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Smoke surges up from volcano erupting in Costa Rica


Sakurajima volcano in SW Japan erupts

Mount Sakurajima, a volcano in Kagoshima Prefecture in southwestern Japan, erupted on Tuesday morning, the weather said.
According to the agency, the eruption occurred at 7:56 a.m. local time and marked the second significant event there in recent weeks.
Ash and smoke was recorded as billowing as high as 3,200 meters into the sky, the weather agency said, and was ejected from the 1,117-meter volcano’s Showa crater.
The agency warned that similar eruptions could occur, although there have been no immediate reports of injury or damage as a result of the latest eruption.
The last major eruption occurred at the mountain on May 29 this year and the volcano is under Level 3, orange alert by the Japan Meteorological Agency, signifying the volcano is active and should not be approached.
In September, 2016, a team of experts from Bristol University and the Sakurajima Volcano Research Center in Japan concluded after studies that the volcano could have a major eruption within the next 30 years
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ALERT LEVEL RAISED TO ORANGE At Bogoslof Volcano, Alaska



Bogoslof Volcano, Alaska Alert Level Raised To ORANGE

Volcanic ash advisory
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New Explosions At Bogoslof Volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Another explosive eruption occurred yesterday evening at the volcano (at 14:16 AKDT local time or 22:16 UTC). It lasted about 50 minutes produced an ash cloud that rose to at least 35,000 ft, and possibly as high as 45,000 ft asl, the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) reported: 
“An observer on Unalaska Island reported seeing a large white-gray mushroom cloud form over Bogoslof, with ash fall out to the west. Winds in the area are currently to the northwest. 
Bogoslof volcano remains at a heightened state of unrest and in an unpredictable condition. Additional explosions producing high-altitude volcanic clouds could occur at any time. Low-level explosive activity that is below our ability to detect in our data sources may be occurring.” (AVO)
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Aviation Colour Code ORANGE Ibu Volcano Eruption


Alert Level Raised To Aviation Colour Code ORANGE

   Eruption – Ash Plume At Ibu Volcano In Indonesia

Eruption – Ash Plume