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Monster Asteroid Heading Towards Earth-Massive Rogue Planet Seen with Strange Orbit

Britain and Europe to be hit by EARTHQUAKE SWARM on November 19 – shock claim

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Planet of doom: Nibiru / Planet X blamed for impending earthquake disaster
A stellar body known as a Brown Dwarf – which has become known alternately as Nibiru, Planet X, Nemesis and Black Star is claimed to be pulling at the Earth’s tectonic plates triggering the current glut of earthquake and volcano activity around the world.
Recent days have seen quakes and volcanic activity as far apart as Bali, California and the Canary Islands.
But now tremor experts fear the world is gearing up for a major earthquake Blitz focused on November 19 and subsequent weeks which will hit faults in southern Europe – with a series of quakes which could be felt in London.
The group, at website, has been charting the movements of the so-called Black Star, which is believed to have massive gravitational influence pulling and squeezing the Earth.
NASA is sceptical as to its existence but that hasn’t stopped the American space agency spending millions of dollars on the hunt to find the Black Star.
Astronomers have been running the Micron All Star Survey – a four year infrared study of the night sky – and NASA sent up their Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer to hunt for pseudo-stars known as Brown Dwarfs.
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Worldwide quake: Claims tremors will be felt around the globe
Niribu conspiracists believe the Black Star / Nemesis is a Brown Dwarf, a massive clump of gas and dust which was just too small to become a star.
As with normal stars gravity pulls the debris together and heats it up but there is simply not enough mass to jump-start the nuclear reactions of stars like our own sun.
As a result Brown Dwarfs radiate little or no light or heat – some are cooler than a domestic oven or the human body.
This makes them near-impossible to see, but their considerable mass can still impact on planets and stars.
Members of astronomy website have been closely following the growing number of earthquakes and volcanoes hitting Earth in recent weeks and aligning them with the predicted path of the Black Star / Nemesis / Nibiru.
Writer Terral Croft said a slight lull in seismic activity ripping apart the Earth’s crust there was to be a big rise culminating on November 19.
He added: “Global seismic activity reaches a peak in the second two weeks of November moving into December 2017.
“The predicted backside alignment quake event is scheduled for November 19, 2017, when the Earth passes behind the Sun relative to the Black Star.”
He predicted massive tremors along a fault originating in Indonesia and terminating near Gibraltar would strike Europe – especially Italy and France.
A big French tremors would also be felt in the UK.
He said: “This scenario can easily lead to new earthquake and volcanic activity for Italy and France.”
A spokesman for said Brown Dwarfs were notoriously difficult to spot and only existed as a theory until the late 1980s.
He added: “Because brown dwarfs give off so little light and energy, they can be challenging to locate. 
“They were originally theoretical objects, unseen until the late 1980s. 
“As astronomical instruments grew more sensitive, more brown dwarfs have been detected, though they remain a challenge.”
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October 17, 2016: Six warning signs the planet is headed for grave turmoil and deeper peril

The Extinction Protocol

The following “signs” are a series of analyzed trigger-events or catalysts that could precipitate a sequence of catastrophic scenarios which could pose significant risks or threats for the inhabitants of planet Earth. While some of these events may not occur as prescribed – certain inevitability factors associated with these events may still remain.

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‘I will warn the world about Planet X DISASTER’ Putin’s stark warning over mystery world

Putin to reveal Planet X truth
PLANET X: Shock claims that Putin will tell the world Nibiru spells disaster
RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin is poised to warn of mankind’s imminent destruction by a mythical planet, according to shocking claims made today.
He apparently pledged to reveal the mysterious planet – also called Nibiru – is on a disaster course to Earth and the US government and others are covering it up.
UFO-hunters have argued for years that Nibiru is hidden away in our solar system and passes close to Earth every 3,600 years during its orbit.
But they say the planet is so big that its massive gravitational pull will trigger humungous earthquakes and natural disasters on the globe when it passes – a threat governments are allegedly hiding to avoid mass panic.
Weight was given to the theory in January when NASA announced the discovery in the solar system of Planet Nine – 10 times bigger than Earth.
Claims that Putin will reveal the “truth” about Planet X were made on conspiracy website, which alleged he gave an interview with a Russian news agency.
It states: “In a candid interview with Pravda, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated implicitly that he would tell the world about Nibiru if Donald Trump loses the presidential election.”
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