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Construction site blaze in South Korea kills nearly 40 people #fire #ConstructionSite #SouthKorea

600 Kilos of carp have died, ‘an unusual event’, in a river in Torreilles, France

This is a witness who gave the alert at 9 a.m. yesterday morning, worried to see a large number of carp float, the belly in the air, in the Bourdigou, in the centre of the village. Firefighters have therefore sent a team in recognition, which confirmed the abnormal mortality of carp in the river.
A boat of firefighters, with four personnel on board as well as a pumper mobilized so, initially, to oxygenate the water course. But it was eventually necessary removal of 600 kg of dead fish, an operation which continued up to 16 hours.
The municipality then had to take charge of destruction of fish thus recovered. Immediately conducted analyses revealed the presence of pollution of organic origin, without that the cause was unable yet to be determined.
Courtesy of lindependant.fr

Massive fire sparks dramatic evacuation over explosion fears at an industrial park in Dagenham, UK

The blaze took several hours to extinguish
Firefighters staged a dramatic evacuation at an industrial park in east London after a gas cylinder was in danger of exploding, putting nearby residents at risk.
Forty-three people were evacuated from their homes after the fire broke out in the early hours of this morning at the site in Kemp Avenue, Dagenham.
The blaze, which started at about 3am, damaged a car repair workshop that had two metal containers attached to it.
A small part of the workshop and the whole of both containers was destroyed, while eight cars were also damaged.
Nobody was injured in the incident, the London Fire Brigade said.
A 50m safety cordon was put in place while firefighters cooled a gas cylinder, as some cylinders can explode when exposed to heat.
The cylinder and another unaffected by the blaze were later removed from the scene.
Station Manager John Fahey who was at the scene, said: “Firefighters worked hard to quickly deal with the risk caused by the gas cylinder, so those who had been evacuated from nearby properties could return to their homes as soon as possible.”
The cause of the fire is under investigation, the brigade said.
Courtesy of standard.co.uk

Severe heatwave causes wildfires in Spain and Portugal

Wild Fire Alert

More than 1,350 residents have been evacuated in Spain as a wildfire spread through a pine forest amid a lingering heat wave.
Five villages in the Aragon region were evacuated as flames devoured hills that are 230 miles northeast of Madrid, said Javier Lamban, the president of Aragon. The evacuees, who included residents of a retirement home, were transferred to nearby towns.
About 500 firefighters and almost 100 pieces of equipment, including aircraft, were fighting the flames today, which were being fanned by windy conditions.
The fire, which broke out yesterday afternoon, has already burned close to 8,000 hectares (19,770 acres) of forest in a remote area, according to Ministry of Agriculture and Environment spokesman Modesto Lobon.
Also, the fire department in the north-eastern region of Catalonia said it was combating a wildfire that had broken out in Cardedeu, 25 miles north of Barcelona, and had destroyed two houses and several cars, although no one was injured.
Weather stations across Spain had warned people to take extra precautions as a heatwave that was due to engulf much of the country for an extended period of time increased the risk of wildfires.
Spain’s meteorological agency predicts that hot weather across the Iberian Peninsula, with temperatures reaching 40C (104F), will last another week.
In Portugal, the National Civil Protection Authority said almost 100 firefighters were tackling a wildfire that broke out yesterday in the forests of Alcobertas, north of Lisbon.
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Massive explosion at a fuel depot kills many firefighters in Ukraine

Several firefighters are feared to have died in a massive explosion at a fuel depot outside the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.
The country’s interior minister Arsen Avakov described the blaze as “gigantic”, adding that several fireman had been killed.
But he later announced on Twitter that those initially presumed to have died had been pulled alive from the flames.
Videos have emerged on the internet, showing the force of the blast and the rescue efforts at the site.
In one video, a fireman can be heard to say: “Everyone – leave. Whoever is still here – leave.”
Ukraine’s Emergencies Ministry has told the AFP news agency that it was aware of six people being injured.
Residents living within 1.2 miles (two kilometres) of the site have been ordered to evacuate, according to the Ukrainian government.
“The likelihood of the blasts being repeated exists,” the government said in a statement, adding that it was prepared to expand the exclusion zone to a 6.2 mile (10 kilometre) radius.
It is unclear at this stage what caused the fire. Kiev has been suffering from hot, dry weather for more than a week.
Courtesy of Sky News

Helicopter Crashes Into House Killing 5 In Brazil

Five people have died after a helicopter crashed into a house in Brazil, according to local media.
Television reports showed aerial footage of firefighters working on the crash scene in Carapicuiba, Sao Paulo.
They could be seen evacuating residents from the area, though no-one was thought to be in the house. 
It is understood that the damaged house was under construction.
Authorities said they were investigating the cause of the crash.
According to reports the aircraft was making a test flight after the exchange of a main rotor blade. 
The accident occurred at around 5.20pm on Thursday, fire officials said.
It is understood the helicopter pilot and three mechanics were among the dead.
Courtesy of Sky News

Man falls into a sinkhole in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USA

Man pulled from sinkhole in McKeesport
According to a tweet sent out by Western PA Fire News, confined space rescue was needed and the man was about ten feet down into the hole.
The man was carried off on a stretcher and flown to an area hospital after firefighters rescued him.
The incident was reported by emergency dispatchers around 7:30 p.m., when the man called 911 himself after falling in the hole.
The man is in his forties and was walking to meet a friend at the Marathon gas station in McKeesport when he fell.
Officials are still investigating what caused the sinkhole.
Courtesy of WPXI News

Tornado destroys garage in Harrow, UK

Tornado Hampton 02.06.12

A suspected “tornado” has destroyed a garage in north-west London
Crews from the London Fire Brigade (LFB) were called to Grafton Road in Harrow at about 13:15 GMT after reports of weather damage.
Firefighters found a single-storey garage, attached to a house, had collapsed and there was minor damage to surrounding homes and cars.
Watch manager Mark Ritson said “the tornado whizzed through the area” blowing off roof tiles.
Garage in Grafton Road, Harrow
Photo by Verena Lewis
‘Wizard of Oz’
He said: “It was sunny but then the sky went black, there was thunder and lightning, hailstones and strong winds.
“By the time we turned up to the address it was blue sky and sunny again.
“The tornado whizzed through the area, some roof tiles were blown off and caused minor damage to properties and cars in nearby roads but fortunately nobody was injured.”
On Twitter LFB tweeted it was like “a scene from the Wizard of Oz”.
Garage in Grafton Road, Harrow
MarkMobiles68 tweeted this image of the garage following the suspected “tornado”
The owner of the home Carol Grant, who was inside when the “tornado” hit, said she was thankful no-one was hurt.
She said: “I heard a bit of crash and I looked out of the side window and thought that’s funny the garage roof doesn’t look normal so I called my husband and we looked outside and had a bit of a shock.”
Firefighters have urged residents to ensure loose objects like garden furniture and items on balconies are secure, after the Met Office predicted heavy rain and gusts of up to 60mph on Wednesday.
Meteorologist Laura Gilchrist, from the BBC Weather Centre, said the incident would have to be investigated thoroughly to determine whether it was in fact a tornado.
“We wouldn’t rule it out in the UK. The numbers vary from year to year. Some years can see as many as 35 tornadoes,” she said.
She added one of the most recent tornadoes in the capital was in Kensal Rise in 2006.
Courtesy of BBC News

Severe Snowstorm Strands 180 Motorists In California, USA

Firefighters have rescued more than 180 drivers who were stranded during a winter storm in Southern California.
Emergency crews used snowmobiles to help 136 motorists who were stuck on a highway in the San Bernardino Mountains, about 70 miles (110km) from Los Angeles.
Another 50 marooned drivers were rescued near the Mount Baldy ski area.
The larger group of motorists were trapped in more than 1ft (30cm) of snow amid high winds on Highway 138.
Many of the drivers abandoned their cars and walked to their homes or nearby shelters.
At least 150 vehicles had to be towed off the road during the night’s operation, said California Highway Patrol.
Firefighters transported about 50 motorists to a church in the community of Crestline, where Red Cross workers provided aid.
Other motorists were able to drive away as snowploughs cleared the road.
No injuries or serious collisions were reported.
Rescue operations were completed by about 3am local time on Wednesday, the authorities said.
The National Weather Service forecasts further snow across the region, with even parts of usually balmy Los Angeles County expected to see up to 5in.
Courtesy of Sky News