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Severe storm causes a landslide which kills 3; 2 missing in Corsica’s French Island

Landslide Danger Alert

Search and rescue units continued their efforts on Thursday to find two hikers believed to be missing in the mountains on the French island of Corsica after it was hit by a landslide brought on by a severe storm, leaving three people dead and three others seriously injured.
Northern Corsican regional governor Alain Thirion said in an interview with France 2 radio station that two people from a group of hikers were yet to be located in the mountains.
Thirion added that in addition to the three dead, three hikers with severe wounds were transferred to a hospital Bastia, the capital of Northern Corsica, by helicopter.
The landslide struck on Wednesday afternoon, taking the mountaineers by surprise as they hiked Corsica’s famous GR20 trail.
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Severe storm with strong Winds & hailstorms brings widespread damage in Douglas County, USA

Severe Weather Alert

Severe weather caused big headaches for home and business owners Saturday morning.


Strong wind and large hail hit parts of Douglas County near Corsica. People in town say many homeowners spent the day picking up branches and trees blown over in the storm.


Homes and businesses also had some broken windows and damaged siding. In rural areas around the region, entire fields of corn and farm structures were blown over. There are also reports of a roof blown off a local church.


The community says it could take quite some time to clean up the mess from Saturday’s severe weather.