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314 turtles wash ashore dead along beaches in Chennai, India

The nesting season for Olive Ridley turtles is barely 20 days old and already 314 turtles have washed ashore dead on the city’s beaches. Conservationists say the turtles die after getting stuck in trawlers’ fishing nets.

On Saturday morning, 60 turtles were found dead on the stretch between Neelankarai beach and Alamparai village in Kancheepuram district, according to Tree Foundation that patrols the stretch every year during the nesting season. “The numbers are alarmingly high this year and we are just into the second week of the season that will continue till March-end,” said Tree Foundation founder-chairperson Supraja Dharini. Tree Foundation volunteers buried the dead turtles near the shore later in the night.

Members and volunteers of the Students’ Sea Turtle Conservation Network (SSTCN), a group that patrols the coastline from Neelankarai to Napier’s Bridge, including Marina and Elliot’s beaches, reported 70 dead turtles were washed ashore. SSTCN coordinator V Arun said, “Considering that only 5-6% of the dead turtles are washed ashore, the real death toll could be many times higher.”

Courtesy of The Times Of India

12 Turtles wash up dead along beaches in Fraser Coast Region, Australia

This turtle washed up on the beach in Boonooroo.

DEAD turtles are littering some of the region’s beaches as strong northerly winds bring the carcasses in to shore.

Northerly winds have lashed the region since early last week, pushing the bodies of more than 12 turtles up onto some beaches.

In the sleepy seaside village of Boonooroo in the southern end of the Fraser Coast, resident Kate Cavanagh has spotted an increasing number of the marine reptiles rotting on the sand.

“After finding the first turtle, I received a message from another person from Boonooroo saying they had found a dead turtle near their house,” she said.

“Over these last two weeks there would have to be at least 12 dead turtles that I have seen.”

Ms Cavanagh said most of the animals she had found on the beach were large.

“I have only discovered a small baby turtle and it was long dead,” she said.

After a large turtle was found on a Torquay beach last week, a Department of Environment and Heritage Protection spokeswoman said turtles could die from several causes that were not obvious.

“In addition to boat strikes and predation from other marine animals – causes may include the health of the animal concerned or the availability of food,” she said.

“Prevailing winds and currents can carry stranded marine wildlife to other coastal areas, particularly bays, from wherever the stranding occurred.”

This is a more active time of year as turtles head into their breeding season and take advantage of the seagrass beds around Hervey Bay.