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Massive mudslide kills a mother and her 5 children in Mexico

File photo shows the aftermath of a mudslide in Mexico.

A mudslide caused by severe weather in Mexico has killed a mother and her five children, authorities say.
The incident happened on Thursday during heavy rains in the eastern state of Veracruz.
The 28-year-old mother and her children aged 12, 11, seven, three and 18 months, were killed in their sleep shortly after their home was hit by a landslide, said Ricardo Maza, the emergency response chief at the Veracruz civil protection agency.
The father, who was injured in the incident, helped in the desperate search for his family members, Maza added.
Heavy rains in Veracruz have caused damage to homes and businesses, and authorities are still trying to fully assess the damage done.
In recent years, Mexico has been hit hard by devastating weather that has triggered landslides.
Earlier this year, several people were killed by landslides in the central and eastern parts of the country.
In 2013, 101 people were killed and dozens more went missing after a landslide engulfed a whole village in the southern state of Guerrero.
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Thousands of fish have died in a river in Southern Mexico

fish kill-680x330
The river Tancuilín MATLAPA.- recently reported a fish kill, so residents of the area requested the authorities more vigilant against this kind of environmental crimes.
According to what was mentioned by one of the locals, who identified himself as Mario Lazaro Santiago, the incident occurred six days ago, when at night in the town of Tlacohuaque they realized that in the river floating dead some fish, shrimp and then acamayas that aroused the curiosity of community residents who sought to charge.
The dawn of the next day was even worse, as hundreds and even thousands of crustaceans were washed away the Tancuilín river from Tlacohuaque, Tezonquilillo, Providence, Cuaxilotitla, Springs and the community with the name of the river, a situation that was exploited by the locals to gather food, so that the amount was made up selling it.
Some other inhabitants of the high Sierra noted that before the facts authorities Tlacohuaque given to responsible, which they identified as a resident of Xilitla, who was placed at the disposal of the judicial authorities are now requested the intervention of the relevant units to achieve repopulate the river.
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Thousands of dead fish found washed up on a beach in Lorento, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of small fish woke up yesterday morning stranded in the vicinity of the beach which is located south of the Malecon in Loreto, arousing astonishment and concern of many citizens went for a walk and authorities in environmental and fisheries, given the lack of information on the causes of this phenomenon. 
Thanks to the intervention of several loretanos who witnessed this strange situation was that a large segment of the community learned of the event, especially through social networks. 
It is expected that the next few days the authorities can at least provide some preliminary information on the amount of dead fish and mainly about the possible causes of this situation which, at first glance, has a close history. 
It should be mentioned that the Bay of Loreto, one of the most important protected areas in the Sea of ​​Cortez or Gulf of California, National Park has been instrumental in the recovery of many species through the implementation of conservation programs very successful factor. 
Moreover, this area which groups five islands and dozens of sites of outstanding natural wealth, is known for its rich biodiversity and even the existence of several endemic species.
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MERS Virus strikes two people in South Korea

MERS Virus Alert

The number of people confirmed to have contracted Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, increased to seven on Thursday, and the authorities said another person suspected of having the virus had left voluntary home quarantine to take a trip to China. The authorities said the two most recent confirmed cases involved people who are thought to have caught the virus from the person whose case was the first confirmed last week, a 68-year-old man who had traveled to Bahrain in April and May and then returned to South Korea via Qatar. “We should have checked more actively and broadly on family-related issues — we are deeply sorry about that,” said Yang Byung-kook, the director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The health authorities have been criticized for not moving quickly and effectively enough to quarantine suspected patients.
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Meningitis outbreak forces schools to shut in Niger, Africa

Meningitis Alert

All schools in and around Niger’s capital, Niamey, have been shut until Monday because of a meningitis outbreak that has killed 85 people this year.
A shortage of vaccines to treat the current strain has caused the outbreak to spread, the authorities say.
A campaign to vaccinate all children between two and 15 will begin on Friday, but only half of the 1.2m doses needed are currently available.
The prime minister has asked for help getting the remaining doses.
“For the rest of the needed vaccines, we are appealing to all our partners to come to our aid to supplement the stock of vaccine doses we direly need,” Reuters news agency reports Brigi Rafini as saying on national television.
The authorities have warned people against using unauthorised vaccines, saying the doses might be for the wrong strain of the disease, the agency says.
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Plane crash kills 4; 7-year-old girl survives in Kentucky, USA

Plane Crash Alert

A 7-year-old girl survived a plane crash that killed four people Friday night, and the disoriented little girl walked away from the wreckage and reported the crash to a local resident, authorities said.
The small Piper PA-34 reported engine trouble and lost contact with air traffic controllers as it was flying over the southwestern part of Kentucky about 5:55 p.m. CST, the FAA said.
About a half hour later, a Lyon County resident called 911 and told dispatchers that a 7-year-old girl had walked to his home and said she had been involved in a plane crash, said Sgt. Dean Patterson of the Kentucky State Police.
“This girl came out of the wreckage herself and found the closest residence and reported the plane crash,” Patterson said. “It’s a miracle in a sense that she survived it, but it’s tragic that four others didn’t.”
The girl was in emotional distress and taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Patterson said. At that point, authorities launched a search for the crash site and also confirmed with the FAA that they had received a distress call.
About two hours later, authorities found the crash site in a heavily wooded area near Kentucky lake, a popular tourist attraction in the state. They discovered four bodies, including the pilot and the three passengers.
The FAA said the plane had taken off from Tallahassee Regional Airport, Florida, and was bound for Mount Vernon, Illinois. Patterson said the girl indicted that the plane had left from Key West, Florida.
The identities of the deceased and the survivor were not immediately released. Patterson said he didn’t know the girl’s relationship to the people on the plane.
He said it had been raining in the area for most of Friday. The cause of the crash was under investigation.
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Severe floods kill scores in desert as army scrambles to evacuate dozens from danger zones in Morocco

Clinging to life: Driver and passenger sit on a truck stranded in flood waters in the southern region of Ouarzazate in Morocco.
Floods triggered by heavy rain have killed at least 32 people, swept away buildings, vehicles and roads and forced the evacuation of more than 200 people in southern Morocco, authorities say.
Flooding, which is quite common in the mostly arid desert region at this time of year, has in the past triggered violent protests by local people angered by what they see as a tardy or ineffective official response.
State television channel 2M showed local residents expressing anger after their homes were submerged near the town of Errachidia. The prolonged closure of many national roads could prompt further angry protests, media said.
Powerful surge: A car is carried away by flood waters in the southern region of  Ouarzazate in Morocco.
Morocco’s King Mohamed has given orders to the authorities to take “all necessary emergency measures to help and support victims of the floods”, a palace statement said.
“We have lost everything, everything. Now our families will sleep in the cold,” said a woman in the Errachidia region, where about 60 houses had been destroyed.
“[The authorities’] previous programmes to restore our mud houses did not save us, our houses were just swept away” she told the 2M channel.
A driver and his car are washed away by flood waters in Ouarzazate, Morocco.
Of the 32 confirmed deaths, 24 occurred in the region of Guelmim, a desert town, the interior ministry said, adding that six people were still missing.
The army deployed helicopters to evacuate dozens of people, including some foreigners, in some areas threatened by rising river levels, the official news agency MAP reported.
Local news websites showed floods sweeping away cars, tracks and roads in several regions, including Guelmim and Marrakesh.

Record rains flood 100’s of homes along with landslides causing devastation in Nicaragua

Severe Weather Alert

Nicaraguan authorities say a 5-year-old girl is dead after record rains unleashed landslides and flooding that swamped hundreds of homes.
The country’s Institute of Territorial Studies reports that 14.9 inches (378 millimeters) of rain fell in just 24 hours, the most on record.
Government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo said Thursday that the girl was swept away by strong currents in the village of Santa Teresa on the island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua.
There were five landslides at the Concepcion volcano on Ometepe, and authorities closed roads in the popular tourist area.
Murillo said 890 homes were flooded and 24 destroyed.
Rain was expected to continue through Friday and possibly Saturday.

Wildfire forces residents to evacuate in Arizona

Wild Fire Alert

Most of a wildfire in northeastern Arizona’s White Mountains now is burning into wooded areas already thinned or on remnants of a previous blaze, authorities said Friday.

Communities mostly populated with summer homes remained under mandatory evacuation orders because of the San Juan Fire that was first reported around noon Thursday southeast of the small community of Vernon, halfway between Springerville and Show Low.

But fire officials said crews may now be able to better manage the blaze estimated at 2.3 square miles, down from the 3 square miles reported earlier.

The wind-whipped fire produced a lot of smoke Thursday afternoon as it quickly grew and that could have inflated some original estimates about its size, authorities said.

A Type II incident management team, the second-highest level available, took charge of the fire Friday because of the continuous fuels ahead of the blaze.

Plane Catches Fire; 3 Killed At Alabama Airport, USA

The Airplane on fire at Huntsville International Airport (WFAA)

Officials say three people were killed aboard a plane that veered from an Alabama airport runway and caught fire.

Huntsville International Airport spokeswoman Karen Yarbrough said during a press conference Wednesday afternoon that authorities are unsure of the plane’s intended destination. The passenger’s identities haven’t been released.

Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen says the Westwind II aircraft was trying to depart at the time. She said authorities are unsure of the plane’s destination.

Photos from local news outlets showed flames and a large plume of black smoke that appeared to be rising.

Bergen says the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating.

The aircraft was manufactured by Israel Aircraft Industries.