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Extremely bright fireballs traveling across the sky of Iraq and Indonesia, 6th May 2020 #fireballs #meteors #Iraq #Indonesia

Meteorite fireball seen in Daylesford area, Australia

If you were in the Daylesford area at 6.25pm on Sunday, May 25, you may have thought you were seeing things.
Amateur astronomer David Finlay said sightings of a massive fireball in the area were recorded on the worldwide meteorites news website.
Mr Finlay said the fireball headed south to north and most likely would have passed over Ballarat.
Many who saw a large white flash heard a loud explosion, “but the sound would have been a sonic boom”, Mr Finlay said. “We (astrologers) know the fireball was white and, while it is hard to ascertain the size, it would have been as large as a basketball or bigger.”
Mr Finlay said the meteorite would not create a crater but would fall to the ground in several pieces. He said it could be strewn over many kilometres and in a paddock somewhere.
“Pieces will look like black rocks with a burnt fusion crust on the outside, plus the majority of them will be attracted to strong magnets due to the iron content.”
He said people who heard a loud bang on Sunday evening would have been close to its landing.
Mr Finlay is hoping someone has captured the fireball on CCT footage.
“Someone may have taken it on their IPhone or video.”
Other sightings of fireballs were at Jerioco in Queensland, and West Wylong NSW.
“There were three meteorites sighted at the same time, which is unprecedented,” he said.
Recovered pieces allow scientists to understand the age and chemical composition of the solar system, what the Earth’s core is made of and its age, where the Earth’s water came from and possibly how life might have come to Earth.

Fireball That Crossed California Sky Was A Meteor, Scientists Say
Russian Meteorite

A strange fireball crossed the California skies, from Santa Barbara to San Diego, reported ABC News.

According to forecasters, the flaming flying object was most likely a meteor, which caught scientists completely by surprise.

Witnesses accounts point that the fireball was “bright yellowish and blue” as it fell from the sky.

The sighting was registered at about 8 pm on Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service, and scientists believe that it was most likely associated with the South Taurids (TOHR-ids) meteor shower which has been particularly active in November.

The Taurids, researchers say, don’t bring big numbers of visible meteors but a high percentage of extremely bright ones that look like fireballs.

All in all, about 150 reports of witnesses were registered at the American Meteor Society. And according to those reports, the fireball, although observed primarily in Southern California, was spotted as well by people in Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

On October 30th, 360 people witnessed and reported the sighting of another fireball, which according to them, crossed the skies over the Pacific Northwest and Southwest of Canada.

As expected, social media exploded with the reports and images of the fireball.

Twitter user @Casheets described seeing the fireball from San Gabriel.

“I saw a meteor tonight, the coolest scariest thing I’ve ever seen,” she posted. “At first I thought it was a firework.”