 peacocks and several other birds were found dead in the forest of Madhupur village in Odisha’s Khurda district by the villagers.
Meanwhile, the forest officials have issued an alert to Chilika and nearby forests fearing bird flu. After finding the birds, the villagers immediately informed the Forest officials of Khurda and Chandaka divisions, who recovered the dead birds in the area. “An expert team from OUAT will also visit the site for ground examinations”, Chandaka DFO Akshay Patnaik said. The reason for so many mysterious deaths in large numbers within short time span is unknown yet, and officials are waiting for the autopsy report to know the exact cause of death.
Rout said they recovered 20 carcasses from the forest at a distance of seven to eight feet.
The peacocks were the resident birds with the community tolerant to their presence since years.
“Though we found no source of poisoning, water and soil samples were collected to find any possible toxic source”, said head of pathology of Veterinary College S K Panda.
No signs of external poisoning were found in the bird, also cutting of paddy crop has been completed in the surround regions that also rules out any unintentional poisoning of birds, said Akshaya Patnaik, Divisional Forest Officer for Khurda Forest Division. A number of samples were sent to National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases in Bhopal to ascertain if avian influenza was the cause of the deaths. He said that they would take necessary steps according to the report from OUAT.
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42 Peacocks dead due to disease in Tharparkar, Pakistan

At least eight more peacocks died of viral Newcastle disease in Bhopay village here on Thursday, increasing death toll to 42 across Tharparkar.

Due to scorching hot weather, Newcastle disease broke out in various areas of the drought-hit Tharparkar, according to wildlife officials. At least 42 affected peacocks died in two days, they said.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Newcastle is a contagious bird disease affecting many domestic and wild avian species; it is transmissible to humans. Tharparkar’s drought and hot weather has started hitting the birds as dozens of peacocks have died in different villages of Diplo taluka – the worst-affected area of the district by the drought this year.

Dozens of birds visit each house of different villages early in the morning. “We serve these birds wheat and some other eatables available at home,” said Desh Mukh, a local villager. After taking their share, these birds fly away, he said. “It is painful for us that our birds are dying in large number,” he said.