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Plane makes emergency landing after reporting cracked windscreen, Dublin

Plane Emergency Landing

A London bound flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Dublin early today after the crew reported smoke on board and a cracked windshield.

Cityjet flight WX-118 had taken off shortly after 7.30am on a scheduled service to London City airport with 48 passengers and a crew of 4 on board.

The Avro RJ-85 jet was still climbing to cruising altitude over the Irish Sea when the crew declared a “Pan Pan” emergency.

A Pan distress call differs from a May Day because, while it signifies an urgency on board, the aircraft or passengers are not in any immediate danger.

The pilot reported they had smoke in the cockpit and had to don their oxygen masks. The pilot advised controllers that he wished to return to Dublin Airport and requested priority clearance.

The crew also reported a cracked windshield. The flight made a u-turn and routed back to Dublin.

While returning to the airport, the crew said the smoke in the cockpit appeared to be dissipating but there was still a smell of smoke in the passenger cabin.

Emergency services at Dublin Airport were alerted and mobilised to locations along the runway in advance of the aircraft’s arrival.

The flight landed safely shortly before 8am and was quickly pursued by emergency crews who remained with the aircraft as it taxied to the terminal. The plane was grounded for inspection while the flight to London was cancelled.

The airline confirmed: “Flight WX118 from Dublin had to return to the airport shortly after take-off, where it landed safely. The crew noticed that there was some evidence of fumes in the aircraft. They followed their drills and procedures and returned to Dublin for a normal approach and landing.

“After landing, the aircraft was met by the Dublin Airport Fire and Rescue Services. Passengers were re-accommodated on the next flight, WX120 which departed at 8.55am,” the airline said.

Cityjet also said it was later confirmed there was no cracked screen but said an investigation into the cause of the incident is currently in progress.

The crew of an Aer Lingus flight from Boston that had been placed in a holding pattern east of Dublin opted to divert to Shannon instead before returning to Dublin about an hour later.

Last week, a Cityjet flight was forced to return to London City Airport after passengers noticed that a cover beneath the left wing have become partially detached.

The flight was on its way to Florence in Italy when the cover of the operating mechanism on the wing became partially detached. The flight returned to London City for a safe landing.

Mystery illness causes plane to divert to Dublin airport

A US AIRWAYS flight en route to Philadelphia has been diverted to Dublin Airport after reports that the crew became unwell.

US flight 715 left Venice at around 11.30am this morning and was heading for the US city, but has now landed in Dublin Airport.

A spokesperson for the airport confirmed that the flight had landed due to illness and that a number of HSE ambulances were on standby as the plane was taken to a remote location in the airport.

However, the nature of the illness is not known.

The airline said that no passengers or flight crew were among those that reported the illnesses.

“US Airways flight 715 from Venice to Philadelphia diverted to Dublin because several of our flight attendants reported medical issues.

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“Medical professionals are evaluating our flight attendants and we are reaccommodating our customers on other flights to PHL. There are no reports of illness from pilots or passengers.”