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Volcano ERUPTION: Mount Sinabung spews hot lava and ash over Indonesia in the Ring of Fire


Sudden Strong Explosion, Bombs At Stromboli Volcano, Eolian Islands, Italy

Moment of the explosion (image: INGV)
A strong explosion occurred at the volcano this afternoon at 16:04:40 local time. An ash plume of several hundred meters was produced that quickly dissipated. 
Bombs were landing on a vast area around the crater terrace including the viewing area on Pizzo, but fortunately, it seems that no people were there at the time of the eruption. 
It appears that there were no significant precursors to the event which illustrates that even during periods of relatively low activity, Stromboli volcano can be dangerous. There are no reports of damage or injuries.
Seismogram of Stromboli’s STR1 station (INGV Catania) showing the explosion signals
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Powerful Ash Eruption Ongoing At Tinakula Volcano, Solomon Islands

Powerful Ash Eruption Ongoing At Tinakula Volcano, Solomon Islands.
Tinakula volcano is located at the NW end of the Santa Cruz islands in the Solomon Islands. It forms a small 3.5 km wide and steep island, which is the upper 25% of a very active stratovolcano that rises more than 3 km from the sea floor.