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Terrorist plot to ‘kill Theresa May and bomb Downing Street’ foiled by cops


Five things that went wrong with May’s speech

BBC silence on #ToryElectionFraud2 kills even pretence of impartiality


If you get your news from the BBC, you may well have no idea that the Tories are now being investigated for serious, multi-faceted election fraud in the recent General Election affecting no fewer than ten seats the Tories won in June.

Channel 4, whose excellent undercover investigation dug out the story, broke the news on Friday:

Even Sky News covered it:

Labour politicians are fully aware of developments and their significance – and are spreading the word:

db efraud.pngThe SKWAWKBOX has covered it – and provided exclusive evidence in the form of texts demonstrating the Tories’ and their contractor’s…

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Conclusive proof Tory #StudentDebt claim is false


As the SKWAWKBOX and others have shown, the Tories and their mouthpieces are continuing to push their desperate claim that Corbyn has rowed back on a ‘promise’ to cancel student debts.

symonds debt.jpgThe only straw they’re grasping in support of that claim is an NME interview by Corbyn and specifically a single sentence Corbyn said when asked about student debt:

I will deal with it.

But simply reading the rest of the paragraph – conveniently omitted from the Tories’ press release justifying their claim – shows that claim for the misleading nonsense it is:


As the boxed section shows, Corbyn stated the options he was looking at – and lengthening the repayment period was one, along with ‘reducing’ or ‘ameliorating’ it.

Lengthening a repayment period is emphatically not the same as writing anything off.

Labour made a manifesto commitment to ending tuition fees. There was never any manifesto promise to…

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Cheering Tories say we don’t deserve opinion as they cut rescue services pay

Our beloved emergency services & the public sector have been kicked in the teeth yet again by the dreadful Tories


A very revealing exchange on Twitter between journalist Paul Mason and Tory MP Gary Streeter following the Tories’ shameful decision on Wednesday to vote down a pay increase for public sector workers, including the same firefighters, police and NHS workers they were praising to the heavens just a couple of weeks ago.

The Tories didn’t just do it, they cheered as they did:

Earlier in the evening, they were at pains to paint themselves as defenders of public sector pay – as long as they didn’t actually have to do anything about it.

Like vote, for example:

mercerThe ‘political game’ was a call to lift a 1% pay cap on the pay of not just our emergency services but also of the millions of public sector workers who keep our society running. This hypocrisy drew justified fire from Paul Mason:

mason mercer.pngMason’s outrage caused Streeter to abandon any attempt to…

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May: we’ll test 100/day for fire-risk. 5 DAYS later they’ve done.. 75 #Grenfell


javid 75.pngTory Local Government Secretary Sajid Javid today told the House of Commons that the government had tested the cladding on seventy-five tower blocks – and all seventy-five had failed fire tests.

A 100% fail rate is a national scandal that ought to be enough to bring down the government – but the shameless Tories have already shown there are no depths they won’t sink to in order to cling to power.

But what nobody seems to be commenting on is that number: 75.

Last Thursday, Theresa May told media that 100 blocks per day would be tested:

mol 11 cladding.pngYet here we are five days later – surely there’s no question of only working Mon-Fri – and Javid says seventy-five have been tested.

And eleven had already been tested and identified – meaning the buildings tested since 9.50am last Thursday only number sixty-four.

That’s an average of 12.8…

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Arlene Foster denied anti-LGBT letter. Why trust there’s no hidden #DUP deal?

I would like to know where the £1 Billion has come from all of a sudden. Our emergency services, education and teachers need financial help and this is a massive kick in the teeth.


The government has announced it has reached agreement with the DUP amid grave concerns not only about the deal – which Welsh First Minister Carwen Jones said is nothing more than ‘a bung’ – but also about the nature of the party it has reached agreement with.

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) will receive £1 billion in additional public funds and participation in government policy-making in return for its ‘confidence and supply’ arrangement with the Tories.

tory dup.pngTories and the DUP reaching their deal. Inset: the funeral of the Quinn boys, murdered in a loyalist firebomb attack

After more false starts and delays than a bad day on the notorious Southern Rail that have meant the deal has been announced weeks later than originally promised, there’s little doubt that the public deal represents only a small part of the concessions the Tories will have made in order to bring the famously…

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Video: As Corbyn conquers #Glastonbury2017, May booed in #Liverpool


The contrast in fortunes and stature of the leaders of the Labour and Tory parties could not be more pronounced.

Jeremy Corbyn has appeared to huge crowds, huge cheers and the now-famous ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant – which has been sung with huge enthusiasm at the music festival even when he’s not present – and has spoken with complete confidence and passion to a crowd of over 100,000 people, many of whom had left gigs by world-famous bands to come and hear him:

ddgrortxoaeecfyImage by @rachael_swindon

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke had joined in the chant the previous evening when it sprang up in the band’s huge audience, while Grime star Stormzy led it on Saturday evening:

Even neutral media commentators couldn’t help but be impressed:

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