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Thousands of dead fish found ‘mysteriously’ floating in a lake in London, England

An investigation is underway after thousands of dead fish were found floating in an east London park lake.

The grim discovery was made by volunteers in Harrow Lodge Park, Havering, over the weekend.

Havering Council has launched an environmental health investigation to find out what caused the mass death.      

Councillor Melvin Wallace said: “We’re still trying to determine the exact cause of the incident.

“We believe it’s either due to an extensive amount of un-oxygenated water that entered the lake due to the heavy rainfall over the weekend, or a possible pollutant.

“The Environment Agency has tested the water and we’re currently waiting for the results.”

Council staff have since removed the fish from the lake.

It is not the first time animals have died in the lake. Earlier this year several birds contaminated with avian botulism were found dead in the park while 20 ducks were killed by visitors feeding them mouldy bread.