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Apocalyptic hailstorm destroys 6.3 million apples at Stocks Farm in Worcestershire, UK

The entire apple harvest was destroyed in four minutes Credit: Ali Capper
A couple who run a farm in Malvern Hills have been left devastated after a hail storm destroyed their entire apple harvest.
6.3 million apples were destroyed in the storm Credit: Ali Capper
Ali and Richard Capper say their orchard had been filled with around 6.3 million apples before the four minute storm over the Bank Holiday weekend.
The Capper family have lived at Stocks Farms for 53 years and Richard has farmed there since leaving Agricultural College more than 20 years ago.
The couple, who live on the farm with their two children, are hoping they can sell what’s left of their apple harvest to a cidermaker.
The Capper family have lived on the farm for more than 50 years Credit: Ali Capper
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Major hailstorm damages apples, peaches and cherries in parts of Greece

Severe Weather Alert

Major damage was caused to apples and peaches in Kastoria and Kozani as a result of hailstorms last Tuesday. As reported to Agrotypos by the head of the branch of EL.GA Kozani, Mr George Vrontzou, “on Tuesday we had hail in the regions of Kastoria and Kozani and even in the area of Platanorema, Servia and Velventos.”
He adds: “the most affected are mainly apples in Kastoria and peaches, apples and cherries in Kozani. As of yet, there are no accurate estimates of the destruction. EL.GA announced compensations would be granted and producers have been given fifteen days to report the extent of the damage.”
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