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Thousands Of Shellfish Wash Ashore Dead ‘Causing Concern’ In Milford, Connecticut, America
Some residents in Milford are concerned after thousands of mussels recently washed ashore along Point Beach.

Beach locals say they have never seen such a high amount of the shellfish on the shore, which has created a foul stench in the area.


Former marine biology professor Joe Schnierlein identified the shellfish as blue mussels, which he says are the mussels people cook and eat. Schnierlien’s biggest concern was answering the question on how the mussels died.

“They do not do well in fresh water, so there could have been a slug of fresh water that hit a huge colony of them,” said Schnierlein. “The fresh water killed them very quickly over a short period of time. That caused them to release and come off the rocks.”


Schnierlein said he doesn’t believe the mussels died because of toxins in the water because other species have not been found in mass quantities on the beach.