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Double Down video scoop proves what we told you last year: #Traingate was full

SKWAWKBOX Double Down News (DDN) has carried out a great scoop by obtaining the full video footage of the train that Jeremy Corbyn took last August from London to Newcastle. Corbyn appeared in a video talking about the train being full while he sat on the floor. Virgin released a tiny number of still images […]

Video: Democratic Socialists of America convention breaks into ‘Oh Jeremy’

Oh Jeremy Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn may be in Croatia and trying to enjoy a well-earned holiday despite nonsensical demands for him to make statements about a misrepresented situation in Venezuela – but it seems there’s one ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ that never takes a holiday.

The Democratic Socialists of America is the largest socialist organisation in the USA – and it’s in the middle of its annual Convention (#DSACon17). And at the gathering, an apparently spontaneous tribute broke out to the man who has turned Labour into a genuine socialist party – and a genuine alternative to a broken right-wing model:

Just as people around the globe ‘feel the Bern’, people worldwide recognise an authentic man of the people in Corbyn. ‘Oh Jeremy’ has gone from Tranmere Rovers‘ football ground, spread across the nation – and now to Chicago. Where will it spring up next?

The SKWAWKBOX needs your support. This blog is provided…

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Most important Labour election you might not know about


Unknown to the vast majority of Labour members, whether by design or accident, a hugely important Labour election got underway this week.

Most people are aware of the vital CACelections, for which ballot papers started going out to all Labour members last week. However, few members might be aware that there is also an NEC (National Executive Committee) election happening right now – one that gives Labour members the chance to correct some of an anti-democratically created imbalance on Labour’s ruling committee.

The election of Labour’s BAME representative on the NEC.

vaz.pngKeith Vaz MP

MP Keith Vaz is the incumbent BAME (black, asian, minority ethnic) member of the NEC. Mr Vaz has a well-known and problematichistory, but also – for supporters of Jeremy Corbyn – a deeply problematic voting record, which has consistently aligned with the NEC’s right-wingers, according to another NEC member who spoke…

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Conclusive proof Tory #StudentDebt claim is false


As the SKWAWKBOX and others have shown, the Tories and their mouthpieces are continuing to push their desperate claim that Corbyn has rowed back on a ‘promise’ to cancel student debts.

symonds debt.jpgThe only straw they’re grasping in support of that claim is an NME interview by Corbyn and specifically a single sentence Corbyn said when asked about student debt:

I will deal with it.

But simply reading the rest of the paragraph – conveniently omitted from the Tories’ press release justifying their claim – shows that claim for the misleading nonsense it is:


As the boxed section shows, Corbyn stated the options he was looking at – and lengthening the repayment period was one, along with ‘reducing’ or ‘ameliorating’ it.

Lengthening a repayment period is emphatically not the same as writing anything off.

Labour made a manifesto commitment to ending tuition fees. There was never any manifesto promise to…

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Corbyn team’s elegant ‘payback’ for election-night HQ lock-out


paybackAs the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed on Friday, right-leaning Labour HQ staff got ahead of themselves on General Election polling day.

Believing their own propaganda about electoral disaster for Labour and assuming a coup could be launched the following day, they deactivated the door passes and email addresses of Jeremy Corbyn’s team – who then arrived that evening as news of Labour’s surge began to crystallise, to find they couldn’t get into the building.

Labour’s gains in the election put egg all over the face of those responsible for this prideful idiocy and lamentable lack of connection with what was going on at the grassroots.

The hubris of the move ought to be astonishing, but sadly is not. A clear-out at Labour’s HQ is long overdue, to bring the Labour bureaucracy into line with the party’s vision and membership.

southsideThe Southside building that houses Labour’s HQ

But those recalcitrant, over-eager staffers…

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Excl: Corbyn’s response to May’s ‘save me’ plea: we’ll send her our manifesto


As the SKWAWKBOX noted on Sunday, Theresa May made a mockery of her ‘ad nauseam’ line about which leader the British public would prefer at the Brexit negotiating table – by begging Jeremy Corbyn for his help:

may begsClearly she knows which side of the Dispatch Box the real ‘strong and stable’ sits.

But surely Corbyn won’t reach out a hand to save her from drowning in a cesspit of her own making – and one which from which she has shown little real intention of learning any humility?

Too right.

A spokesperson from the opposition leader’s office told the SKWAWKBOX:

If she needs help, we’ll be happy to send her Labour’s General Election manifesto. It contains some great stuff on how a real government, with the genuine best interests of the country and its people at heart, will negotiate Brexit.

As many of her colleagues already seem to want to use…

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Oh Jeremy Corbyn ringtone – Stormzy version


A little while ago, at the request of readers, the SKWAWKBOX made available an mp3 of the ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant that is sweeping the nation.

A couple of people have already been in touch asking for the Stormzy version, in which the artist leads and conducts the chant. So if you want a version with more funk (and a few ‘hey’s to get your attention in a noisy environment (or you’re absorbed reading the SKWAWKBOX), here it is:

To download the file, touch and hold or right-click here and select ‘save target as’ (or equivalent on your system).

Now you can worry and annoy Tories wherever you go – and even more importantly, keep building the positivity around Labour and Corbyn when the Establishment is already trying to pooh-pooh it – and look even cooler.

And if you want the original version, you can still find it here

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Want ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ as your ringtone? Here you go

Oh Jeremy Corbyn


The ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant, to the tune of the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, has become a phenomenon across the country, much to the annoyance of Tories (red and blue).

First heard at Tranmere Rovers’ football ground when Corbyn spoke to the Wirral Live music festival, it spread to Glastonbury, where it was sung by hundreds of thousands of festival-goers and has been sung by similar numbers of people on protests – and even during England cricket matches.

Things have got so ‘bad’ that the organisers of Wimbledon felt the need to ban it from their tennis tournament. Can’t have people being put off their £2-a-strawberry snacks or whatever.

The SKWAWKBOX has had a number of people asking whether there’s a ringtone of the chant, so we made one for you, taken from its original manifestation at Wirral Live. Just save this to your phone and set it…

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Video: even BBC/Sky covering #NotOneDayMore march – how things change


After years of huge marches in London and elsewhere being virtually ignored and often scoffed at by mainstream media, today’s huge “Not One Day More” march in London is receiving hourly – and largely positive – live coverage by both BBC News and Sky News:

Of course the BBC’s coverage doesn’t quite do justice to the scale, sheer noise and significance of this event:

But this is one more indication of how Corbyn – long accused of being ‘unelectable’ by an Establishment desperate for the UK public to write him off – has changed the landscape of politics in this country.

BBC News has been at the forefront of that attempt to denigrate and ridicule – and no doubt will resume its attempt in due course. But even the Tory-suborned state news broadcaster can’t…

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