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8 dead turtles found washed up in Northern Taiwan #Turtles #Taiwan

A sea turtle found dead in eastern Taiwan on Feb. 23. (Coast Guard photo)

Photo By Coast Guard

The bodies of eight sea turtles were found on the northeastern coast of Taiwan on Sunday (Feb. 23), and researchers believe fishing activities to be the cause of the endangered animals’ deaths.

Seven green sea turtles were found dead on the shores between Nanya in Ruifang District and Longdone in Gongliao District of New Taipei City on Sunday. On the same day, another sea turtle was discovered in Bali District, also in New Taipei City.

Researchers from National Taiwan Ocean University rushed to the sites to perform autopsies before Coast Guard personnel buried the bodies nearby.

The eight turtles were identified as green sea turtles — a protected species whose numbers have been shrinking around Taiwan and its outlying islands over the years. Among them was a mature female measuring approximately 120 to 130 centimeters in length, and the others were adolescents.

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25 turtles found dead every week in Vitória, Brazil #Turtles #Brazil

Turtles and rays found dead in fishing nets, in Vitória - Photo: Reproduction / TV Gazeta

Turtles and rays found dead in fishing nets, in Vitória – Photo: Reproduction / TV Gazeta

About 25 turtles are found dead per week by groups of environmentalists in Vitória because of fishing nets in prohibited places. In 2020, the city hall of the capital seized almost 20 thousand meters of nets in seven operations to combat illegal fishing in the municipality, in partnership with environmental agencies.

The undersecretary of Environment of Vitória, Ademir Barbosa, explains that the inspection is carried out in places where fishing is prohibited. This area of ​​environmental protection is called Baía das Tartarugas and comprises the Port of Tubarão to the Farol de Santa Luzia.

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200+ dead turtles wash up on Odisha beach, India #turtles #India

Turtle Alert

Illustration Photo

More than 200 carcasses of the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles have washed up on the beaches near Paradip port of Odisha over the last couple of weeks raising concerns among wildlife conservationists about their future.

Conservationists in Paradip said more than a hundred Olive Ridley turtles were found dead on the beach between the Hanuman temple and Sandhakuda area on Friday morning with dogs and crows feasting on the carcasses.

“The entire beach is stinking with the rotting carcasses of the turtles. Though there is a prohibition on fishing in 20 km distance from the coast, trawler operators are fishing resulting in the turtles either getting entangled in gill nets or mauled by the propellers of the mechanised boats,” alleged Hemant Rout, an environmentalist and secretary of the Gahirmatha Marine Turtles and Mangrove Conservation Society. Rout said tourists who had come to take a walk on the beach were disgusted to see the carcasses lying all over the area.

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25 dead turtles found in Barra Velha, Brazil #turtles #Brazil

Turtle Alert

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About 25 turtles were found dead last Thursday (23), in Barra Velha, on the northern coast of the state. According to FUNDEMA (Municipal Foundation for the Environment), some of the animals were already in an advanced state of decomposition.

According to the City Hall, teams of the foundation, along with volunteers, carried out cleaning work at the mouth of Barra do Rio Itapocu, when they located the turtles in an area of ​​forest. There is still no information on how the turtles got there.

The animals, which had been in the area for less time, were collected by the Santos Basin Beaches Monitoring Project (PMP-BS) team. The others, due to the advanced state of decomposition, remain in place.

Now, FUNDEMA is waiting for the Joinville Environmental Military Police to investigate the case. Depending on what is found, an investigation must be opened with the Civil Police.

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13 dead turtles found on the coast of Alagoas, Brazil #turtles #Alagoas #Brazil

At least 13 turtles were found dead on the coast of Alagoas, Brazil.

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109 dead baby turtles found on a beach in Lauro de Freitas, Brazil #Turtles #Brazil

Turtle Alert


The businessman Tigo Navilli made an appeal yesterday afternoon (13), on social networks, to the City Hall of Salvador and to the Tamar Project, after rescuing 192 baby sea turtles nestled between the cacti and the grass of Praia do Flamengo. According to him, 83 of them were alive and 109 were dead.

“It was by chance, I noticed a puppy in the sand and I was looking to try to see some more. I noticed a strange noise in the grass and the leaves were shaking. I approached, it was incredible, it looked like ants. I started to take my hand little by little to release it in the sea, until it didn’t work anymore, and I had to put it on my hat ”, he said.

Tigo says that the location, in which he found the young, made it difficult for the turtles to survive and requested that “the responsible bodies take action”.

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70+ dead turtles found in a lagoon in Managua, Nicaragua

The more than 70 turtles that appeared dead in the last few days could be due to the presence of algae in the Laguna de Tiscapa, which is located in the center of Managua, revealed experts from the Ministry of the environment and natural resources of Nicaragua.
“We are carrying out autopsies to see what you can find, we are believing that feeding them decaying algae product is what is affecting”, said Juan Ramón Campos, delegate of MARENA.
Nicaragua: To withstand high temperatures in April
“To do the laboratory analysis both in the digestive system of these turtles alive even the level of toxicity that have these algae, contaminants can be but remember that there are nutrients that are forming”, said the environmentalist Kamilo Lara.
They pointed out that you between 25 and 26 March took a tour together with authorities of the mayoralty of Managua, 5 dead turtles found in the same.
Despite this the presence of algae hypothesis indicated that they will continue with inquiries through tests that to analyze the quality of the water.
These tests would be making them specialists of the Nicaraguan company of water and sewerage systems, ENACAL, of equal form will ask engineers hydrologists if the affectation of the phenomenon called thermal inversion that occurred at the end of December 2016 in the Asososca lagoon also managed to affect Tiscapa.
They pointed out that a special team of scientists will be permanently in the lagoon if appears another dead turtle, they have the orientation of informing higher authorities for examination in their tissues that could reveal the origins of the deaths of these species.
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40 dead turtles found since January along the coast of Uruguay

40 dead turtles found since January along the coast of Uruguay

40 dead turtles found on the coast of Veracruz, Mexico

Boca del Rio, see.-regional coordination of the Secretariat of environment and natural resources (Semarnat) reported that 40 dead turtles, found the last one was found on Sunday on beaches of Boca del Rio, in front of the hotel Fiesta Inn along the Veracruz State.
Of these 40, ten have been found on beaches in the Veracruz – Boca del Rio, conurbation reported Angel Barragan Villareal, Coordinator of the regional Center Office.
“As the others that have appeared there blows, it had no lacerations, and good personal anyway PROFEPA did the uprising, were sampled and because we will expect to see which indicate the results. However this also indicates that the dead turtle came dragged by the current Navy and died in the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico,”said.
An important part has been supported by the same citizens who are those who reported to environmental authorities on the findings of the dead turtles.
They also contribute to the protection of these species.
“Are there has been progress in protecting the turtle. Last year were released more than 400 thousand sea turtles in 18 camps turtle what on the Veracruz coast, this is a significant amount, in recent years we just passed the 300 thousand, and that speaks of the work that is being done”, he said.
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50 dead turtles found in a lake in Kiev, Ukraine

In the Lake at the Academgorodok locals discovered over 50 dead Marsh turtles. The townspeople believe that the animals died from poor water conditions.
“This news we learned on Friday. On the same day the place arrived the environmental inspectorate, SES. Were taken on trial water from the Lake, as well as tissue of dead turtles. The results should be already this week, “said Director of KP” Pleso “Denis Pikalov.
According to him, there is a high probability that these turtles were brought dead and thrown into the water.
“If the problem was in the water, it would have suffered and other living creatures. This reservoir is actually part of the storm water drain in Kiev. This year, water samples were taken, and they provided camping positive, “says Pikalov.
“One of the local fishermen told us that was witness to the fact that these turtles were brought by car. A couple of guys unloaded them and simply poured out animals in the Lake. According to him, the same situation occurred and last year at this time. Perhaps they brought from some farm.
Dead animal we already removed and destroyed, and the part that survived, now lives on the Lake, “head of the beach economy svyatoshyn district of Larisa Vladimirovna.According to the head of the beach economy svyatoshin district, turtles that were found-do not live in the Lake.
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