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McDonald’s coronavirus outbreak fears as staff test positive and restaurant closes in Sandwell, UK #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #McDonalds #Sandwell #UK

Coronavirus Alert

A spokesman for McDonald’s said: “We have pro actively decided to temporarily close our Great Bridge restaurant as a precautionary measure following a rise of Covid-19 cases in the local area with five of our employees testing positive.

“We have been in contact with all the restaurant employees and also with Public Health England and the Environmental Health Officer.

“As with all of the decisions we have made across this unprecedented period, the safety of our people and customers is our absolute priority, and we will re-open as soon as we feel we can.”

A sign at the store read: “Sorry, this restaurant is temporarily closed for maintenance.

“We apologise for any incovnience. Your nearest McDonald’s is located as Castlegate Dudley”.

The outbreak fears come as after a spike in cases across Sandwell – with positive tests running at almost ten times the rate of last month, BirminghamLive reports.

Ninety people have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last seven days, sparking a stark warning from Dr Lisa McNally, Sandwell’s director of public health.

She said the next few weeks were crucial and if cases continue to rapidly rise then Sandwell could be subject to a lockdown.

She said it was “impossible to say” how close the borough was to following in the footsteps of Leicester, adding: “It depends what happens to the infection rate.

“We have had 90 cases in the last week – that’s approaching ten times the rate we saw in June, when rates were very low.

“If it continues to rise at that rate over the next two to three weeks, we will be looking at a full lockdown.

“It is the Government that decides we have reached a level that requires a local lockdown – and rates would have to go higher, but not much higher. It’s a serious situation.”

The warning comes as a further 763 people tested positive for the virus in 24 hours, bringing the overall number of confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic to 301,455.

It is an increase of more than 200 compared to last week, and yesterday 581 new cases were identified.

The latest figures from the Department of Health and Social Care show the deaths of 83 people recorded in all settings in Britain in the last 24 hours.

The Prime Minister is reportedly anxious about a fresh spike with the number of new infections rising again.

Last Wednesday 79 people died, and the daily increase was 85 two weeks ago – meaning the daily number of deaths has not fallen significantly in July.

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Katie Hopkins destroyed over Marcus Rashford jibe by Crystal Palace star #MarcusRashford #PatrickVanAanholt #CrystalPalace #CPFC #Katie Hopkins #UK

Patrick van Aanholt

Crystal Palace star Patrick van Aanholt has slammed Katie Hopkins for her response to Marcus Rashford’s successful campaign to secure free school meals for children into the summer.

Rashford wrote an open letter to MPs on Monday calling for the Government to reverse the decision not to extend the meal scheme.

Despite an initial rejection by the Department of Education, Rashford persevered and a £120million ‘Covid Summer Food Fund’ was announced on Tuesday.

Rashford also raised £20million for food distribution charity FareShare during lockdown and his actions to ensure underprivileged children do not go hungry have been lauded by Twitter users – with the exception of Katie Hopkins.

The former Sun columnist wrote : “Dear Marcus Rashford, do you think women should think about how they are going to feed a child before they decide to have it?

“I do not want to pay to feed other people’s kids. You are welcome to. Thank you, Katie Hopkins.”

Van Aanholt was less than impressed with Hopkins’ reaction to Rashford’s work and responded with a tweet of his own.

“He’s done more for this country in 24hours than you have your entire life, bow before a king,” the Palace left-back wrote.

This was not the first time van Aanholt has clashed with Hopkins on Twitter. The pair exchanged heated remarks earlier this month over the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the wake of social media users going quiet on #BlackOutTuesday, Hopkins tweeted: “Today is #whiteoutwednesday I will shortly be posting a picture of my a***. Thank you.”

Van Aanholt responded by writing: “I don’t know who she is but WOW…2020 needs to cancel you,” before Hopkins introduced herself to the Eagles fan favourite.

She wrote: “Dear Patrick van Aanholt, my name is Katie Hopkins. I am a white Christian Conservative. You May kneel and kiss my ring.”

Van Aanholt then made known who he was, saying: “Dear Katie Hopkins, my name is Patrick van Aanholt, I am Dutch Black, I’m also Christian (not that colour or Religion has anything to do with it).

“As for your ring you are welcome to come to Selhurst and kiss my big toe…I’ll wait.”

The 29-year-old then added, “Twitter I’m going bed but I can promise you I’ll make time for this Katie Hopkins” – which he did on Tuesday in light of Rashford’s campaign.

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All McDonald’s restaurants in UK to close by tomorrow #COVID19 #coronavirus #McDonalds #UK #pandemic #quarantine

Breaking News

All McDonald’s restaurants in the UK are set to close indefinitely by 7pm tomorrow evening due to coronavirus. Previously, the chain had closed its seating areas but still offered takeaway and drive-thru services. In a statement, a company spokesperson said: ‘This is not a decision we are taking lightly, but one made with the wellbeing and safety of our employees in mind as well as the best interests of our customers. ‘We will work with local community groups to responsibly distribute food and drink from our restaurants in the coming days.

‘Thank you to our brilliant employees for their hard work during this incredibly challenging time. ‘We look forward to seeing you all again as soon as it is safe for us to reopen.’ The company had previously been offering free drinks to those in the emergency services, health and social care workers if they showed their work IDs. Chief executive Paul Pomroy said this evening: ‘Over the last 24 hours, it has become clear that maintaining safe social distancing whilst operating busy takeaway and Drive Thru restaurants is increasingly difficult and therefore we have taken the decision to close every restaurant in the UK and Ireland by 7pm on Monday 23 March.

‘We have not taken this decision lightly and know that our restaurants have been playing an important role in the community providing hundreds of thousands of free drinks to frontline health and social workers and emergency services personnel. ‘But I have been clear throughout this that we would only continue to operate whilst it was safe for our people and together with our franchisees, we feel now is the time to make this decision to temporarily close. ‘I want to thank every single one of our 135,000 employees. I am so proud of them all for adapting so quickly to a constantly evolving work environment, taking every step to keep our customers, couriers and teams safe and looking after each other so very well.’ In a statement last week, Mr Pomroy had said: ‘Our restaurants will remain open for as long as it is safe to do so. ‘In the last 24 hours it has become clear that we need to temporarily change our operations to ensure the wellbeing of our employees and customers consistent with the Government’s guidance on social distancing.’ The chain’s annual Monopoly promotion had also been paused until later in the year. Mr Pomroy said: ‘This year’s prizes include a number of luxury holidays, European city breaks and cruises which will have all been impacted by current and ongoing restrictions on international travel. ‘Following conversations with our suppliers and prize partners, we feel it is appropriate to delay the promotion until later this year.’

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Undercover video shows full shelves in #Venezuela supermarkets


On Thursday the SKWAWKBOX published a first-hand account of the situation in Venezuela that challenges the prevailing portrayal and exposes the ugly reality of much of the opposition ‘protest’ as violent, even murderous and co-ordinated with ‘economic war’ on the socialist government to create the impression of a failed state.

A key part of the ‘failed state’ narrative is the claim of nationwide shortages in food and other key goods, as corporate and Establishment news attempts to convince that the socialist project has been a disaster.

That shortage-narrative has been raised by objectors to Thursday’s article as proof of the claims of the right-wing opposition.

As Thursday’s article showed, what shortages there are appear to have been manufactured by opposition-run monopoly corporations – but even those appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

For her Empire Files series, journalist Abby Martin filmed undercover in a series of Venezuelan supermarkets – and…

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