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Thousands of dead fish found in a river in the Jura Region, France

Fish Kill Alert

This is a catastrophic situation that was found by a fisherman, Saturday, July 19 at approximately 10:00 am: thousands of fish lying in the stream “The Cuisance” at the mill and the Charbonière Vadans, shortly after another river, the Ru of Rosiere, empties into it. “They were at the bottom of the river and when one is realized in the morning much may already be party to Lyon,” said Frederic Puffeney, vice president of APPMA (Association approved fishing and protect aquatic environments). If these thousands of small fish or fry are (including sculpins, small fish all found dead and several others of larger size as trout) have been identified to Vadans, the association feared that the damage from spreading further in Cuisance. In a letter addressed to the Sub-Prefect of Dole and dated Monday 21, Andre Bunch, president of the AAPPMA – The sapling of low-Jura, said: “It is from this realization that our AAPPMA is prevented from a risk of spread of this aquatic mortality. Myself and a sworn guard (…) decide to monitor a possible evolution of the damage further downstream from the dam is of Rosieres. Until the evening of Saturday, no finding of any deaths on our fishing course. ” But Sunday, July 20, a new abnormal mortality of fish is discovered to Vaudrey, a dozen miles down: “A fisherman, Michel Locatelli Buvilly tells me a report of dead fish above the village of Vaudrey. I put in the report sworn private security guard Bruno Pardon the fisherman to see the extent of damage. It is then found, despite the rising waters that fish of all sizes (trout, trout, walleye, whitefish, etc.) died at the bottom of the river.

For now two hypotheses are preferred by the association: it could be a consecutive pollution company fire Clement CIFC (Industrial Structures of Franche-Comté) located in Arbois, or to human action that has benefited from the weather and heavy precipitation to rid the water of toxic products. Logic ‘do what not taken. “