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Incoming Proton Burst/Comet Honda Breaking Apart

The Brightest Pink Aurora Borealis Over Alaska

Taken by James Helmericks on December 25, 2016 @ Northern Alaska, Colville River Delta
This was the brightest pink display I have ever seen, at one time even giving the snow a pink tinge. Temp was -20F light SSW wind at 5 knots 
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A solar storm is blasting towards Earth and it could cause CHAOS

Earth is about to be bombarded by a solar storm which could cause mayhem on our planet.
A massive hole in the Sun is spewing out vast amounts of radiation which is expected to reach us by Friday.
We could be in for a beautiful sight, because the radioactive “solar wind” causes Northern Lights to appear in the skies.
But radiation also plays havoc with modern technology and could knock out the satellites which connect modern civilisation.
This means that satellite television, cellphone networks and GPS systems could be brought down.
On the website Space Weather, forecasters wrote: “That massive coronal hole system that faced us four weeks ago is back and it survived its trip around the farside of our star? She’s back!
“This truly gigantic coronal hole managed to cause geomagnetic storming conditions on five consecutive days during the first five days of this month. Fantastic auroral displays were reported from all around the world.
“We believe that this coronal hole become bigger during the past few weeks.”
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