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STRUCK BY LIGHTNING Virgin Atlantic plane struck by lightning just minutes after taking off from Gatwick Airport

Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 747 flight VS65 was travelling to Montego Bay when it was hit shortly after take off this morning.
The plane was forced to turn back and re-landed at Gatwick safely.
Gatwick confirmed the plane had been struck by lightning after take off at 11.45am.
Nick Kenton, who is believed to have been on the flight, tweeted a video of smoke billowing from the wing on Twitter.
He said: “My Travels!? Ten mins into a long haul flight & struck by lightening. Currently dumping fuel to try head back to Gatwick #flying #planes #no”.
A Virgin spokesman said: “Our flight VS65 today from London Gatwick to Montego Bay has returned to Gatwick as a precaution due to a suspected lightning strike, and has now landed.
“We are in the process of arranging an alternative aircraft to allow our customers to continue their journey later today, and we would like to thank them for their understanding.”
Courtesy of thesun.co.uk

Plane makes emergency landing due to smoke alert; Belfast, N. Ireland

Plane Emergency Landing

A plane carrying 69 passengers has landed safety at Belfast City Airport after the pilot requested emergency landing procedures be deployed.
The Flybe flight from Southampton was approaching the airport when the crew was alerted by a smoke indication from the baggage hold, the airline said.
Ambulances and fire engines were sent to the airport as a precaution but the plane landed safely at 17:55 GMT.
A spokeswoman for Belfast City Airport said all passengers disembarked safely.
The airport representative said emergency procedures were “enacted as a precautionary measure” and the scheduled flight, BE996, landed about 10 minutes earlier than expected.
In a statement, the airline said: “Flybe can confirm that the captain of the above flight with 69 passengers and four crew on board was alerted by a smoke indication from the rear baggage hold on its approach into George Best Belfast City Airport this afternoon.
“The crew took the necessary action and the aircraft landed safely. Passengers evacuated the aircraft immediately by both front and rear stairs as normal and were bussed to the terminal.”
Flybe confirmed there was no sign of smoke in the aircraft after the landing but said that the incident would be “fully investigated”.
The airline said the safety of its passengers and crew was its “number one priority” and added that it “regrets any inconvenience experienced”.
Earlier this month, a Flybe flight from Glasgow to Belfast made an emergency landing due to an engine fire.
That incident is also under investigation.
Courtesy of BBC News

Plane with 248 people makes an emergency landing in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Plane Emergency Landing

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner operated by the Polish airline LOT made an emergency landing Friday at Scotland’s Glasgow Airport. No injuries were reported.
Airport spokesman Brian McClean said that the flight from Chicago en route to Warsaw with 248 people on board landed safely at 11:35 a.m. He said the landing was made at the request of the captain.
LOT spokeswoman Barbara Pijanowska-Kuras said the emergency landing was required according to safety procedure after the crew received a warning from the firefighting system in the luggage compartment.
The airport declared a full emergency as a precautionary measure. However, officials said there was no fire or smoke reported, making it possible to have the aircraft taxi to the main terminal building.
The airport remains open as normal. Pijanowska-Kuras said all passengers remain on board the aircraft as technicians check for a problem.
Last year, the world’s entire Boeing 787 fleet was grounded for three months to have their battery systems fixed, after a few of the aircraft developed problems that led to the appearance of smoke.
LOT said it is considering using another aircraft to bring the passengers to Warsaw.

Plane makes an emergency landing at Oslo airport

Plane emergency lands at Oslo airport
A plane carrying 191 passengers had to circle over Oslo for hours before emergency landing at Gardermoen airport after a suspected flat tyre after taking off on Sunday

The Novair Airbus A321 emergency landed at 21:15pm, confirmed VG. No one was injured.

The flight crew were instructed as part of normal procedure to circle the skies for three hours to get rid of fuel before making an emergency landing. The airport activated a full alert, said NTB.

Lasse André Vangstein, press officer at Oslo airport, said to NTB after the plane landed: “”It went very well. The plane landed normally without any indications of any errors. It is too early to say whether there really was a puncture or just an [instrument] indication of a puncture.”

The flight had mostly Norwegian citizens on board and was scheduled to land in Chania on Crete, Sunday night.

Jane Andersen, mother of 11-year-old old Magnus Skaugerud who aboard the flight to Crete with his father on Sunday evening, said to NTB: “We drove straight to the airport when we heard about the puncture and emergency landing.”

Andersen and the rest of her family heard the plane landed safely while on their way to Gardermoen. She said: “It was a relief. Now the only thing I want to do is just give [Magnus] a hug.”

Novair will fly all passengers to Chania on Monday morning.

Plane carrying 50 passengers makes emergency landing after pilot spots fuel leaking from wing, Springfield, Missouri, USA

Plane Emergency Landing

A plane carrying about 50 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing after a mid-air fuel leak was discovered less than halfway into its flight.


The pilot reported fuel leaking from the right wing while the American Eagle flight was en route to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Dallas, Texas yesterday.


The two-hour flight was aborted and the aircraft landed safely in Springfield, Missouri.


As a precaution, firefighters and other emergency responders were waiting on the tarmac when the jet landed at Springfield-Branson National Airport, according to ABC News affiliate KSPR.


Passengers were on the ground for about an hour before they were put on a different plane to continue their journey to Milwaukee.


American Eagle, owned by American Airlines, had another jet available at the airport because the carrier has a maintenance base in Springfield, KSPR reported.


Mechanics were brought in to examine and fix the plane that was forced to make the emergency landing.

A mechanic inspects the plane after it made an emergency landing in Springfield, Missouri
A mechanic inspects the plane after it made an emergency landing in Springfield, Missouri

Plane makes emergency landing near Repentigny, Canada

Plane Emergency Landing

A small plane carrying two people made an emergency landing near Repentigny Saturday afternoon.

The plane’s engine stopped shortly after taking off from the Mascouche airport, according to Lt. Joël Lamarche of the Terrebone police. The pilot made an emergency landing on Quarante-Arpents Rd. beside Highway 640 just before 4 p.m.

“The pilot took emergency manoeuvres to be able to stop his plane on Quarante-Arpents Rd. without crashing,” said Lamarche.

An investigation into the incident is underway.

“The exact cause will be determined by the Transportation Safety Board,” Lamarche says.

One of the plane’s wings was slightly damaged in the landing, but no one was hurt.

Plane makes a terrifying emergency landing as plane’s engine fails over the Atlantic Sea

Plane Emergency Landing

Passengers have told how their flight on a Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” plane ended up turning into a nightmare.

There were 288 travelers on board the Thomson Airways flight from the Dominican Republic to Manchester, UK, when it suffered an engine problem over the Atlantic.

British holiday-makers Gary Barton and his wife, Caroline, who were traveling with their daughter, said they noticed a change in the engine noise about an hour-and-a-half into the trip. They claim the plane then began to drop.

“We could see on our screens that our altitude was dropping about 500 feet (152 meters) every minute,” Mrs. Barton told the Manchester Evening News. “The captain said he had to fly lower because he only had one engine. It looked like we were just dropping into the Atlantic.”

The captain had been forced to shut the engine down, and needed to make an emergency landing.

The plane then flew for four hours at a low altitude before landing at a remote military airport in the Azores, Portugal.

“It was a really frightening landing. Everyone was on edge — we were told to expect a bumpy landing because they had to use double thrust on one engine and we could see all the fire engines on the ground.

“It was extremely tense on that plane. Our daughter was shaking — she was saying, ‘What if we don’t make it?’”

They were then surrounded by armed guards and the plane sat on the runway for five hours before they were allowed out.

They were delayed for a total of more than 11 hours as they waited for a replacement plane.

The family said they will never step on a 787 Dreamliner again.

“They call it the Dreamliner but it was more like a nightmare,” Mr. Barton said.

A Thomson Airways spokeswoman told the UK’s Mirror that the plane experienced a technical issue and was diverted as a precaution.

The passengers will be given $181 to cover costs incurred because of the delay.

“The safety of our customers and crew is of paramount importance and we would like to apologize for the delay experienced,” the spokeswoman said.

News.com.au has contacted the airline for further comment.

The much-anticipated, high-tech Dreamliner, which made its first test flight in 2009, has been plagued with problems including electrical issues on United Airlines and Qatar Airways planes in 2012 and a battery fire on a Japan Airlines jet in 2013. ANA Airlines was then hit with two problems — a cracked window on one plane and a smoke alert on another, which forced the temporary grounding of the global Dreamliner fleet in 2013. That was followed by the discovery of hairline cracks in the wings of the aircraft this year, due to a manufacturing defect.

Plane crashes at RNAS Culdrose air day in Cornwall, UK

An aeroplane has crash-landed at RNAS Culdrose in front of thousands of spectators.

The Royal Navy Sea Fury appeared to suffer a mechanical problem as it came in to land at the base’s annual Air Day event this afternoon.

It was the day’s penultimate flight.

Sam Whitfield, who works for The Herald, said: “The sea fury had problems prior to starting up and had to be fixed.

“Once approved it took off and displayed half way through encountering a hydraulic leak and engine failure which prevented the landing gear to attract open for an emergency landing.

“On landing the pilot did his best to keep it level but the right gear gave way and ended up with the historic sea fury hitting the deck.

“The pilot is safe and out of the aircraft. Fire engines were on the scene straight away.”

Witness Jim Hogan, 66, from Darwin in Lancashire, said: “Apparently the plane radioed in the problem. It was coming down to land and the right-hand landing leg was seen to not come out in time.

“When he landed it ended up veering across the runway and came to a stop on the opposite side of the runway.

“It seemed the leg did eventually come out, but too late.

“The pilot put up a red flare and the emergency services were there in a split second.”

An expert on the scene, Peter Reoch, Cosford Air Show air operations assistant, posted on Twitter: “RNHF Sea Fury T20 has completed a forced landing. Pilot OK. Runway currently blocked with aircraft resting on the fuselage.”

RNAS Culdrose tweeted: “Everyone do not panic. The main thing is the pilot is okay and fire engines are on scene.”

The Helston base’s communications office Pete Wooldridge confirmed that the pilot was okay and that the aircraft had come down on the opposite side of the runway from the audience.

He said the historic plane was one of the last displays scheduled for the event, but that all further flights have been suspended.

“The pilot is fine, he leapt out as soon as the plane came to a halt and he is walking around,” he said.

“There is no fire and no one has been hurt. But scheduled events have currently been suspended.”

Plane makes an emergency landing after reports of smoke in cargo area, Orlando International Airport, USA

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A JetBlue plane made an emergency landing at Orlando International Airport on Wednesday morning after reports of smoke in the cargo area.

Flight 354 was headed to the New York JFK airport from Palm Beach International when it made an emergency landing just before 11 a.m., according to OIA officials.

The plane landed safely at OIA and all passengers were taken off of the plane.

JetBlue released a statement to Local 6, saying the captain of the flight, “elected to divert to Orlando (MCO) due to a mechanical indication in the cockpit. Out of an abundance of caution, emergency vehicles met the aircraft upon landing.”

JetBlue also said the aircraft is currently being inspected.

Jet2 plane to Crete makes emergency landing at Manchester Airport, UK

Plane Emergency Landing

A Jet.com plane flying from East Midlands Airport to Heraklion in Crete has made an emergency landing at Manchester Airport.

The jet took off at 5.40pm but was then recorded as circling over the Peak District before landing just before 7pm at Manchester.

A fault with the aircraft is believed to be behind the decision to divert the flight to the region’s airport.

The flight was reported as having landed safely.