554 sea birds and 4 sea lions found dead on beaches in Baja California, Mexico

Found 554 dead seabirds in San Felipe, BCAfter surveillance operations at the Port of San Felipe, Baja California, the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) found 554 birds and 4 sea lions dead, believe that his death occurred due to climate recent.

“Changes in water temperature will cause the shoals of fish entering deeper and consequently the birds can not get their main food source,” he said.

The Profepa indicated that this hypothesis considered under the experience of other countries in the same research on the mass killing of specimens of wildlife.

The remains of animals found in the stretch of 10 kilometers out of the breakwater of the Port of San Felipe south.

Courtesy of Tiempo

Hurricane Odile is the most powerful on record to strike Mexico’s Baja California

Hurricane Alert

The Category 3 cyclone, the strongest on record to hit the region, slammed the tourist destination of Cabo San Lucas and will weaken as it moves up the Baja California peninsula, forecasters say
Odile, the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall on Mexico’s Baja California, slammed into the tourist resort of Cabo San Lucas with winds up to 115 mph and is now moving up the massive peninsula.
“We haven’t seen one get so close and with the possibility of impact, and of such a nature,” Wenceslao Petit, head of emergency services in Los Cabos, was quoted by Reuters as saying of the Category 3 hurricane. “There aren’t words for this.”
The National Hurricane Center says Odile made landfall at 10:45 p.m. MDT (12:45 a.m. ET) near Cabo San Lucas with maximum winds of 125 mph.
The Associated Press says, “The area is home to gleaming megaresorts, tiny fishing communities and low-lying neighborhoods of flimsy homes. Forecasters predicted a dangerous storm surge with large waves as well as drenching rains capable of causing landslides and flash floods.”
In its latest statement, the National Hurricane Center says Odile “is moving north-northwestward at [16 mph]. The cyclone is forecast to move northwestward to north-northwestward around the western portion of a mid-level ridge over the southern United States during the next couple of days.”
According to The Weather Channel: “Odile has benefited from low wind shear and warm water. Odile strengthened quickly in that environment Saturday and Saturday night, going from a tropical storm Friday night to a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale by Sunday morning.”
Tourists stranded in shelter in Cabo San Lucas were tweeting photos and comments throughout the ordeal:
Reuters, quoting Mexican officials, says at least 26,000 foreign tourists and 4,000 Mexicans were in the region.

Major Hurricane Marie is a Cat 5 in the Eastern Pacific

Hurricane Alert

The National Hurricane Center announced today that Major Hurricane Marie is the first Cat 5 storm in the eastern Pacific in 4 years.  Take a look at the water vapor imagery…

That’s a beautiful hurricane!  At 8pm winds are 150mph and it’s about 475 miles SSW of the southern tip of Baja California.  So this storm will pose no threat to land in the form of wind, storm surge, or rain.  It will track well out to the west south of the upper-level ridge that is along the western USA coastline.

But the tremendous waves & swell generated by this storm are forecast to arrive along the beaches of southern California in about 48 


The wave watch model above shows 9 meter waves, and the local NWS offices in California are warning of localized erosion, flooding, and some damage.  Of course I suppose the surfing will be great!

Up here in the Pacific Northwest it’s possible some of this moisture will enhance our showers next weekend.  Or it may stay to the south in northern California, or it may stay well offshore.  We’ll see.

The past few days there was another blowup in the comments.  It happens about every 6 months…yawn.  I didn’t even notice for the first two days because the weather is so slow, but then I see it got resurrected and brought into a new posting!  Geez, what is wrong with people!  I’ll be honest, I think at least 60% of the readers find it entertaining, at least that’s what I hear on the street and via emails.  In the past I’ve let it go a bit, or banned a few people for a couple months (last spring).  

But this time was a little different.  When the entire newsroom receives emails about it, then it becomes my problem, not just a few offended posters.   I’m not willing to damage my career or relations with my bosses over folks picking on other posters or someone going all “Mt. St. Psycho” with profanities and threats.   Or having drunk people on the blog posting about who knows what.  And really the only reason people went at it this time was because only this blog allows anyone to engage with others directly.  This was used as a battleground.  And Weather Daddy doesn’t like that!  As a result I’ve added 5 names to 2 others that are on “semi-permanent” moderation.  That means you can comment, but I have to hit the approve button.  Technically you are not banned from here, but I can’t trust you to not get out of control.  The sad part is that I actually enjoy every one of you and several of you bring really good info to this blog.  

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Subject To Change

Depth: 2 km

Distances: 237km (147mi) SSW of Avalon, California
243km (151mi) WSW of Rosarito, Mexico
250km (155mi) WSW of Imperial Beach, California
250km (155mi) SW of Coronado, California
721km (448mi) WSW of Phoenix, Arizona

Global view



Subject To Change

Depth: 13 km

71 km E of Tijuana, Mexico / pop: 1,376,457 / local time: 16:18:19.0 2013-12-25
28 km SE of Campo, United States / pop: 2,684 / local time: 16:18:19.0 2013-12-25

Global viewRegional view