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Dust storm causes huge damage to electrical power company in Kanpur, India

Dust Storm Alert

The gusty dust storm which hit the city at a speed of 75-100 km/hour speed on Thursday evening caused huge damage to the Kanpur electricity supply company. Harrisganj/Sujatganj feeder was damaged after a tree fell down on it and many electric poles and wires were also damaged. More than half of the city remained in dark because of technical snags. 
The gravity of the storm could be ascertained from the fact that the power supply could be normalised in the city on Friday evening, 24 hours after the storm had hit the city. 
Rudra Dutt Pandey, Kesco spokesperson informed that all the eight transmission centres, from where 33 KV feeders emanate, had to be shutdown as an preventive measure. Pandey claimed that except Harrisganj/Sujatganj feeders, all the other 33 KV feeders were switched on between 12 in midnight and 3 in morning. 

Sandstorm strikes Iranian city of Zabol

A sandstorm covered the city of Zabol in southeastern Iran in darkness on Saturday June 15 with winds reaching 45 kilometres per hour and heavily restricting visibility. ILNA reports that on Saturday, it was as if the sun did not rise on Zabol, as the city was shrouded in dust and particles throughout the day

The Sistan-Baluchistan province meteorology office announced that the storm originated in Yazd, Kerman and Southern Khorasan provinces as well as the Iranian border regions with Afghanistan.

The report adds that the volume of dust particles in the air was well over the expected levels with regard to the wind speed.

The report adds that the winds are increasing in speed and there are more winds in the forecast throughout this week. 

In February, similar weather conditions stirred dust particles into the air, reaching 80 times the normal accepted level.