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Construction site blaze in South Korea kills nearly 40 people #fire #ConstructionSite #SouthKorea

STORM CIARA UPDATE: Crane has collapsed and twisted in Stanmore, London #StormCiara #SevereAlert #Crane #Stanmore #London #UK

Crane Collapsed 09.02.202 London
Twitter Photo: @Joesoff

Crane has collapsed and twisted in

Stanmore, London


#Grenfell firm in line for £65m housing contract

#ealing #cladding #TowerBlocks #GrenfellTower #camden #HighLaneEstates #RydonConstruction


Rydon, the construction firm associated with both the Grenfell Tower refurbishment and the cladding (subcontracted to Harley Facades) of the evacuated Chalcot Estates in Camden, is set to win a huge housing contract in Ealing – one that involves refurbishment of residential blocks.

high lanes.pngAccording to Construction News, the firm is in line to be awarded the contract to redevelop the High Lane Estates in the borough worth approximately £65 million. Price seems to have been the key factor, with the council describing the firm’s bid as the most ‘economically advantageous’.

There is no suggestion – at least so far in the public domain – that cladding forms a part of the project and no cause of the rapid spread of the fire has yet been formally confirmed, but there is bound to be close scrutiny of the specifications of the project in view of recent events.


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