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Environmental disaster: Oil leak spreads killing fish, birds & reptiles in Colombia

Mass die off of fish and reptiles due to burst fuel pipe in Tabasco, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

Mass die off of fish and reptiles due to burst fuel pipe in Tabasco, Mexico

20,000+ pets and reptiles killed in a fire in Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe, France

38 firefighters from across the department fought the fire for several hours.

20 000 to 30 000 new pets (NAC) died in the warehouse fire Savannah Reptiles Planet Sunday at Saint Sulpice-la-Pointe. Thousands of dead reptiles reptiles, boas and pythons have also been reduced to ashes in the disaster that ravaged the

4000 m2 this property. Iguanas, chameleons, lizards, rabbits, mice, rats, salamanders, insects, crickets there remained at dawn, no survivors. Only 8 turtles, 60 to 100 pounds, which shells were cooled with water hoses by firefighters, survived the blaze. Disaster evaluated according to initial estimates between 4 to 5 million. It is 2 hours 30 minutes Sunday that the fire broke out. Upon arrival of firefighters, the whole metal structure was already in flames. “I saw the fire Montastruc, more than 20 kilometers away,” explained a volunteer firefighter. 38 men fought tirelessly fire and yesterday evening, a thick white smoke rose into the sky. “For us it may be the end,” said Julian Roman, CEO of the company established in 1999.

20 employees, including six apprentices will be unemployed this morning. “I can not imagine that it is a voluntary act,” he says. Gendarmes and technicians criminal investigation were spot on. “All hypotheses are open,” said an investigator. Warehouse, there was last night as sheets charred and twisted metal beams from the intense heat. Firefighters from across the state, exhausted by the intervention of more than 15 hours, and finally returned to their barracks, leaving behind a ridiculous pile of scrap metal. Savannah reptiles planet is a major player in the market for new pets. It thus provides 600 stores and pet shops lizards, snakes, turtles and amphibians of all kinds. A controversy over the housing conditions of the animals is the buzz on the internet last fall. Video and photos taken by a former employee had been circulating on the web, sparking the ire of animal rights advocates. The leader of Savannah Reptiles Planet denounced coarse assembly which was intended only to harm the future of his company.