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Hundreds of dead Trout found ‘is a mystery’ in a river in Schelpe, Germany

Fish Kill Alert

A mysterious death of fish in the Schelpe employs the inhabitants of Brenkhausen. There are several hundred trout have been found.

Citizens in Brenkhausen have found a number of dead fish for trout in a stream of Schelpe on Wednesday afternoon and informed the water authority of the district Hoexter. By the department of water samples and dead fish were seized for examination. Legged subsequent Bach commission gathered members of the fishing club Brenkhausen a three ten-gallon bucket full of dead fish. The first dead trout were about 100 meters above the tennis registered home, the last in the amount of the old sewage treatment plant. In the Schelpe are mainly due to the low water level undersized fish that migrate to a greater state into the Weser. So about 300 trout were collected in size from ten to 15 centimeters and about 15 large specimens dead from the stream. “I’m assuming that the entire fish population has died in the area of ​​the village Brenkhausen,” said Chairman of the Fisheries Association Brenkhausen, Johannes Hahn angle. In addition to the financial loss for the club and the environmental damage was great. For it was also killed the large stock of Mühlkoppen. Mühlkoppen, also known as sculpins are ten to 15 centimeters big fish, which are among the most endangered species and are therefore particularly protected. The fishing club Brenkhausen filed a complaint with the police.