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Five things that went wrong with May’s speech

BBC silence on #ToryElectionFraud2 kills even pretence of impartiality


If you get your news from the BBC, you may well have no idea that the Tories are now being investigated for serious, multi-faceted election fraud in the recent General Election affecting no fewer than ten seats the Tories won in June.

Channel 4, whose excellent undercover investigation dug out the story, broke the news on Friday:

Even Sky News covered it:

Labour politicians are fully aware of developments and their significance – and are spreading the word:

db efraud.pngThe SKWAWKBOX has covered it – and provided exclusive evidence in the form of texts demonstrating the Tories’ and their contractor’s…

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Tories promised to abolish #tuitionfees. Where’s THAT in media now?


The Tories’ unseemly attempts to ignore conclusive evidence this week in order to try to start a ‘scandal’ over a supposed Labour u-turn on student debt has been embarrassing for them and speaks volumes about their dishonesty, lack of integrity – and desperation.

It’s also grossly hypocritical and not just because the Tories were u-turning on their u-turns and – for the first time in history – scrapping their manifesto even before the election and dropped most of what little was left in it after the vote.

It’s doubly hypocritical because the Tories chose student finance as the topic of their u-turn smear – when they previously promised to abolish tuition fees when they were in opposition.

As everyone knows, that hasn’t happened. Instead the Tories have massively increased tuition fees – and are planning to increase them further, unless they are forced to drop that plan, too.

In 2003…

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Texts show Mail removed exonerating info in attack-piece on this blog


As most readers will know, the SKWAWKBOX was the target of what many have called a ‘doxxing’ attack by the Daily Mail, with libel added for good measure – and the S*n piled on with its own version.

doxxingCertainly the articles contained claims that would be expected to be highly damaging to the blog’s credibility, with accusations that the SKWAWKBOX made false claims regarding government attempts to muzzle the media over the Grenfell Tower death toll and a claim that the SKWAWKBOX editor’s ‘day job’ involves profiting from NHS privatisation and selling private services to the NHS.

None of these claims is true, nor is SKWAWKBOX’s editor any kind of ‘tycoon’, as the S*n laughably asserted.

The S*n has since corrected one of its false claims and in doing so inadvertently admitted that the NHS is being privatised – a fact normally denied by Tory politicians and their media allies…

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Hammond demands #DrWho pay-cut because ‘a woman can do it’


hammond nhsBBC sources tell the SKWAWKBOX that an enraged Phil Hammond stormed from the set of Sunday’s Marr Show demanding to speak to the producers of Doctor Who.

Hammond was reportedly fuming about the decision to cast Jodie Whittaker as the programme’s first female Doctor – without cutting the role’s pay.

whittakerDoctor Jodie Whittaker

Hammond – presumably traumatised by yet another ‘car crash’ interview on Marr, where he let slip that the Cabinet is tearing itself apart andrefused to deny that he had called public sector workers ‘overpaid’ – was reported to be raving that if playing Doctor Who was so easy even a woman can do it’ then there was no way he was going to let the BBC pay full rate for it.

hammond1Phil ‘Easy’ Hammond

Mr Hammond then appeared to suffer a complete collapse. Emergency services were called and he was taken away by a…

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Watch Sky’s #Boulton on #Grenfell judge: “you’re objecting because he’s white”


Sky News anchor Adam Boulton plumbed the depths of crassness this morning by telling a Grenfell justice campaigner that the survivors’ objection to the government’s appointment of Sir Martin Moore-Bick to head the public inquiry into the tragedy was just because the judge is “white and middle class”.

And then went downhill from there.

Ignoring Grenfell spokeswoman Sue Caro’s clear and logical explanation of the survivors’ objections to the judge based on his judicial record, Boulton told Caro:

Is there any truth in the fact that you object to the judge because he’s white and middle-class, aren’t you?

then, after she gives a further, lucid explanation:

Do you think this is helpful? I mean you strike me as being white and middle class as well.

And when Ms Caro explains that as she lives in the community and her children have lost friends in the school, so there’s no equivalence between her…

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