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Too Many UK Police Cuts By The Conservative Party

Too Many UK Police Cuts By The Conservative Party


Theresa May Needs To Answer This Important Question

Who Is Paying For Bombing Syria

A Very Greedy Tory UK Pension Chief

Image result
The civil servant responsible for increasing the state pension age to 67 is retiring at 61 with a £1.8 million pension pot
He will receive £85,000 a year and a lump sum of £245,000
He’s the secretary for the Department for Works and Pensions
His name : Sir Robert Devereux
I do hope you all share this
It shows what the establishment think of ordinary people:- you can work till you drop….

BBC silence on #ToryElectionFraud2 kills even pretence of impartiality


If you get your news from the BBC, you may well have no idea that the Tories are now being investigated for serious, multi-faceted election fraud in the recent General Election affecting no fewer than ten seats the Tories won in June.

Channel 4, whose excellent undercover investigation dug out the story, broke the news on Friday:

Even Sky News covered it:

Labour politicians are fully aware of developments and their significance – and are spreading the word:

db efraud.pngThe SKWAWKBOX has covered it – and provided exclusive evidence in the form of texts demonstrating the Tories’ and their contractor’s…

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You couldn’t make this up: hypocritical Tories supplying arms to.. #Venezuela


may hapless.pngCaught out: Theresa May and the hypocrite party

You know those times when you want to say something’s unbelievable – but it just isn’t? This is one of those.

You can’t even say it’s ‘astonishing’, because astonishment means surprise. It is staggering, though – it manages that even while being entirely unsurprising.

The Tories – along with their media glove-puppets and ‘usual suspect‘ Labour cuckoos – have been desperately banging the ‘Corbyn must condemn’ drum concerning Venezuela and the thoroughly-misrepresented situation there. Smears by association seem to be the last weapon they have against the Labour leader’s soaring polling and popularity – even if it’s having the opposite effect and even if they have to invent a situation to be outraged about.

In the Venezuela instance, it’s the idea that a brutal socialist dictatorship is repressing poor, downtrodden, democratic protesters – when really the protesters are either very…

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Video: Hunt still planning #NHS Professionals sell-off. Help stop him


Even though the government loves to blame ‘agency staff costs’ for many of the troubles in our NHS, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is still planning to sell NHS Professionals – by far the most cost-effective way for hospitals and other health organisations to obtain staff – to private buyers, who will then push costs up costs and wages down in order to make a profit.

This is bad for staff, bad for our economy – and very bad for the NHS – and it shows up the government’s ‘concern’ for us, our health and those who look after it for the charade it is.

We Own It collected huge numbers of signatures on a petition against the sell-off and Labour MP Justin Madders has asked the Audit Office to investigate. We Own It is asking everyone to raise awareness and build pressure by sharing this video calling for a public…

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