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BREAKING: Nine schools locked down as Facebook Live killer spotted

SEVERAL schools are on red alert after a sudden burst of sightings of the Facebook Live killer.
Steven Stephens horrified the world yesterday by live streaming the murder of a pensioner.
In the sick video, the killer approached and executed an old man at point-blank range.
He’s been hunted since the killing yesterday in the US city of Cleveland, Ohio.
Now it’s feared he’s resurfaced in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, after a series of sightings.
Eight elementary schools and at least one high school in the west of the city are now locked down.
Courtesy of dailystar.co.uk

Massive explosion, fire at mobile home park in southwest Bakersfield, USA

Explosion Alert

A massive explosion erupting in a southwest Bakersfield mobile home park, hospitalizing at least one person and devastating homes there.
The Bakersfield Fire Department received a call at 1:00 a.m. Thursday. When they arrived a mobile home here near Planz and Stine was engulfed in flames.
We received reports on Facebook of people living quite a distance away being jolted out of bed by the explosion. With some saying they felt like the explosion was happening at their home. That man living inside the mobile home was saved by a heroic neighbor who BFD says pulled him to safety. He was taken to the burn unit at San Joaquin Community Hospital.
“It was just a massive explosion. It looked just like it was fire falling from the sky,” said neighbor Darlene Littrell. 
Firefighters say 5 homes were damaged in total, including the one that exploded. Some had window damage, others had significant fire exposure.
The cause is under investigation.
Courtesy of kerngoldenempire.com

Severe storm blows train off bridge near New Orleans, USA

Source: Chris Roberts (Facebook)
Strong winds during a severe storm sent 11 train cars off a bridge near New Orleans on Monday.
The whole thing was caught on camera from inside a car not far from the bridge.
Crews say nobody was hurt in the train crash.
The New Orleans Public Belt Radio told CNN affiliate WGNO that the rail cars were empty and did not contain any hazardous materials.
Courtesy of foxcarolina.com

Masses of various marine creatures washing ashore dead on Pasir Ris beach in Singapore

A pile of dead fish which washed up on the shores of Pasir Ris beach on Saturday.
Photo: Facebook / Sean Yap
Scores of dead marine life have been washing up on Pasir Ris beach over the weekend.
While reports have emerged about Changi fish farms suffering massive losses, it seems like wild fish have not been spared either.
Marine creatures – including puffer fish, eels, horseshoe crabs and cuttlefish – have been turning up lifeless on the island’s north-eastern shores.
Photo: Facebook / Sean Yap
Photo: Sankar Ananthanarayanan
Photo: Facebook / Sean Yap
In the Changi case, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) said plankton that damaged fish gills were responsible for the casualties.
But locally farmed fish remain safe for consumption as  lab tests have not detected toxins in them.
Mr Sean Yap, an undergraduate studying environmental biology at the National University of Singapore, has documented the carnage in an album on Facebook.
Calling for something to be done to address the almost annual occurrence, he wrote:
“(The) plankton has affected not only farmed fish, but many wild species as well.
“While it is sad to see them this way, this event may actually give us a rare insight into the diversity of marine life in our northern region, which are usually hidden by our opaque waters.”
In March 2012, The New Paper reported that thousands of fish had died along the Sungei Api Api river in Pasir Ris.
Here are some casualties that Mr Yap and his friend Sankar Ananthanarayanan snapped:
Photo: Facebook / Sean Yap
Photo: Facebook / Sean Yap
Photo: Facebook / Sean Yap
Courtesy of tnp.sg

Hundreds of dead fish appear, ‘causing concern’ in the Black river in Argentina

Fish Kill Alert

Residents of Villa Rio Black released through the social network Facebook the presence of dead fish along the river. They said it’s not the first time they appear hundreds of dead fish on the spot and ask the authorities to take action on the matter.
This morning Centener fish found floating dead on the shore of the Black River. Concerned about the situation, neighbors alerted the community through the social network Facebook and then gained significant impact, among which stressed that “it is not the first time they appear dead fish in there.”
Significantly, it is a place where many people usually have fished and where many children choose to swim during hot summer days.
Given this fact, the neighbors alerted and asked the relevant authorities to use the site and verify the dangerousness of the situation and alert the community if the case of water pollution.
Courtesy of diarionorte.com