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Massive die off of fish ‘due to heat’ in Ifugao, Philippines

Fish Kill Alert

Extreme heat is killing fish in the province
Provincial Agriculturist Avelino Lunag Jr. said heat in the province has affected 200 hectares of commercial fishponds in lowland areas of the province where fish are known to thrive.
Lunag said the areas of Lagawe, Lamut, Alfonso Lista, Aguinaldo and Mayaoyao are 100 percent affected by the fishkill signifying a 40 percent loss to date.
“This is the first time we had a fishkill here,” he reported.
Lunag said the extreme heat has penetrated the fishponds, leading to the death of fully-grown and fingerling fishes and losses to farmers.
Ifugao is Cordillera’s number one producer of fish, specifically, tilapia, which are propagated in various fishponds across the province.
Among the major economic sectors, the primary sector, particularly agriculture, fisheries and livestock absorbed 70 percent of the total employed persons.
Lunag said temperature in the province capital is known to soar to a high of 39 degrees.
“But Cagayan is nearby and the area is known to hit 42 degrees, we may have hit that already,” he surmised.
Lunag said the fishkill is due to lack of oxygen in the fishpond and organic matter in the water composition, which produces carbon.
Provincial agriculture records show fishery is a very significant economic activity in Ifugao due to the presence of, and access by the local population to several fishing grounds like rivers, lakes, reservoirs, freshwater fishponds, fish cages and fish pens. Practically all municipalities are traversed by rivers, creeks, streams and brooks.
In 2009, data reported a total area of about 192.54 hectares of fish ponds and 27.48 hectares of fish cages, 70 percent of which are located in Aguinaldo and Alfonso Lista while the remaining 30 percent is in Lamut.
In the four-year period (2006-2009), Ifugao consistently increased its fish production volume to 2,286.90 metric tons in 2009 from 2,043.40 metric tons in 2006 and managed to grow by 3.82 percent annually.
There are 235 fish cage operators in Aguinaldo and Alfonso Lista while 1,280 fish pond operators in Lamut. A total of 233 fishing boats were used in fishing activities. More than three fourth (85.41 percent) of this number are non-motorized while the rest are motorized. The highest number of both motorized and non-motorized fishing boats came from barangay Halag of Aguinaldo.
The fishkill has been plaguing the province since May.
Lunag said in a square meter there are three fishes, which thrive explaining the 200 hectares affect immeasurable farms with fingerling and fully-grown fishes.
The provincial agriculturist said technicians are now crafting remedies to the phenomenon with experts adding anti biotics to the feeds given to fish and turning to aeration technology to spur oxygenation in ponds.
There are 1,280 fishpond operators in the province, farmgate prices of Tilapia is pegged at P80 to P85 per kilo with five to six pieces of fish in a kilo.
Tilapia in the province is being made into an array of products by smoking, drying, pickling and various processed frozen food variations.
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Massive die off of fish in ponds right across Leizhou in China

Fish Kill Alert

“Leizhou rain hadn’t played so far this year. “According to reporter investigates drought in leizhou region this year unusually severe, one of the largest reservoirs of leizhou in Longmen reservoir has nearly dried up since May, started to advance into the hot season of leizhou, average temperatures of 30 degrees or more.
Due to the extreme weather, in late May, leizhou culture of Tilapia began dead fish; up to now, the whole area of leizhou 80%-90% tilapia ponds has killed the fish, some pond fish very seriously, or even destroyed, an average weight of 0.6-1 kg/piece. See reporter visited, most aquaculture of Tilapia fish carcasses pile up, far away could smell pervading stench.
“Dead fish every day since late May, my fish ponds has killed 230,000 pounds of Tilapia. “Leizhou Fu cheng Zhen Chen farmers told reporters that he had more than 400 acres of Tilapia ponds, dropping seedling began last September, average weight of Tilapia at about 1 kg/piece, that tilapia price slump, caused him to delay the fish, but due to serious disease, he had to start out fish. “Some say Streptococcus, but previous tilapia disease drug effects, this year had no effect, can not suppress the dead fish, do not know why, tilapia disease a month earlier than usual this year. ”
Leizhou has 340,000 acres of Tilapia aquaculture water, feed market capacity is 50,000 tons, is at the heart of Tilapia in Zhanjiang region. Local fish polyculture model, 2-3 made of fish a year, 2 years 5 fish farming model, on qingming fish. However, since the end of March this year, tilapia prices have plummeted, and 0.6-1 kg/piece of Tilapia prices now in 2.8-2.4 Yuan/kg, fall into the bottom of history; one more than years of 2 fish in leizhou region farmers pressing Tong Ji fish for sale, the selling price, deposit large amount of Tang.
Hairong feeds Ltd Zhanjiang in Zhanjiang area manager Huang Gaocheng, leizhou dead fish is mainly in the area of the weather, because the water temperature is too high, lack of fresh water added, so in the high temperature environment of Tilapia will definitely lead to problems, an outbreak of Streptococcus is the easiest at high temperatures. Tilapia is unique in Zhanjiang area this year, depressed prices, drought and water shortage and continuous high temperature, multiple negative factors leading to the bottom. But he believes that the fish is not the most serious cases, prices are low is the fatal blow, because, according to current prices, most farmers are losing money.
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Tons of fish die suddenly in a pond in Hai Duong, Vietnam

Mr. Pham Duc tell terrible pain, pop Odyssey live
Accordingly, approximately 4 h in the morning of British pop Odyssey live 1.4 German Offense, stay at the hamlet of upper Union Township District, rice, spices, loc, Hai Duong Province discovered the fish in the pond of white to die undertook to shore without known cause.
“When I came out of his house’s pond ever drop in fish ponds are filled with floating dead series, made it to shore. In particular, on the banks of the pond remains scarred legs and bottles of pesticides herbicides, United Kingdom oil viscosity and Golden post office snail which suspects blend into each other and then pour down the pond “-you are breaking the German pop Odyssey live said.
According to his estimates, number pop Odyssey live fish in the pond, be someone else pour herbicides pesticides cause mass fish death up to a ton with a variety of carp, carp, carp and. .. With current cost, estimated his family damages of about 25 million.Shortly after, the death of fish pond owners have reported to local authorities. Receiving information, Gia Loc district authorities in cooperation with the provincial inspection forces on the scene find out things, seized bottles to examination of fingerprints at the scene. At the same time, taking water samples to test, identify the chemical investigation.
Currently, the Agency continues to investigate, clarify.
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4 TONS of fish die suddenly in fish ponds in Guangzhou, China

Up to 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, 8,000 pounds of dead fish have been salvaged, stacked in a fish pond weed. Incident ponds located in Tianhe District, Phoenix Street Fish Chastain, we understand that she has contracted ponds this decade. Sister Xu feel like a fish in its own poison, but a sudden a lot of death, she suspected it was a deliberate poisoning.Original title: 4 tons pond died overnight.

Yesterday, Phoenix Street, Tianhe fish farmers Chastain a number of dead fish floating in the pond, a shining white shocking, 8,000 kilos of fish dumping of dead fish in the weeds. It is understood that the incident ponds adjacent fish ponds have appeared suddenly a lot of deaths.

Up to 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, 8,000 pounds of dead fish have been salvaged, stacked in a fish pond weed. Sister Xu’s mother first discovered abnormalities own fish pond. Sister Xu’s mother burst into tears on the spot. After Xu sister and brother rushed to the scene, the family began to salvage dead fish, fishing is one of nearly 10 hours, until 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, when there are still dead fish surfaced.

Incident ponds located in Tianhe District, Phoenix Street Fish Chastain, we understand that she has contracted ponds this decade. Last year, Sister Xu introduced a bream, carp, dace and a few species of high quality fish, fish ponds and improved equipment, spent more than ten million. Sister Xu told reporters that the lowest price of fish to sell 10 per pound, another month will be able to harvest.

It is understood that the incident in the pond next door, there was a contracted fish ponds had a lot of deaths. Ponds boss Wang Jin said last April he contracted rearing catfish ponds, once water is replaced in August, “for complete water to die, died 10 000 kilos.” Wang Jin said the cause of death is unknown fish, His huge losses after the contract to someone else, and now the contractor did not dare to fish, this fish ponds destroyed.

Reporters at two ponds not far from this saw an industrial area, which many factories out of the sewage discharge. Wang Jin said, ponds are closed to live, but it will affect the sewage ponds, he thought not impossible.

Sister Xu feel like a fish in its own poison, but a sudden a lot of death, she suspected it was a deliberate poisoning. Yesterday afternoon, police had removed the water sample to the scene, and the investigation into the incident.

Courtesy of Guangzhou Daily

20,000 fish found dead in ponds in Xi’an, China

Workers are salvaging dead fish ponds. China Chinese Commercial News reporters Huang Li and Jian She

Original title: Xi’an, a mass death of fish ponds 20,000 farmers suspected to be poisoned ponds

Seeing is about to harvest, more than 20,000 fish, but all died overnight. This allows Xi’an Chang’an Yangzhuang Subdistrict villagers Sheng very sad.

37-year-old Li Sheng is Chang’an District Subdistrict Yangzhuang stone village villager, he has a seventy-eight acres of fish ponds. February he bought 20,000 fish, grass carp, silver carp and carp, seven months after feeding, these fish have grown to about 1 kg of fish, is expected to again be able to make money a month.

Ponds have someone to look after 24 hours, Sheng ride in a makeshift pond, live there. Yesterday 0:30 Xu, Li Sheng abnormal when viewing ponds, “there are many ponds floats on the water, waving white belly,” and two hours before he was to see the fish ponds, everything is still normal.

Sheng Huazhexiaochuan ponds turn a full circle, “a large area of ​​dead fish in the pond waters south could see twelve square meters of foam, the air pungent taste.”

11 o’clock yesterday morning, Li Sheng and his wife live fish pond crouched sigh. “There are about 20,000 fish, the loss of at least ten million.” Sheng said upstream ponds used for water, there are several ponds, no problem. Feed their own use, but also the long-term use, should not be a problem. Combined with the early morning the water appeared a large area of ​​foam and air pungent taste, Sheng suspect that someone poisoned the fish pond.

After the incident, Li Sheng alarm to the district police station. Soon, the Public Security Bureau Chang’an Yangzhuang police station rushed to the scene to investigate and extract water samples and dead fish pond samples were identified.


50,000 Fish Die Suddenly In Ponds In Haikou, China

“She was about to catch the sale of 50,000 fish, did not expect to suddenly die off, people close to raising a puppy to eat dead fish also died! I suspect someone poisoned!” Yesterday, King Shan District, Haikou City Jiazi fish households Rico Lam looked full of dead fish floating in ponds, tears. The police, the staff of the Bureau of Agriculture yesterday, King Shan District, Haikou City, the scene sampling, involved in the investigation.

Hongling, who lives in the village of Lam Chi Kong Jiazi rely Hongling 15 acres of fish ponds located next to the village of wind destroyed the reservoir to feed a family of four. In April, Rico Lam spent 5,000 yuan to buy a tilapia, cod, carp, a total of 50,000 fish wealth. In addition, raising up to now, also spent 130,000 yuan to buy fish feed.

28 am, Rico Lam ponds where the fish suddenly found hundreds of dead, suspected sick fish, dead fish so he will come and go buy medicine. Pm medicines returned, he found the fish ponds and thousands of dead. 29 morning, all dead fish ponds, shining white floating on the water. In addition, the nearby people keep dogs eat dead fish on the 28th, 29 am, was found dead in the grass beside the pond, and the dog did not have any wounds.

Rico Lam suspected sudden mass mortality of fish ponds could be someone poisoning. In order to verify his suspicions, Rico Lam from the nearby river fishing 5 fish, into a bucket containing water ponds, two hours later, five fish no one survived.

Rico Lam said the fish capital of 14 million yuan, 70,000 yuan loan, part of the brothers, sisters borrowed, if these fish die, would be able to sell more than 20 million. He hoped that relevant departments to find out the truth as soon as possible, to give him an explanation.

Yesterday, agricultural technology center staff to the scene after Jiazi understand the situation, said the police should investigate and collect evidence.

Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau received a report of six decades police station rushed to the scene yesterday, under the coordination of the police station, King Shan District Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation and technical personnel, technical personnel Farm Bureau feed on fish, dead fish, fish pond water samples to investigate whether containing toxic substances. Said station director Chen Shenghua, pending the test results came out, the decision on whether to file a case based on the results.

30,000 lbs Of Fish Die Suddenly In Ponds In Foshan, China

November 24, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter received a tip lines, Foshan nine Shou Jiang Zhenhai island a fish pond was poisoned, 30,000 kilos of grass carp and yellow bone fish died suddenly overnight. More seriously, the connection ponds sea Ting Chung connectivity Xijiang Xijiang toxic water fear will pollute the water.

24, the reporter came to the nine Jiang Haishou Island. Thousands of people living on less than this island, most of the residents are fishermen. Walking on the village road, stench blowing, a road next to the village pond, a milky white liquid floating on the water, pond full of dead fish gathered on the shore, which is the primary victim Area contracting ponds.

Bo told reporters, on the 22nd night, he saw his wife’s own pond by the side of the village road suddenly have white liquid floating on the water, while fish ponds continue to turn to jump. Bo experienced couple instantly knew: the pond was poisoned. “We immediately alarm and immediately with water pumps pumping, but most of them poisoned fish ponds, and do not know what drugs, police also check out”, so, five hours in the past, looking at the fish pond and Bo 30,000 kilograms of fish slowly turned belly, pains, “we are borrowing money to buy fish, there are grass carp and yellow bone fish, and even feeds are borrowed, 30,000 kilos of fish, we owe 30 million in debt and now the fish gone, the debt is also not on. “

Bo’s wife told reporters, fish ponds after the accident, she specifically went to see another home ponds, “near the village ponds Avenue, this one for our trouble.” She said, the village pond is not was first poisoned, and last year there were two ponds poisoning, “after each report is nothing.”

The more serious than poisoning the fish ponds, sea Shou Island West River water from ponds and then flows through the sea Ting Chung, and ultimately to go back into the West River. 22 evening, and Bo is the home pond water discharged to the sea in the Bay Shou branch, affected nearly 2,000 meters Chung Ting sea level surface is also full of the bodies of fish and shrimp. Fortunately, the sea water Shou Chung moderate support, as well as in the West River inlet at a gate.

Publicity Office, Jiujiang Town, a deputy director of the White surname introduced that, at present, Jiujiang Forestry Service Center, police have Shou village and the sea is conducting a joint investigation, initially suspected human poisoning, the public security organs have been filed, “Currently, we have asked the village to do the deep processing of all the dead fish. ” However, for the loss of Bo, the government is also helpless.

White director, said the public security organs have been sampling water quality, “Agroforestry Centre has made clear that, in the absence of test results, treatment and disposal of water quality is also not done before, will not release on.” However, when the test results came out, white director, said even communicate. “Shou Island sea water ponds are relatively low, slow flowing river water intrusion phenomenon should not happen.”