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16,000 pigs dead, due to flooding in Guangxi, China

17.06.15 Pig Deaths in China
Guangxi farms were flooded, more than 16,000 dead pigs foaming water. Flood a vast ocean, sent off a terrible odor on the number of dead pigs floating in the water. Shocking picture could not bear to look directly at, now that the hot weather, if the bodies of dead pigs do not speed up the processing might cause pollution to the local water resources, even an outbreak of disease.
It is imperative to prevent foot and mouth disease, the highly pathogenic avian influenza, highly pathogenic blue-ear pig disease, Streptococcus suis, a variety of animal disease incidence and prevalence. Harmless treatment of pigs of death is “plays”.
It is learnt that the Guangxi “6.14” flood, a new round of heavy rain floods cause the dahua Yao autonomous county of Guangxi six rural farms were flooded, 16,000 pigs drowned.
Currently, emergency measures are being taken on the ground, looking for deep, dead pigs as soon as possible for treatment, but treatment is difficult.
Dahua Yao autonomous county of Guangxi this more serious round of heavy rainfall in the affected counties, Liu Xiang is dahua hardest-hit towns, local 20 390 mm of rainfall within an hour, this was the most rain since dahua County.
Courtesy of finance.gucheng.com