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Massive die off of catfish in the Yangtze River in China

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The incidence of catfish catfish from March 18 from the sporadic death, to the late April incidence increased, the rapid growth of death, there have been 300 acres of ponds died every day 100,000 kilograms of cases, the peak of Dafeng, Sheyang, etc. The amount of dead fish per day more than 120 million pounds. 
Since mid-March in Jiangsu coastal catfish catfish disease since the efforts in many efforts, has come up with the prevention and treatment programs, and achieved good results, but on May 17 received the phone on the farmers, told the breeding of the channel catfish died The amount of the last few days from 100 per day to three thousand tail, I think it is necessary for the recent catfish channel for the prevention and treatment of the case to sum up, to the farmers a little reference. 
Channel catfish domestic consumer market is becoming more mature, the price tends to be stable, and there is considerable profit margins, in this context, Jiangsu coastal farming area gradually expanded in Yancheng formed about 40,000 acres of aquaculture concentrated area, mainly in the Dafeng’s deer fishery, Shanghai farm, Jianfeng farm, Sheyang’s Linhai farm, Sheyang salt field, Nanjing military area non-staple food base and so on. Recently the area of ​​the catfish has occurred in an acute, serious loss of disease, a large amount of death, so many farmers lose confidence.
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2,200 reindeer to be killed due to disease in Nordfjella, Norway

In a controversial decision, Norway’s agriculture minister has said he would have 2,200 wild reindeer killed in the country’s southern mountain region of Nordfjella in an attempt to stop chronic wasting disease, public broadcaster NRK reported Monday.
“It is perhaps the hardest decision I have taken as minister for agriculture and I am sure many will question it,” Jon Georg Dale was quoted as saying.
Dale is acting on the advice of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority who told his ministry to quickly slaughter all reindeer in Nordfjella to stop the spread of the illness, NRK reported.
“This is a difficult decision, because we know that we are most likely to get new reindeer with the disease. It is, however, still necessary to eradicate the infection in the area,” he said.
The minister emphasized that the professional advice from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety was so clear that he believed it was an unavoidable decision.
“I have had a meeting with all three of the agencies more than once to make sure there are no other options,” Dale said.
The three agencies wrote that the chance of successfully eliminating the disease would be significantly reduced if the slaughter had not been completed within a year.
The exterminations will probably start during summer this year, he announced.
“I will not, finally, conclude how we choose to do this. It is possible to look into several ways, either with hunting, combining hunting and mobile slaughterhouse, or just the last,” Dale said.
In addition, a concrete plan must be prepared as to how to reconstruct the wild reindeer herd as quickly as possible.
The wild reindeer herd in Nordfjella consists of an estimated 2,200 animals, which makes up 10 percent of the Norwegian wild reindeer herd.
Chronic wasting disease was detected last year in three wild reindeer in Nordfjella and in two moose in the county of South Trondelag. There are no other known cases of the disease in Europe.
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