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Dozens of starlings fall dead from sky in Nahariya, Israel

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A chilling sight was discovered in recent days in the city of Nahariya: Dozens of dead starlings took to the streets in the southeast of the city – and the cause of their deaths is unclear. Dana Romanov, a resident of Nahariya, addressed the frightening sight in a conversation with a mako reporter.

“I went out into the street in the morning and saw many starlings lying dead on the sidewalk,” she recalled. “It’s an insanely unpleasant sight. Very strange. I’ve never encountered anything like this in my life. It’s scary and stressful.” Romanov documented the dead starlings and called the municipality’s 106 hotline to report it.

Many residents of the “Green Nahariya” neighborhood, the focus of the incident, estimated that the starlings died as a result of fatigue, strong winds or even panic. Ilan, a resident of the neighborhood, thought that the small birds might even have been poisoned.

“There is a large landfill in the area,” he explained. “It could very well be that they ate poisonous things and when they got to the city, they fell and died. I very much hope that someone did not disperse poison and cause their death. The incident left quite a few frightened residents. It is not pleasant to leave the house and see such a spectacle.”

Many residents turned to the Nature and Parks Authority and city officials and drew their attention to the matter. Ofer Yaakov, inspector of the Nature and Parks Authority, was called to the scene from the streets and collected dozens of carcasses of starlings. “A citizen who was walking in the area reported the incident to the inspector of the Nature and Parks Authority,” the inspector explained. “I arrived at the scene and found 30 dead starlings on the ground, along with another 20 collected by the municipality.”

The Nature and Parks Authority said that the day before, another 15 dead starlings had been collected from the city streets. The carcasses were taken for examination at the veterinary bureau and the cause of death is being investigated. It was also reported that the possibility that the birds were indeed poisoned is being examined

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Mass #deaths of #birds and #animals found in a field off the #Azov coast, #Ukraine

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The message about the found dead birds began to arrive to the hunters on March 7. Dozens of corpses crows, starlings, pheasants and partridges found in the landings.

Local residents also reported that they find dead animals – foxes and dogs. As established by the members of the Azov Primary Hunting Group, the corpses of animals are located near fields planted with rapeseed.

It is suspected that the green grain of wheat used for rodent control has become a poison for animals.

“We traveled only one landing and found dead foxes, crows, partridges, buzzards and starlings. By the way, buzzards and starlings are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. We also found many plague birds, that is, those who died and could no longer fly,” said the head of the team Roman Serdyayev.

Militiamen recorded the fact of poisoning of birds and animals, found a grain of green color, which was removed from the scene, and also received a statement from the hunters.

Dead animals and birds were found in the fields leased by Primorsky LLC and not only in Kirillovka, but also in other territories of the Akimov district. Veterinary experts are already conducting their own investigation.

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Dozens are starlings drop dead in Sicheslavskaya Quay, Ukraine

In the Dnieper on Sicheslavskaya Quay, many birds died, which fell on the side of the road and the roadway. The reasons for the mass death of the starlings are not known. Recall that in March last year in Western Ukraine, people were rescued by storks who returned on the eve of snowfall and blizzards.

According to ” Informator “, the cars moving along the road tried to drive around the dead birds, but they covered almost the entire road. The publication does not exclude that the mass death of starlings is associated with their early return and frost. According to scientists, starlings return to Ukraine at the beginning and in the middle of March, and at first they are kept in packs.

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Hundreds of starlings fall dead from sky in Rome, Italy

The starlings weave intricate shapes in the skies above Rome
The flocks of starlings that create choreographed patterns in the skies over Rome have mysteriously lost their aplomb, with hundreds falling to their deaths after colliding with each other.
The birds began plummeting from the sky last weekend, leaving a litter of tiny corpses across roads and pavements. Normally, they weave intricate shapes in the sky, twisting and turning in formations known as murmurations to deter predators while providing a show for locals.
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