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Former cabinet minister Dame Tessa Jowell dies aged 70

Double Down video scoop proves what we told you last year: #Traingate was full

SKWAWKBOX Double Down News (DDN) has carried out a great scoop by obtaining the full video footage of the train that Jeremy Corbyn took last August from London to Newcastle. Corbyn appeared in a video talking about the train being full while he sat on the floor. Virgin released a tiny number of still images […]

Williamson’s video is an education on the wider causes of #Grenfell tragedy


Shadow Fire and Emergency Services Minister has issued a new video that gives a brilliant short history of the societal, economic and political causes of the Grenfell Tower disaster – which are firmly rooted in the failed politics of the past 40 years.

If you want an overview of the decline in our societal values and processes that led to the terrible loss of life in Grenfell Tower in June, you can get an excellent one here in under four minutes.

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Video: Democratic Socialists of America convention breaks into ‘Oh Jeremy’

Oh Jeremy Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn may be in Croatia and trying to enjoy a well-earned holiday despite nonsensical demands for him to make statements about a misrepresented situation in Venezuela – but it seems there’s one ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ that never takes a holiday.

The Democratic Socialists of America is the largest socialist organisation in the USA – and it’s in the middle of its annual Convention (#DSACon17). And at the gathering, an apparently spontaneous tribute broke out to the man who has turned Labour into a genuine socialist party – and a genuine alternative to a broken right-wing model:

Just as people around the globe ‘feel the Bern’, people worldwide recognise an authentic man of the people in Corbyn. ‘Oh Jeremy’ has gone from Tranmere Rovers‘ football ground, spread across the nation – and now to Chicago. Where will it spring up next?

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Conclusive proof Tory #StudentDebt claim is false


As the SKWAWKBOX and others have shown, the Tories and their mouthpieces are continuing to push their desperate claim that Corbyn has rowed back on a ‘promise’ to cancel student debts.

symonds debt.jpgThe only straw they’re grasping in support of that claim is an NME interview by Corbyn and specifically a single sentence Corbyn said when asked about student debt:

I will deal with it.

But simply reading the rest of the paragraph – conveniently omitted from the Tories’ press release justifying their claim – shows that claim for the misleading nonsense it is:


As the boxed section shows, Corbyn stated the options he was looking at – and lengthening the repayment period was one, along with ‘reducing’ or ‘ameliorating’ it.

Lengthening a repayment period is emphatically not the same as writing anything off.

Labour made a manifesto commitment to ending tuition fees. There was never any manifesto promise to…

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#LabourManifesto: so good the Tories are STILL lying about it


mcd Tory lie stampedThe Tory PR machine, from CCHQ to its individual mouthpieces, are putting it about that the Labour Party is rowing back on its manifesto commitment to ‘wipe’ student debts:

mcd Tory lie

‘Promise broken’. The only slight problem with this claim is that Labour’s manifesto contained no such promise.

It did contain a commitment to end tuition fees immediately, including for students starting their studies in September this year. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, when the manifesto policy was announced, said:

The Conservatives have held students back for too long, saddling them with debt that blights the start of their working lives. Labour will lift this cloud of debt and make education free for all as part of our plan for a richer Britain for the many not the few.

We will scrap tuition fees and ensure universities have the resources they need to continue to provide a world-class education. Students will benefit

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Corbyn team’s elegant ‘payback’ for election-night HQ lock-out


paybackAs the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed on Friday, right-leaning Labour HQ staff got ahead of themselves on General Election polling day.

Believing their own propaganda about electoral disaster for Labour and assuming a coup could be launched the following day, they deactivated the door passes and email addresses of Jeremy Corbyn’s team – who then arrived that evening as news of Labour’s surge began to crystallise, to find they couldn’t get into the building.

Labour’s gains in the election put egg all over the face of those responsible for this prideful idiocy and lamentable lack of connection with what was going on at the grassroots.

The hubris of the move ought to be astonishing, but sadly is not. A clear-out at Labour’s HQ is long overdue, to bring the Labour bureaucracy into line with the party’s vision and membership.

southsideThe Southside building that houses Labour’s HQ

But those recalcitrant, over-eager staffers…

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Video: at last blairite admits what we all knew – they wanted #GE17 to go badly


It’s long been believed by many Corbyn supporters that the right wing of the party wanted Labour to fail badly in the General Election under Jeremy Corbyn – and by almost as many that they were doing their best to make it happen.

How better to explain the constant briefings and whinings to press and broadcasters about unelectability, the manufactured misogyny smear (and worse), the damaging interventions by New Labour dinosaurs no longer in Parliament and the attempts by right-leaning HQ staff to undermine Corbyn and weed out his supporters? Hard to think of a better explanation that fits the facts.

‘The truth will out’, as the saying goes – and former New Labour front-bencher slipped up and let it escape his lips during a television interview.

Asked whether he was disappointed by Labour’s surge in the General Election because it spoiled the chance of getting rid of Corbyn, Johnson…

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