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A Very Greedy Tory UK Pension Chief

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The civil servant responsible for increasing the state pension age to 67 is retiring at 61 with a £1.8 million pension pot
He will receive £85,000 a year and a lump sum of £245,000
He’s the secretary for the Department for Works and Pensions
His name : Sir Robert Devereux
I do hope you all share this
It shows what the establishment think of ordinary people:- you can work till you drop….

BBC silence on #ToryElectionFraud2 kills even pretence of impartiality


If you get your news from the BBC, you may well have no idea that the Tories are now being investigated for serious, multi-faceted election fraud in the recent General Election affecting no fewer than ten seats the Tories won in June.

Channel 4, whose excellent undercover investigation dug out the story, broke the news on Friday:

Even Sky News covered it:

Labour politicians are fully aware of developments and their significance – and are spreading the word:

db efraud.pngThe SKWAWKBOX has covered it – and provided exclusive evidence in the form of texts demonstrating the Tories’ and their contractor’s…

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You couldn’t make this up: hypocritical Tories supplying arms to.. #Venezuela


may hapless.pngCaught out: Theresa May and the hypocrite party

You know those times when you want to say something’s unbelievable – but it just isn’t? This is one of those.

You can’t even say it’s ‘astonishing’, because astonishment means surprise. It is staggering, though – it manages that even while being entirely unsurprising.

The Tories – along with their media glove-puppets and ‘usual suspect‘ Labour cuckoos – have been desperately banging the ‘Corbyn must condemn’ drum concerning Venezuela and the thoroughly-misrepresented situation there. Smears by association seem to be the last weapon they have against the Labour leader’s soaring polling and popularity – even if it’s having the opposite effect and even if they have to invent a situation to be outraged about.

In the Venezuela instance, it’s the idea that a brutal socialist dictatorship is repressing poor, downtrodden, democratic protesters – when really the protesters are either very…

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Video: Hunt still planning #NHS Professionals sell-off. Help stop him


Even though the government loves to blame ‘agency staff costs’ for many of the troubles in our NHS, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is still planning to sell NHS Professionals – by far the most cost-effective way for hospitals and other health organisations to obtain staff – to private buyers, who will then push costs up costs and wages down in order to make a profit.

This is bad for staff, bad for our economy – and very bad for the NHS – and it shows up the government’s ‘concern’ for us, our health and those who look after it for the charade it is.

We Own It collected huge numbers of signatures on a petition against the sell-off and Labour MP Justin Madders has asked the Audit Office to investigate. We Own It is asking everyone to raise awareness and build pressure by sharing this video calling for a public…

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“Irish sea border” bombshell could bring down Tory-DUP deal


irish ferry.pngDevelopments in Ireland with regard to the post-Brexit border between the Republic and Northern Ireland could tear apart the Tory-DUP deal that is shoring up Theresa May’s zombie government.

Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has gone against his predecessor Enda Kenny and has flatly rejected the British government’s idea of a ‘tech border’, claiming that it will restrict movement between the two countries and threatens the Northern Irish peace process.

Sources in Ireland have told the SKWAWKBOX that there has been a “massive row” resulting in the decision to reject the tech border – surveillance cameras and computer systems supposedly allowing a smooth flow of traffic and people – outright.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney – who recently announced that Ireland would veto any post-Brexit UK-EU trade deal if the government threatened the peace process by its collaboration with the DUP – told a recent meeting of EU ministers:

What we…

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Most important Labour election you might not know about


Unknown to the vast majority of Labour members, whether by design or accident, a hugely important Labour election got underway this week.

Most people are aware of the vital CACelections, for which ballot papers started going out to all Labour members last week. However, few members might be aware that there is also an NEC (National Executive Committee) election happening right now – one that gives Labour members the chance to correct some of an anti-democratically created imbalance on Labour’s ruling committee.

The election of Labour’s BAME representative on the NEC.

vaz.pngKeith Vaz MP

MP Keith Vaz is the incumbent BAME (black, asian, minority ethnic) member of the NEC. Mr Vaz has a well-known and problematichistory, but also – for supporters of Jeremy Corbyn – a deeply problematic voting record, which has consistently aligned with the NEC’s right-wingers, according to another NEC member who spoke…

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Tories promised to abolish #tuitionfees. Where’s THAT in media now?


The Tories’ unseemly attempts to ignore conclusive evidence this week in order to try to start a ‘scandal’ over a supposed Labour u-turn on student debt has been embarrassing for them and speaks volumes about their dishonesty, lack of integrity – and desperation.

It’s also grossly hypocritical and not just because the Tories were u-turning on their u-turns and – for the first time in history – scrapping their manifesto even before the election and dropped most of what little was left in it after the vote.

It’s doubly hypocritical because the Tories chose student finance as the topic of their u-turn smear – when they previously promised to abolish tuition fees when they were in opposition.

As everyone knows, that hasn’t happened. Instead the Tories have massively increased tuition fees – and are planning to increase them further, unless they are forced to drop that plan, too.

In 2003…

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Conclusive proof Tory #StudentDebt claim is false


As the SKWAWKBOX and others have shown, the Tories and their mouthpieces are continuing to push their desperate claim that Corbyn has rowed back on a ‘promise’ to cancel student debts.

symonds debt.jpgThe only straw they’re grasping in support of that claim is an NME interview by Corbyn and specifically a single sentence Corbyn said when asked about student debt:

I will deal with it.

But simply reading the rest of the paragraph – conveniently omitted from the Tories’ press release justifying their claim – shows that claim for the misleading nonsense it is:


As the boxed section shows, Corbyn stated the options he was looking at – and lengthening the repayment period was one, along with ‘reducing’ or ‘ameliorating’ it.

Lengthening a repayment period is emphatically not the same as writing anything off.

Labour made a manifesto commitment to ending tuition fees. There was never any manifesto promise to…

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