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Plane makes emergency landing due to smoke alert; Belfast, N. Ireland

Plane Emergency Landing

A plane carrying 69 passengers has landed safety at Belfast City Airport after the pilot requested emergency landing procedures be deployed.
The Flybe flight from Southampton was approaching the airport when the crew was alerted by a smoke indication from the baggage hold, the airline said.
Ambulances and fire engines were sent to the airport as a precaution but the plane landed safely at 17:55 GMT.
A spokeswoman for Belfast City Airport said all passengers disembarked safely.
The airport representative said emergency procedures were “enacted as a precautionary measure” and the scheduled flight, BE996, landed about 10 minutes earlier than expected.
In a statement, the airline said: “Flybe can confirm that the captain of the above flight with 69 passengers and four crew on board was alerted by a smoke indication from the rear baggage hold on its approach into George Best Belfast City Airport this afternoon.
“The crew took the necessary action and the aircraft landed safely. Passengers evacuated the aircraft immediately by both front and rear stairs as normal and were bussed to the terminal.”
Flybe confirmed there was no sign of smoke in the aircraft after the landing but said that the incident would be “fully investigated”.
The airline said the safety of its passengers and crew was its “number one priority” and added that it “regrets any inconvenience experienced”.
Earlier this month, a Flybe flight from Glasgow to Belfast made an emergency landing due to an engine fire.
That incident is also under investigation.
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Emergency declared as plane catches fire at Belfast’s International Airport

Emergency Alert

An emergency was declared at Belfast International Airport on Tuesday after the engine of a plane went on fire.
The Flybe flight had been travelling from Glasgow to George Best Belfast City Airport but was diverted.
The ambulance service said all 76 passengers and four crew were taken off the plane safely. One person was taken to hospital as a precaution.
Flybe confirmed the flight was diverted due to a small engine fire “which was extinguished before landing”.
Quintin Oliver, who was on the BE130 flight, said one of emergency exits did not have steps so passengers had to jump about six feet onto the runway.
He said that some passengers noticed the fire half-way into the flight.
“It’s a short 20 to 25 minute flight and there was a visible shudder throughout the plane and those on the left hand side behind the engine clearly saw it burst into flames,” he said.
“Some of them described it as a burning rocket, as the flames were shooting out the back and the plane lurched a little, not dramatically, but a little as it presumably stabilised on the second engine.
“There was a lot of apprehension. There was no hysteria. The staff were as reassuring as they could be but they were visibly shaken, as well, which doesn’t exactly command confidence amongst the passengers.”
The scene at Belfast International Airport after the plane landed
Owen Glenn, who had also been travelling on the plane, said there had been a “big fireball in one of the engines which lit up the whole side of the plane”.
“There were sparks coming out. So they shut down that engine. We were running on one engine after that,” he said.
“People were getting a little panicked. The crew were doing their best to calm everybody down but people weren’t really sure what was happening.”
Another passenger Billy Pollock said he looked out a window and saw an engine on fire.
“There was some concern, and a lot of people were quite upset but not hysterical,” he said.
“The pilot did a super job, great landing. There was an emergency evacuation.”
Flybe said: “The emergency services attended as a routine and precautionary measure.
“Passengers disembarked the aircraft safely and will be transferred onto Belfast City Airport by road transport.
“At no time was the safety and wellbeing of passengers compromised.”