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#Cold #UK 2019/20 Winter Extending Into Spring According To #Climatologist David King

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Excerpts Below By David King

It will be colder than (than some newspapers reports state) 2016. As cold as 1991 is
a good bet; if really cold then we have that memorable black ice winter of 1987.

The early part of January will be dry, calm and cold; it will gradually get colder and colder,
until it is frozen and dry. Around the 16th/17th, it will snow, the snow will be for some, dry
small powdery grains that drift and form massive snowdrifts; for others is will be larger
flaked cold snow, that too will drift, lay and become difficult for travels. All this snow will fall
on freezing cold dry ground – it will lay, it will cause travel problems; it will give root crop
farmers massive problems, cattle will need extra care and tending; despite promises that
power supplies are or will be OK, do not bet on it. Frozen ice on overhead cables can and
do cause havoc. Once down the snow will lay and freeze, it will keep being topped up too
with subsequent falls. The hottest days in June give the coldest days in the following
February – remember the extreme heat at the end of June 2019? Therefore that cold will
extend well into March – hence the long winter to come. A late cold spring awaits.

December 2019
A predominantly wet month, some snow in the north maybe even lying in the
far north, rain and maybe flooding could be problematic, still more flooding and misery to
come for many.

January 2020
Dry and cold to start, then expect snow falls 16/17th onwards, which
will lay, drift and cause travel and farm husbandry problems; there may too be some
residual flood damage from the rain in the previous month – a thoroughly unpleasant and
cold month indeed.

February 2020
A really cold quite possibly snowbound month for many – especially further
north one travels. There is a slight complication this month, in that the Perigee, Full Moon
and highest tides all coincide around the 10th; therefore an extra warning for those on tidal
and coastal waters.

March 2020
A cold start to the month, therefore a cold start to spring, but the cold easing
and giving away to rainfall – snow melt for many could be a massive problem – and – again
– perigee, highest tides and full moon around the 10th – therefore problems increase of
excess water problems in coastal tidal and low lying river locations (like York) as water
levels continue to rise.

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Long Hard 2019/20 #Winter To Hit #UK According To #Climatologist #DavidKing

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Very Interesting Excerpts Below By David King

One note here is that since the methodology shows a cold period late October to early November with a probability of snow north of Buxton, the possibility of wind from the eastern quadrant is a distinct possibility. Last autumn, winter and spring the wind direction stayed from the SW, hence the warmer three seasons, for sure that will be reversed this year!

Now is the time to wander across the countryside, fruits
everywhere, many now edible too, a superb year for nuts and blackberries, with
apples, plums and pears too in large numbers. Look too at the oak tree and see
just how many acorns there are, hundreds and hundreds – yes literally too – a sure
sign of a long hard winter to come.

Whilst the hawthorn, blackthorn (a wonderful year for sloes too),
sorbus, lime, service tree, elder and rowan all have massive berry stocks, the ivy, the real life-saver backstop for birds and animals, has still to start to bud, all signs of a long hard winter.

See too the sycamore, alder, hornbeam, ash seed bearing plants
all with masses of seeds – again all off the ground. Crab apples abound
everywhere too. All this points one way – to a long hard winter, and whilst the
‘weather prophets’ are already telling us of a mild autumn and winter to come, nature – that is never wrong – points the observant ones to a very different scenario.

The winter will follow in early November, but another advance warning here; autumn will be warmish and damp
up to St Luke’s day 18th October, when this ceases then expect in places in the north
some unseasonably cold weather – even with snow in places, north of Buxton,
lasting the last week of October into the first week of November. Then damp and
stormy through to the second week of January – then winter really commences.

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Brutal Winter To Hit UK During Jan, Feb, Mar 2018 According To The ‘Nature Weather Forecaster’ David King

Cold Weather Alert
Excerpts From David King’s 2017/18 Winter Forecast
To Summarise December: Windy, for the greater part mild and mainly dry. Not a white Christmas.
To Summarise January: A bitterly cold snowbound frosty month with blizzards too – The conditions akin to January 1991 are near identical.
To Summarise February: A really cold frosty month for certain with frozen ground and in all probability snow covered too.
……….winter will continue well into March