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Tory council leader insults #Grenfell victims. Wasn’t all she demonised


Tory Group leader on Ipswich council, Nadia Cenci, this week typified the victim-blaming of the survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster that the Establishment has been ramping up to divert public anger over its clear failings and responsibility for the tragedy and the decisions that led up to it.

Cenci wrote a tweet in which she agreed that Grenfell victims are ungrateful complainers and implied they should just shut up and be grateful they survived:

cenci tweetThis wasn’t the limit of her callousness. As the Ipswich Star observed, she had also tweeted that she had ‘just stopped listening’ to their plight:

cenci tweet 2.pngThe Ipswich Star also reported that Ms Cenci had ‘quit Twitter’ because of the outrage her comments had caused:

cenci star.pngBut she took her time about it. The main tweet above was sent on Thursday evening, but as the handy WaybackMachine archiving service shows, she was tweeting as recently as late…

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#Justice4Grenfell meeting ‘sabotaged’ #Grenfell


A local community centre at the heart of the community’s response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy has become the regular venue for meetings of the ‘Justice4Grenfell’ group.

j4g.pngThe Establishment media has already begun a ‘victim-blaming’ campaign reminiscent of the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster to reduce public support for survivors and their supporters, for example Sky News anchor Adam Boulton recently ignoring the group’s clearly-articulated reasons to state that it’s a ‘fact’ that the group is objecting to the judge appointed by the government to head its narrow inquiry ‘because he’s white and middle-class’.

Now locals are worried that someone is making direct efforts to undermine and hamper the group.

Justice4Grenfell arrived for its latest meeting at the centre to find that the wires of the PA system speakers had been cut and the facilities’ toilets had all been blocked by someone jamming handwash bottles down them.

The centre’s manager…

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British Army MUST Coordinate Relief Effort For Grenfell & UK Tower Families

Since the horrific Grenfell Tower inferno, the council & government relief leadership has really been shambolic. The British Army are best placed to coordinate the relief effort. Please sign this petition so that the government acts on this as soon as possible.

#Grenfell: why was #GoldCommand covertly there on day 1?


grenfell tribute wall.png A section of the Grenfell Tower tribute wall

Apart from the terrible tragedy of lost lives, injuries and homeless survivors, two things stand out above all from the Grenfell Tower fire and its aftermath: the incredible response of local (and not so local) people to help the survivors and the absolute incompetence – initially even absence – of the local council or any help from other authorities.

The response of the local Kensington and Chelsea Borough council (RBKC) was so woeful, even several days after the fire, that the emergency ‘Gold Command’ response unit – headed controversially by the CEO of the ‘unaccountable‘ City of London authority – was eventually brought in to replace it.

However, it now appears that the authorities may have had a presence on the ground very early – but not in a way that the local people appreciate.

A community centre at the…

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#Grenfell neighbour: ‘boy fell from 18th floor window. 9 yrs later, still not fixed’


A resident of a neighbouring block to the ill-fated Grenfell Tower spoke to the SKWAWKBOX today of a chilling incident nine years ago that potentially bears on the ‘TMO’ (Tenant Management Organisation), its attitude to safety and its attitude toward its tenants.

Whitstable House is a close neighbour of and almost a twin to Grenfell Tower. It is circled in yellow in the image below, while Grenfell is in red:

whitstable.pngLike Grenfell House, it is run by KCTMO – Kensington and Chelsea Tenants Management Organisation.

In 2008, 10-year-old Christian Castano was waving to his friends from the kitchen window of the 18th floor flat that he shared with his parents and younger brothers. As he waved, the bottom-opening window swung open and he fell out.

Christian clung to the ledge for a short time and his last words to his brother Steven, 8, were ‘I love you’, before his grip…

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#Grenfell: 87? Where are those who jumped?


According to an Independentarticle today, the Metropolitan Police have ‘recovered’ the remains of 87 bodies from inside Grenfell Tower, raising the estimated death toll to 87 – although police are saying they cannot be sure how many individuals have been found because of the condition of the remains.

grenfell 87.pngHowever, local eyewitnesses have reported seeing multiple people jumping from the building to avoid the flames as well as the nightmarish sight of parents throwing their children from windows in a desperate hope that someone might catch them.

The bodies of those who fell would not be inside the building to be found among the eighty-seven remains as police sift through debris.

So where are they and why don’t reports reflect their number? Are reports misleading, or simply sloppily written? When local people are full of distrust of authorities and the Establishment media and still insist that the death toll is…

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Tories warned 4 yrs ago of systemic fire risk – plan to RELAX planning regs


Lincolnshire councillor – both district and county – Charmaine Morgan sits on her council’s planning committee. In 2013, she wrote to the Tory then-Undersecretary of State for Planning, Nick Boles, to raise serious concerns about systemic problems with planning processes that were putting lives at risk.

At risk from fire.

Ms Morgan highlighted huge problems with the way that planning applications are assessed and approved:

  • that planning committees are not required by law to consult with fire brigade officers on the fire safety of buildings when considering applications
  • that this can result in inadequate water supply, lack of space for fire engines to access fire scenes and buildings too tall for firefighters to reach effectively – at least the last two of these were identified as deadly problems at Grenfell Tower
  • massive variations in the methodology and quality of planning application assessment between councils
  • that even where sprinklers are…

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